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    The BBQ is SATURDAY APRIL 4th . Show up Thursday, if you like, and camp. Leave Sunday, if you want. Its SHOWTIME!!! Clements, California A flyer will be posted in the Truck forum, Car Forum and Forum Announcements...soon 48D
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    Mark D

    P15 PICNIC USA !!!

    Hi all - A couple of us Northeast Region forum members are putting together a classic driving tour event and we want to invite anyone in the area to come along with us. At the moment we have about 10 cars signed up, coming from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and New York. Our plan is to rally our cars in Bennington VT on Saturday mid day. We will be touring the Hemmings Collection, and making stops at a few local sites along the way to the Saratoga NY area (about 50 minutes apart). Saturday evening will be spent together at a local motel where we can circle the wagons and tailgate. Sunday will be spent at the Saratoga Auto museum touring and taking part in their open invitation car show. If you want to hang out with a nice group of people and tour with us, we'd love to have you along. We are not charging anything for attendance, expenses are whatever limit you chose to set. We will have a hotel chosen within the next 24 hours and will send word on that asap. please drop me an email or call if you want more info or want to be added to the email that we will send with details. thanks, Mark
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    11th Annual Tailgate BBQ

    I posted this super early so Brendt wouldn't worry that the 10th BBQ would be the last one....lol CYA THERE BRENDT, AND Y'ALL!!!! 48Dodger
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    12th Annual Clements Tailgate BBQ

    Its time to bring your truck before your peers and have some cold beers.....or root beer.....its all in good cheer!!! Tim aka 48Dodger 209-401-9595 Text me with who you are and I'll text you back with the info you need.
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