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    Lets see pic of your trucks

    So my up and coming truck.made the deal yesterday.
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    Mid Michigan flood

    I spent years living on the water, but it was in a US Navy destroyer, lol.
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    as an added and in case you get an inexperienced counter attendant...(notice I did not say parts agent).....Napa stock this in their inventory under part number 65-201
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    GL1 is readily available at NAPA..if not in stock is in their inventory and available on an overnight....maybe same day if you get there early....it is gallon container but relax, that gallon is better priced than many quarts of other similar lubes....I bought a gallon not long back for under 17.00
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    BBQ 2020 is in the past, the future is now........I'M READY FOR BBQ #14 2021 BROTHER!!! Lets hope we get through the year with our health intact, and our jobs sound! Here's to friends!!!! Tim aka 48Dodger
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    Brent B3B

    “Rocker transmission”

    (pssst, dude, your rubbers cracked ) come on Haydehn! all the cool kids are double clutchin'...….. "can't find em, grind em" I want a 5speed!!!!
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    Shop lift

    Our sales taxes are going to end up as much as the item pretty soon because of the current situation going on.
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    ebay bidding

    That's quite the nice hub puller. I need to dig mine out. My Scout has a typical frozen parking brake. Hasn't been released in 30 years. Maybe more. I'll probably have to heat the hub, unless I get lucky, and the guy that installed Dad's 4:88 gears put a good coat of anti-seize on, back in 1962. That's only 58 years. I don't think we ever touched the rear brakes. Anyhow I used eBay to buy that OT kit car I posted, and I got lucky and came in $1000 less than my max bid. But I would have been happy either way, because nobody wanted it more than I did and I won.
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    D-24 Body and Paint

    I've tried to match Panama Sand off an old color chart. Sort of beige.
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    Recommended transmission fluid

    Putting my ‘38 tranny back together today. I’ll try the Redline MTL.
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    Tips on buying a new to me mopar

    Well the car made a 240 mile trip home Friday, then its driven about 40-70 more miles since that trip. The car is doing great. I put it on a lift today to check out the underneath. Turns out its pretty solid.
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    heck, working at home now for 9 weeks (!) I barely know what day it is! Today was blursday as far as I know! I have to set reminders on my phone so I don't forget trap league night!
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    ANSWERED Tailgate support bracket

    My 52 3/4 ton still sports the original bed. The support bracket goes under the shovel strip so that it’s the same level as the other strips. The bed wood has quite a deep route for it. The tailgate on my B3C, however, has been modified with an opening for a grain slot, so the bracket offers no support. -roland
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    More Miller Factory Tools

    I just acquired several more Miller Factory Tools and will try to post the pictures of the tools. C-604 for all Dodge,Des, Chry and Ply hydraulically operated Trans. Trans reverse idler gear shift puller C-609 for all fluid drive equiped cars. This is the clutch driven plate aligning Arbor C-625 this is a partila set of tools runner hub bearing and bushing puller C-714 For all Dod, Des, Chry and Ply hydraulicially operated trans. Transmission poston return spring compressor. C-716 for 1946-53 Dod,Des and Chry Hydraulically operated trans. Trans countershaft needle bearing assembly arbor C-745 for all Ply,Dod, Des and Chry Sixes.This is the rear axle shft oil seal installing Sleeve. Not to be used on the Eight and 7 passenger cars DD-286 or c-3181 for all models. Clutch shaft pilot bushing installing and burning tool. Now I have both tools the DD and the C Rich Hartung Desoto1939@aol.com.
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    New Car Day! 1938 P6 Plymouth Deluxe

    I did some more reading and looked at my tranny closer again. I think I can answer my own question here about clutch gear wear. See the little brass squares in the pic above? These contact the cone shaped ramp on the adjacent gear. As the sliding synchro ring slides toward the neighbouring gear, the brass area rides up the ramp. As it engages, it speeds up or slows down, to match the rotating speed of the adjacent gear that it is engaging. My brass squares are worn pretty good. Then the speed does not match as well as it should. Then the gears grab and grind a little when they engage. This synchro is only used in gears 2 and 3. I found a new, original Chrysler, still in the box clutch gear assembly on Ebay today for $80. Seemed like deal to me. My tranny getting a new synchromesh. The ramp area on the adjacent gear is the shiny polished ring seen in the pick below. The green arrow pointing at it. I think I am on the right track here. Your comments are welcome. Thanks.
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    A fwiw post, I have seen cars sit for months or years, and the fuel pump not pick up and work, last time was a 57 cheby with a 283. Once I started it running off a gravity feed tank, the original pump started working after a few minutes. I think this is caused from a small hole or a weak diaphragm. My neighbor has a 62 cheby with same issue. Have to feed it fuel until it gets going. I told him he needs a new fuel pump, I think he is waiting for me to come over and replace it. Point is, if you can add fuel in the carb and get it to run, you need to look in this direction. I know on my 49 dodge, I pulled the distributor and later found when I installed it I had a different issue. My intake seemed to have a lot of fuel sitting in the bottom. Once I fixed the firing order, it fired right up and ran ok since.No clue if my intake today still has fuel sitting in it, but I would not worry about that.
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    Necessity of Bench Bleeding?

    Come on all- fess up- have we all not found that out- After the fact!! 😲 I know I did-several times over the years- Oh ya, Now - I remember that happens with the cap left off! 🙃 DJ
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    Did the engine run before you pulled the distributor? Did you install a new distributor cap? When your all set at TDC for #1 cylinder (top of compression stroke), where is the distributor rotor "pointing"? If all is set up correctly the rotor should be pointing to approximately the 7 o'clock position with respect to the distributor body. Then the #1 plug wire should come off the cap tower above the rotor and up to the #1 plug. Then clockwise rotation to other plugs in 153624 order as you stated. If however the oil pump was removed and then not properly indexed when reinstalled the rotor position could be somewhere else other than the 7 o'clock position. This is no real big deal as long as #1 plug wire comes off the tower above the rotor.
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    It was twenty years ago today

    Actually only 15 years ago but I've been listening to the Beatles this morning. A friend sent me this pic. This was in Oklahoma when I was still on the sunny side of 60, adjusting the clutch on my shovelhead with Angus from Galveston offering encouragement and advice. It was this time of year the day after a long, cold trip with a slippy clutch. Rode out with some good friends from here, there, and everywhere. Everyone at the meet were members of the same group and some of them still drop in occasionally. Haven't heard from Angus in years, I don't think he's still with us. ☹️
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    Bob Riding

    Welds Done!

    The floors are done! My friend Ryan Ballis has been working on them, on and off for almost a year. His business, Ballis Welding snd Fabrication in Fresno, has been booming, so he could only come out on Sundays after church, so it took a while. Ryan can weld almost anything- stainless, cast iron, MIG, TIG, ARC, etc., but the floors on my '52 Suburban were a challenge! The PO, when asked about rust, said the floors were solid. "You can dance on the floors" he claimed. Actually they required 3 out of 4 floor sections and most parts of the rockers to be replaced. Definitely a Flintstone mobile. I used aftermarket patch panels from a USA company, Classic 2 Current Fabrication, and was very pleased with the fit and quality. During the process, I asked Ryan why some of the welds looked perfect and others more irregular- he had to stop and start a lot, and had trouble creating a continuous bead in some areas. He thought that the rust and sound deadening material residues, even after wire wheeling and cleaning, were been pulled into the bead and contaminating the weld. With my (lack of) welding skills, I'm sure I would have blown holes all over the place if I had tried! Before we started, he welded an 1/8" steel beam across the underside of the wagon to help keep it square. I test fit the doors and we are still good. Now on to cleaning up the welds that are going to show, and primer and paint.
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    Neither, unless you are aiming to piss off your neighbors. My first exhaust had dual glasspacks on a split system; I eventually had them removed and a pair of conventional "turbo" mufflers installed in their place. Marty
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    1950 Desoto Custom

    Coming back together...
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    Water Pump Grease Recommendation

    After you have enjoyed the blank stares of the parts kid when asking for water pump grease go in for the kill and ask for a points file............sheer bliss...........lol........andyd
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    Water Pump Grease Recommendation

    Hey Nick307 did you even read the link I posted? 👉 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Water-Pump-Grease-500g-tub/322605609036?hash=item4b1ccaf04c:g:~L0AAOSwlw1dsx21 It's the modern day water pump grease you just go and buy it.... real simple if that's what someone wants. That's why I posted it I like cool old stuff and that's why I posted my tubs of WP grease.... guess you don't like good quality old stuff .... Don't beat down the old timers....you are new here... be nice. You will appreciate it here.
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    1950 Desoto Custom

    Got a ton of stuff done the last few days. Finished some wiring bits, got the exhaust put on, got the parking brake working, got the carpet glued down and the seat in, and started cleaning up the front clip pieces to start putting the front end back together. Hopefully I’ll be wrapping it up in May.
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    Unrestored vs restored controversy

    quote from someone in my past, don't even remember who when I asked what I should do about something: Whatever makes you happy just tickles me plumb to death. His message: Do what makes you happy. The results don't impact me at all.
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    Unrestored vs restored controversy

    All interesting comments. I just react against the idea that I am "only the caretaker" of my old car, not the "owner". As I said, I DO like to see an original car, but I am not interested in creating some sort of museum piece that I don't dare drive. That's another thing about getting a real low mileage car - you almost can't drive it much at all, because its main "claim to fame" is that it is low mileage. When I bought my 46, it already had over 91,000 on it. I just want to make it as reliable as I can, and if that means some modifications then I'll do that (but then again, nothing drastic like a modern drive line, or a frame graft). I'd like to be able to redo the interior with some fabric that at least looks close to the original mohair, but at this point, I'm thinking more about trying to find something that looks like the typical seat covers of that era, because that's what I remember as being in almost every car my folks had when I was growing up. (To put that in context, my memories start in the very late 50's, when I was 4 or 5.)
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    I have a 39 Desoto that has been AACA judged HPOF Historical Preservation of Original features. And yes the car has been repainted because the original paint was starting to flack off and then getting rust on the body. So to keep the car running and usable did a repaint down to bare metal. Fixed the old cloth cover wiring to modern wiring because of possible fire and other electrical issues. Headliner was real bad and replaced mohair seat covering and door panels are original but show their wear for being 80 + years but basically a good presentable car for the time period. I state the car as semi original but I can drive it and have fun with it and not worry about someone touching the car. Even the total 100point cars are not fully restores. I even brought this to the AACA attention because most glass was replaced and the original glass had a date code and manufacturers seal in the glass most cars that are senior winners from the 50's and back do not have the original glass if it was replaced. So with that being stated every senior and or grand national car will have something not original so there can never be a 100 point car. At one point the AACA took several of their most experienced senior judges and asked them to judge a modern car that was taken directly from a dealership and had not been owned by anyone. These judged then started to deduct points point based on what they had been schooled on via the AACA judging rule book. After the car was finally judged and the scores were given in they were all informed that no matter what they think they found wrong with the car based on their experience there could not be any points deductions. They all asked why. The real answer is that this is a factory delivered car and how it is shown it is perfect and a 100 point car. The senior judges were given a lesson as a joke to them and the AACA. A lot of the cars that are AACA senior winners are over restored and on some of the older cars the fit and finish was not down to having evenly space seams. The idea was to get the car off the assembly line and were not basically an item to be judged.. It was basic transportation except maybe for the real high cost cars. So restored partially restored or semi original or total original is the owners choice to do what ever they want. It all depends on what they want to do and if they have the funds to do anything to the car. But basically as I see it the idea is to keep the car running and enjoy the hobby. Rich HArtung desoto1939@aol.com
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    Tony WestOZ

    Canadian Chrysler

    This is a page from my Canadian model book. You can find a copy of the book here, http://dodgepilothouseclub.org/know/know.htm Tony
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    Me and the Meadowbrook

    I love it. You travels are awesome. I daily drive mine too and people really get a kick out of it.
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    one more pic and I am done...folks standing by their ride...…..that is my son standing by my yellow Tiger...all I tell him is...in your dreams bubba....! left to right, Richie H.; Billy A.; yours truly; my son Travis A., late Don C.; Jerry and then Merle. Chris B. was off hiding somewhere I guess. This was the restart of Chris and Jerry on their US tour....they had to fly home due to illness in family and I stored his car in the barn till they returned.
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    We and the Windsor 2018

    Just finished rinsing it off. I noticed the chrome reflecting some nice afternoon colour off the house.
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    Time for an overhaul...

    I too, just read this thread. I started this hobby some 10+/- years ago and realize that I’m now in the advanced novice stage. Yet it is an enjoyable experience. I only knew how to change oil and plugs when I started. To those who have helped teach me, thanks.
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    Fluid Drive unit rebuild

    Here is a rebuilt 1946 - 1948 C39 Chrysler straight 8 FD coupling on ebay...rebuilt under $300.00 including shipping..is it any good ? IDK.https://www.ebay.com/i/312961645429?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-117182-37290-0&mkcid=2&itemid=312961645429&targetid=883687709934&device=m&mktype=pla&googleloc=9051777&poi=&campaignid=9343998924&mkgroupid=94993840979&rlsatarget=pla-883687709934&abcId=1139336&merchantid=8405854&gclid=CjwKCAiAzJLzBRAZEiwAmZb0anf300DvEmPCQd5hiGZjdPzvMvaZT9-HbeycEd1XH67kD99FlbOFsRoCDocQAvD_BwE This seller looks like he parted out a 48 chrysler and glass beaded many of the parts?
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    IMO glass and rubber first (siding with JB on this one). Less chance of mucking up the interior stuff dinking around with the glass. IMO easy to put the interior into the slot in the rubber than to try and get 2 things to engage at once.
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    Me and the B-1-D

    10-4-19: Finally got the truck running again and moved into my garage from the barn. Took me forever as usual. My son kept me company. The points were out of adjustment. The carb linkage is sticking too, causing the engine to rev. I kept it down by pulling the choke out. I'll figure it out. Main thing is that I got the truck moved. I feel good about that. Now I can get it up on blocks and work on the brakes among other things. I have a special plan for some patina'd lettering. It's gonna be really cool. 😉 Pic 1: still stuck in the barn. 😐 Pics 2 & 3: in the garage!
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    Interior light mystery ??

    It's good advice to disconnect battery when checking wirings. For measuring, it's easier with power on, so after disconnecting battery cable, I use a small lead with 15A fuse with alligator clips on both ends . In case of shorts, only fuse burns.
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    Dodge T110L Eaton axle

    5.83 to 8.11 is what you will get in an old Dodge Eaton 1350 2 speed axle.
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    “Rocker transmission”

    5 speed OD case marking.... no OD stamp....... no OD odd gear shift pattern.
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    well....for the life of me...can't upload my pics and they are'nt even 2 mb!! I give up...you will have to trust me! Ha!
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    1949 Plymouth Deluxe Help

    Nicopp is ment for brake tubing. It won't rust/corrode like metal. It's easier to bend and flare than stainless. It can be bought anywhere. I used nicopp on my car for the brake lines and fuel lines. I also used stainless steel flare nuts. I used dot 5 brake fluid. So yes, it's safe and legal to use nicopp! Actually it's a smart thing to do. Copper is and will always be unsafe and illegal to use for brakes! Just like compression fittings. Earl
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    36 dodge smoking white and bad

    Head gasket? Should be a couple of adjacent cylinders with low compression. White smoke usually indicates you are burning anti-freeze.
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    I took me almost as long to find this thread as it did to find 2 x Australian 2001 $1 coins for you Tim. I'll even hand-deliver them to you in April 2014 !!
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    Disc Brakes-1950 Desoto

    Oh trust me, I shouldn't have decided to go with different wheels.....slippery slope. I had to press studs into the drums because the new wheels wouldn't work with lug bolts....well, apparently I didn't press them in correctly which screwed up the drums..... it is like a bathroom remodel that starts with a new faucet...lol Here is a before and after picture....just need to put the rear bumper back on after it was straightened.
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    two weekends of garage cleaning and I am ready to start working on the truck again!! Compressor is wired in, gonna wire in the wirefeed next, all the boxed are unloaded and put away, I got room to move!!!! oooohhhhhh, be still my beating heart!!!!!!
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    I was inspired by the upcoming holiday and knowing that its going to rain this weekend, I decided to get off early and finish putting my dash back together. B1Bkeven fixed up my speedo and gauges for me and they look great. Thanks again Keven. I also decided to finally wire up my 802 I bought from Reg a year or so ago. Now I'm ready for baseball season on the radio. Go Giants! I wish you and yours a very merry WOYCTD!
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    Well, I got out of school and got a bit done on my truck today. I finished all the "rough" filler work, and threw some high build on to see where I'm at. The roof actually looks good to go, it looks like GLASS, but I found some spots on the cab I never felt or saw before, but I guess that's what the high builds for, to see all the issue spots and blocking out.
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    greg g

    1942 Dodge blackout

    As long as they had chrome pieces in inventory they used them tillthey were gone.
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    Plymouthy Adams

    Show your tools.

    there is more to a man that the tool he uses..just where is this one heading
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