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    Lets see pic of your trucks

    Heres my old girl!
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    Plymouthy Adams


    I guess I am a bit different....when I stopped by in my 54 Savoy to see Jake, at State Farm, yes no joke his name and my agent....he asked me to start the engine so he could hear it, imagine his surprise when I said it is running now....
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    Mid Michigan flood

    I spent years living on the water, but it was in a US Navy destroyer, lol.
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    as an added and in case you get an inexperienced counter attendant...(notice I did not say parts agent).....Napa stock this in their inventory under part number 65-201
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    GL1 is readily available at NAPA..if not in stock is in their inventory and available on an overnight....maybe same day if you get there early....it is gallon container but relax, that gallon is better priced than many quarts of other similar lubes....I bought a gallon not long back for under 17.00
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    BBQ 2020 is in the past, the future is now........I'M READY FOR BBQ #14 2021 BROTHER!!! Lets hope we get through the year with our health intact, and our jobs sound! Here's to friends!!!! Tim aka 48Dodger
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    nc plumber

    Engine part unknown

    That is a drain cock, it will allow the water or anti=freeze to drain from the engine block. There should be an identical one on the bottom of the radiator to drain it as well.
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    Please Help, Flathead 6 Low Power

    If the suggestions provided thus far don't lead to the source of your problem, I'll toss another possibility into the discussion. Is there any chance that the issue is a restriction in the exhaust system? Just a thought.
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    Me and the B-1-D

    5-2-20: I was over at my old property to mow and take care of some things. I still have a lot of stuff there, including my loader and the '48. I hope to transport it to our new house soon. Then I can actually work on it. I did start it today and let it run for 15 minutes. When I get the truck roadworthy it's going to be extra sweet....
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    I would like to comment on this installation. First off it looks like you did a first class job on it. Bravo! As far as adjustments go I think what you did is just fine. In reality you may make a few adjustments early on to get the correct balance in your braking system. But once you have got it where you want it you won't actually need to touch it. I have had my truck in daily use for over 5 years now and have not had to make any further adjustments. Of course I don't race it....but it has been used more than most trucks here. Hth, Jeff
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    Lets see pic of your trucks

    So my up and coming truck.made the deal yesterday.
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    Me and the B-1-D

    10-4-19: Tomorrow I will move the truck one space closer to the Meadowbrook. I might slide it over on wheel dollies as there is no garage door there. 4 car garage, 3 doors 😁. I'll need to park my work car where the truck is now. Getting close to window scraping weather here. BTW fellas, there was nothing under the seat!
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    Don Coatney

    Door Adjustment

    Joe; Billy Austin just sent me this short film clip on door adjustment. It's a great example of the body wedge fulcrum method. The language the mechanics use is a bit raunchy but there technique is effective. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3p58wHX4e0g
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    MOPAR 604 Radio Removal

    Pull the front control Knobs off, I believe you will find a nut under each side that has to be removed to free the radio from the front speaker/radio bezel. All fun? DJ
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    Recommended transmission fluid

    Putting my ‘38 tranny back together today. I’ll try the Redline MTL.
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    heck, working at home now for 9 weeks (!) I barely know what day it is! Today was blursday as far as I know! I have to set reminders on my phone so I don't forget trap league night!
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    More Miller Factory Tools

    I just acquired several more Miller Factory Tools and will try to post the pictures of the tools. C-604 for all Dodge,Des, Chry and Ply hydraulically operated Trans. Trans reverse idler gear shift puller C-609 for all fluid drive equiped cars. This is the clutch driven plate aligning Arbor C-625 this is a partila set of tools runner hub bearing and bushing puller C-714 For all Dod, Des, Chry and Ply hydraulicially operated trans. Transmission poston return spring compressor. C-716 for 1946-53 Dod,Des and Chry Hydraulically operated trans. Trans countershaft needle bearing assembly arbor C-745 for all Ply,Dod, Des and Chry Sixes.This is the rear axle shft oil seal installing Sleeve. Not to be used on the Eight and 7 passenger cars DD-286 or c-3181 for all models. Clutch shaft pilot bushing installing and burning tool. Now I have both tools the DD and the C Rich Hartung Desoto1939@aol.com.
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    The plugs were all wet/damp when I checked them a couple of days ago. It had run fine right before I changed the oil and filter last October and then it didn't seem to want to fire at all. It is probably flooded right now. I'll have to check this out. Thanks
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    Did the engine run before you pulled the distributor? Did you install a new distributor cap? When your all set at TDC for #1 cylinder (top of compression stroke), where is the distributor rotor "pointing"? If all is set up correctly the rotor should be pointing to approximately the 7 o'clock position with respect to the distributor body. Then the #1 plug wire should come off the cap tower above the rotor and up to the #1 plug. Then clockwise rotation to other plugs in 153624 order as you stated. If however the oil pump was removed and then not properly indexed when reinstalled the rotor position could be somewhere else other than the 7 o'clock position. This is no real big deal as long as #1 plug wire comes off the tower above the rotor.
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    We and the Windsor 2018

    First wedding for the Windsor today. My son and his new wife. I was chauffeur as I went to pick up the bride and her Dad before the ceremony. The 4 doors were perfect for this occasion. Was a great day. Big brownie points to the bride and groom for asking to have both of my old cars in their wedding.
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    dwell is the electrical description for the mechanical period of time the points stay closed allowing your coil to go into saturation for the better spark...it is best described as a duty cycle...
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    Please Help, Flathead 6 Low Power

    There is an other long lost way to time and engine without anything other than a glass of water. You fill clear glass cup with water. Place it flat on the head. Start the engine. Note the wave pattern in the cup while turning the distributor in both directions. Keep doing this until you get an even wave form, like dropping a rock in the middle of a dead still pond and the ripples are even. I learned this technique from an old timer when I was a kid and had no money for a timing light. When you get good at it, usually you can get to within a few degrees of using a timing light. *********** Now all that said if this is a new engine, have you done a compression and leak down test to make sure the rings are sealing? James.
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    I had one sit a long time like that and rusted the top 1/2 of the ring gear. It made a wow wow wow noise . It was not real loud but enough that I had to replace it.
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    Painting methods

    I use both. Large panels or multiple large panels get the gun. I've used the cans on small pieces, like brackets, individual parts prior to install. One of the problems with the cans on large panels is the nozzle on the cans themselves. Most spray in a round pattern instead of the flat pattern from a gun. I've done larger pieces with a can too as long as I can get the paint on the entire piece wet. Harbor Freight guns will spray rustoleum just fine when properly reduced and don't cost that much. Flash time with that setup is slow enough you can do multiple panels even while waiting for a smaller compressor to build pressure back up. Really easy to get runs with a can also so you much exercise patience when using them.
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    Bed to frame fitting

    Cheers 59bisquik. I have made my own rubber mounts but I think doubling up to 1/2" thick will do the business. Be good to get the truck out of the garage and let it see daylight when this virus is over. Thanks for all your help lads...Dave. Norwich UK. ........Its coming along slowly.....
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    A Modern Tune Up?

    Today I was out for a walk in the warm weather. I happened to walk past a local independent garage. Above each bay there was a message; “Tire changes”....Ok. “Oil Changes”....Ok. “Tune Ups”....Huh? So I continued to walk, and now my idle mind had something to think about. I thought about a tune up for our old Mopars. Which might include: Oil bath filter. Clean filter wire mesh in kerosene. Change oil in filter housing. File and set points. Change capacitor. Set ignition timing. Check and set idle RPM. Pull, clean, gap plugs. Check, inspect, replace if needed distributor cap and rotor. Maybe check engine vacuum at intake manifold. Check choke operation, set as required. Tighten carb assembly and mounting hardware. Check & replace if necessary sparkplug and coil wires. Engine compression test. Grease 50 plus points. Possible additions: Minor/major brake set. Check axle bearing end play. Clean grease/repack wheel bearings. Set clutch free travel. Set master cylinder free travel. Test, clean, set voltage regulator. Valve grind. Compared to a 2019 Car that’s due for a “Tune up”. What exactly are people paying for? Plug in and check for fault codes. Reset tire pressure sensors. Toss and replace air filter. Fill window washer fluid. Lol. Us old guys who look after these vintage cars are patient, determined people, mastered in a dying skill.
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    Handbrake hardware

    I added an additional spring,figured out there was a missing return spring and jigged it up. Haven’t tested it yet,but im sure its better. will be getting a conventional e-brake eventually,as the 8.25 rear diff has it.
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    Plymouthy Adams

    Carburetor/choke problems

    the choke body is a solenoid in and of itself that is activated by a wire from the starter motor or at the motor relay contactor.....if you do not have a wire from the starter to the little electrical solenoid on the manifold.....test to see why...this could well be damaged or just left off because the last guy did not understand how it operated. Check the solenoid with a good VOM then test it electrically with a jumper...if all is well, set the unit up with the jumper and manually lock the position with the carb linkage....once that is confirmed....run you wire normal from the starter and go about starting your car proper procedure. These work excellent when set up and allowed to operate by the user.... ADDED NOTE......when connecting a wire the tab requires a rather short screw...you do not want to go through this tab and hit the manifold and cause a dead short...this may be why it was disconnected as the PO did not understand all of the proceedings.
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    The residual valvu is the first thing inside the back of the master cylinder.
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    Fluid Drive unit rebuild

    Here is a rebuilt 1946 - 1948 C39 Chrysler straight 8 FD coupling on ebay...rebuilt under $300.00 including shipping..is it any good ? IDK.https://www.ebay.com/i/312961645429?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-117182-37290-0&mkcid=2&itemid=312961645429&targetid=883687709934&device=m&mktype=pla&googleloc=9051777&poi=&campaignid=9343998924&mkgroupid=94993840979&rlsatarget=pla-883687709934&abcId=1139336&merchantid=8405854&gclid=CjwKCAiAzJLzBRAZEiwAmZb0anf300DvEmPCQd5hiGZjdPzvMvaZT9-HbeycEd1XH67kD99FlbOFsRoCDocQAvD_BwE This seller looks like he parted out a 48 chrysler and glass beaded many of the parts?
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    Interior light mystery ??

    It's good advice to disconnect battery when checking wirings. For measuring, it's easier with power on, so after disconnecting battery cable, I use a small lead with 15A fuse with alligator clips on both ends . In case of shorts, only fuse burns.
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    Plymouthy Adams

    stucked oil ring in T214

    I would look first at the natural breathing of the engine itself. two major areas come into play. One is the fill tube and the vented breather cap..if you have the open sided breather it must be pointed at the firewall to prevent too much air forced into the engine by the fan....second is looking at the scavenger pipe and ensure the position of this tube is correct so to create a venturi effect. This allows vapors in the engine to be removed in such a way NOT to remove small atomized particle of oil along with the vapor....
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    This is a pic from the rear of my 50 Ply wagon. We put an Heidts independent rear in. My buddy Tim who is a fabricator by trade and has 30 years experience building hot rods and race cars did the install. Car rides like a new Caddy.
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    B1B Keven

    Heater Control Valve Rebuild Parts.

    Folks, don't throw away your brass heater control valves!!!! Replace the two internal rubber seals. These work. https://www.paragoncorvette.com/p-348325-heater-control-valve-seal-kit.aspx
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    36 dodge smoking white and bad

    Head gasket? Should be a couple of adjacent cylinders with low compression. White smoke usually indicates you are burning anti-freeze.
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    I took me almost as long to find this thread as it did to find 2 x Australian 2001 $1 coins for you Tim. I'll even hand-deliver them to you in April 2014 !!
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    Disc Brakes-1950 Desoto

    Oh trust me, I shouldn't have decided to go with different wheels.....slippery slope. I had to press studs into the drums because the new wheels wouldn't work with lug bolts....well, apparently I didn't press them in correctly which screwed up the drums..... it is like a bathroom remodel that starts with a new faucet...lol Here is a before and after picture....just need to put the rear bumper back on after it was straightened.
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    Last weekend drove the car 120 + miles round trip to Rust-o_rama in Salem. Car drove great, 5th gear 65 mph all day long. Only had to shift down into 4th when I had to pull the Santiam grade just south of Salem..But still was able to maintain 56 mph climbing the hill with the Ol' 201 Flatty..im very happy..
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    two weekends of garage cleaning and I am ready to start working on the truck again!! Compressor is wired in, gonna wire in the wirefeed next, all the boxed are unloaded and put away, I got room to move!!!! oooohhhhhh, be still my beating heart!!!!!!
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    I was inspired by the upcoming holiday and knowing that its going to rain this weekend, I decided to get off early and finish putting my dash back together. B1Bkeven fixed up my speedo and gauges for me and they look great. Thanks again Keven. I also decided to finally wire up my 802 I bought from Reg a year or so ago. Now I'm ready for baseball season on the radio. Go Giants! I wish you and yours a very merry WOYCTD!
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    Well, I got out of school and got a bit done on my truck today. I finished all the "rough" filler work, and threw some high build on to see where I'm at. The roof actually looks good to go, it looks like GLASS, but I found some spots on the cab I never felt or saw before, but I guess that's what the high builds for, to see all the issue spots and blocking out.
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    B1B Keven

    218 Oil Filter question

    JC405 (BDN) $13.99 http://www.baxterautoparts.com/Order/OrderFormInterchange.aspx?mode=search or search 'Baldwin JC405'. http://www.adiesel.com/baldwinfilters/JC405.html I know where I'm going next.
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    greg g

    1942 Dodge blackout

    As long as they had chrome pieces in inventory they used them tillthey were gone.
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    Door Adjustment

    Is it possible that there is nothing wrong with the door, but the front fender is what needs to be adjusted?
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    Plymouthy Adams

    Show your tools.

    there is more to a man that the tool he uses..just where is this one heading
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    Merle Coggins

    Fuel Sending Unit

    Under the seat there should be a round plug in the floor. Pop that plug out and you will have access to the sending unit. Merle By the way... When I put my sending unit in I added a grounding terminal to assure that the sender was properly grounded. I drilled a hole through the plate and put a machine screw up from the bottom with a little Permetex sealer. I then use a second nut to attach my ground wire, which runs to one of the trans cover bolts. I dont' have to worry about counting on the ground through the mounting flange and the tank attachments.
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    Dash removal progress

    Good work John. As a suggestion, one thing that I am glad I did was to paint the back side of the dash a light colour. In my case I used a flat high fill primer on both sides that was a very light yellow. Now when I do work behind the dash with a trouble light I find it easier to see the various wires etc. against the light background. As I get older my eyes get weaker so every little thing helps. Phil
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