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    Refurbishing the hood crest on 49 P18 I recently tackled refurbishing the faded and cracked hood crest off my 49 P 18. I polished and recast my crest to get a solid new clear crest to paint BUT this will work on the original as well. You will still have the small interior cracks but the colors will shine through. Beats the almost $400 for the NOS crest on eBay. I used Testors metal flake model paint for the blue and red, a gold spray paint and Krylon “Looking Glass” silver. The Krylon is specific as most spray paints are shiny on the top. I needed shiny on the bottom next to the plastic so it would look mirrored on the front of the crest. The gold is a little yellow but I can live with that. It’s teadeous but easily doable. The final polish on the front will be with with Blue Magic Headlight lens polish and a wet buffing wheel. It turned out much better than I expected it to so I thought I'd pass it along.
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    Merle Coggins

    Leaf spring problems

    Sometimes you do what you gotta do to add a little weight to a bare frame. When I swapped in my 3.73 diff I was still in the overall building stage, with no body work on the chassis yet. The driveshaft was tight to get off the yolk at the diff, but I couldn't get it back in to save my live. Since I was working in our heavy equipment shop, I looked around the shop and spotted an excavator bucket. BINGO!! Set it on the frame with the overhead crane enough to squat the springs and give me the necessary clearance for the driveshaft to slip in place. (sorry, my camera didn't focus too well on this one)
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    I put the wipers back on and drove to work in a drizzle today. Bone dry floors so far! I can’t believe the difference in my view! I feel like I’ve been wearing glasses that were handled by a toddler eating pancakes this whole time and finally cleaned them!
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    The P15 is now back on the road and is as quiet as a new 1948! With the windows down I can't hear the engine above 40 mph. Total expenditure was less than $50 which included new gaskets, five new studs, a 3/8" drill/tap, the stud extractor, a tube of anti-seize, four bolts for the heat riser and all new nuts. The block-off plate for the heat riser came from my scrap box. Ten hours of labor working on a neat old car.......priceless.
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    1951 Dodge wrecker on CL

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    gutter railing is available....you can find listings on e-bay....with a good shrinker and stretcher set up one can easily modify these to their need, bend and shape your gutter if you have a small brake.....these are easily made in smaller sections of 24 inch and welded as needed.
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    I also have to redo my gutter edges on TODD since the front of the cab is a B3 and the rear is B1. And of course the area I added. I'm thinking flat stock about 3/8" tall and weld it on, grind/contour it to be convex on the outside for some style, but allow me to get seam sealer down in the bottom (B3/4) rolled over as far as it is I think causes some rot like you've seen.
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    Lets see pic of your trucks

    Enjoyed this tread. Looking forward to your next. 👍
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    Technically yes, that's where the residual pressure valve will help, a proportioning valve wouldn't necessarily be needed in this set up.
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    there should be a rubber gasket under the wiper pivot. I'd be careful of RTV, it can literally CAUSE rust to form depending on brand and type
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    1951 Dodge wrecker on CL

    Cool original wrecker...1950 body style with a inside rear view mirror and a lot.of switches to play with.
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    Radio Project

    Tested my setup today. Seems to work great. Micro switch Is positioned to get depressed by the 1st station button (all/any of the others disengage the micro switch ). That switch triggers a relay which powers the Bluetooth amp and dial lights. I decided to install 2 speakers in the footwell sides and a mono speaker as a center channel for fill-in. Since the center channel is tapped off the front right positive and left negative, I installed a volume control for the center speaker so that if can be adjusted independently.
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    Man I am a big fan of this style of gasket now. I went back out and pulled half the lockstrip out, then laid a nice bead of glazing and bedding compound under the pinch weld flange lip. Without the lockstrip it folded up easily and it was easy to fill any gap between the gasket and the steel. I don’t run power tools after dark but some nights I can’t help myself and go back out after my kid’s in bed to tinker with a flashlight in the driveway. The lockstrip went back in super easily with the special tool except I must have pulled on it a little more than last time because now my tail is too long to tuck in. I’m going to wait till morning to trim or reset and trim it before driving to work. A little extra compound squeezed out all along the edge and most of it squeegeed off on a rubber gloved finger. The rest cleaned up nicely with a little gas spilled on a blue paper towel. The stuff sets in a minute or two and doesn’t ever really cure hard so I didn’t wait long. I played the garden hose all over the windshield roof and cowl and it looks like I got her all sealed up now. No familiar drip down the corner of the dash. I’m feeling pretty good about it! Now on to figuring out the gutters, restoring the heater, and a bunch of work on the driver’s door. I ordered a new window crank from dcm because I’m going to have to destroy this one which is cocked and has the pin stuck hard in it. Can’t fix the window until I can pull the door card and can’t do that with the crank installed. The driver’s door needs a ton of work but since nobody else uses it I have been procrastinating.
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    Ok I got some thicker weatherstrip over the doors and after more hosing the doors are not terrible, the wiper pivots are holding water, and there is still a trickle down the left dash corner out of the a-pillar. I guess I have to pull the lockstrip and throw some more glazing and bedding compound in the gasket. 😢 Sad but not the end of the world. I only put a small bead in the gasket when we installed it- I guess it wasn’t enough on the driver’s side. Getting the glass into the rubber and holding the rubber on the pinch weld was a bear but the lockstrip install was like butter and I have plenty more soapy water.
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    Once I got all the mung cleaned up the inside, the tank is beautiful, all the galvanizing is like new. Even the steel makers marking are still in perfect condition. Here is a pic of the inner top surface of the tank but all the metal in the tank looks just like this. I used my phones camera to make sure that I got everything clean without having to to and stick my head inside it After I took this picture I took a towel with a little lacquer thinner on it to the residue and it wiped right off.I found a grocery store in Sierra Vista that carries dry ice so I took a ride and bought some. I dropped some chunks of dry ice in the tank and with the 70 degree temps outside the tank was soon filled with the CO2 fog then I welded it up. Im really happy with the result. I metal finished the weld and gave the area a good sanding with 80 then 180 on my DA and now there is no trace of the repair. I capped the fuel filler pipe and installed a old sending unit, then I put a little air in the tank thru the fuel line fitting and checked for leaks with soapy water. No leaks except for one at the sending unit where I used a old gasket It came out really nice. I really lucked out with this tank. I didn't want to waste the last of the dry ice so put it in my massive mug filled with diet coke . When it got done bubbling and smoking my coke was really slushy, it was awesome. It was a great day. John
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    Gas tank repair suggestions needed

    Talk to the folks with Renu, they can coat the innards and patch that panel back on before coating the exterior for a modest fee... additional information - Gas Tank Renu Testimonial
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    Tank Renu is the place to go IMO for tank protection.
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    Rinse it with hot soapy water, then hot water and dry with compressed air. If you choose not to use the soapy water, just run some air through it for a while.shop vac exhaust or compressed air even. After welding i have used a shop vac to check for leaks instead of compressed air. Shouldnt make so much pressure. great progress. what are your plans for rust-proofing tank afterwards? my fargo is getting a plastic tank,so rust isnt a concern for me.
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    We were just walking around in the -37 degree day at Whitehorse City Yukon when I spotted this sign on the side of an old building and had to take a photo 😁...
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    Driving South on I-5 to Oceanside, CA
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    I'm shooting for 2021, truck ready or not. This year is Alaska. I'll work on the truck and getting wifey's approval though. I know she'll be ready when the truck is back up n running.
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    As a last desperate act, a mini tube Cutter and remove it. Leave enough for a compression union in the tank. Or desolder tube. Then take the one from other tank. just need to kaboom proof it. i never trust a gas Tank.
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    318 Maybe

    Haha Haha funny 1 wrong letter lol
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    318 Maybe

    ...does Yahoo know about this?
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    Sniper.........I'd be surprised if a coil over setup would be as straightforward as you may think as the shock relocation arrangement if it included a coil over might locate the coil over too far away from the pivot points of the lower A arm.......I've thought about this myself over the years I must confess although I only recently did the shock relocation about 12 months ago and to be honest I'm not overly impressed with the difference tho' that maybe because of the use of short shocks, 13" overall length, rather than the much longer ones that seem to have been used in most swaps I've seen on here..............I had the short shocks and they appear to be a good fit but am not 100% convinced of the worth of the swap............I have had the 1" thick sway bar on the car since the mid 70's and it certainly helps in the handling department..........the car has 1940 lower a arms, 41-56 upper A arms, 1940 spindle with 1941-56 style stub axle, rack is a 9" shortened Austin 1800 rack with 1" shorter forged steering arms, stock shaped 1" thick sway bar with heim joints...............regards, andyd
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    Radio Project

    ...in the beginning his ride was devoid of sound and on the first day he installed a sound system and then there was sound. He listened to this sound and said, "This is good."
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    from the driver's seat and other images

    Since the topic is "from the driver's seat" and since I just got a setup I am comfortable with posting new videos to, here is some footage from last march that might be of interest: https://video.fitchfamily.org/videos/watch/0a9fd5e9-0501-4310-8981-d7370e2b4d4f
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    Every summer, Island Falls, ME (pop. @ 800) hosts a "Summerfest", wherein a couple of local businesses host a cruise-in. Ostensibly for our car club, but all are welcome. They have a BBQ, music, and general good time to kick off the town's Summerfest weekend, which is the last weekend in July. A pretty good to-do for such a small town. Club members staging in Houlton for the 30-mile trip to Island Falls. The "hard luck" trophy went to the owner of that Galaxie convertible, he lost a hubcap on the way down that we couldn't find. A first for our Dodge - "zipping" down an Interstate on its own (...any Interstate). I-95, and yes, for those who have ever been on I-95, this road with one car between me and the horizon is the same I-95 with almost 24/7 bumper-to-bumper traffic just about any other place on the eastern seaboard. The club has the slowest car lead on cruises, turned out to be us this trip, but despite leaking quite a bit of oil, the ol' girl hummed along pretty good. A couple general views of the cars in attendance. 25 in all, which I think is pretty good for such a small venue. Just a few Mopar products, our Dodge, a '36 Dodge sedan, and the Polara above. That '46 Dodge truck is on a GM 3/4 ton frame & drive train, it's the guy's daily driver/work truck. And there was a '32 Plymouth coupe hot-rod with a Chevrolet engine.
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    from the driver's seat and other images

    One more of mrwstory's car.
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    from the driver's seat and other images

    And one out the back.
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    from the driver's seat and other images

    Couple from the front seat of a '54 Oldsmobile on a recent cruise.
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    Happy 4th, y'all!
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    I really do have more friends than the blokes shown in these pics. Just that they are always up for a morning breakfast and cruise. And,....I'm always struck with the pleasure of viewing the world framed, or better yet focused through the aperture of my car's windshield.
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    Did a little road trip with a coupla buds last weekend.
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    Wild Steve

    1950 Wayfarer Trans Fluid

    I recently found these two old training videos and they helped me better understand what's going on with the Fluid Torque Drive that's in my '52 Saratoga. You can't beat Tech!
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    Plymouthy Adams

    In Memory of Don Coatney

    It saddens me to inform the forum that Don Coatney passed away on the 2nd of December. It is also his wish that no service will be held. Let's all take a minute to honor this man and his dedication to this forum and count our blessings as life is short. Don was a great friend, they are far and few these days.
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