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    1952 Suburban restoration project

    Hello all, Here is the 1952 Suburban I just picked up from Southern Colorado. It is virtually rust-free 9minus a few small holes in the floorboards. It has a yet-unidentified transmission and the complete original engine. ALL trip parts are in the car. This car has been sitting since 1971 when it had the trim removed to start bodywork to eliminate a few dents and scratches. Fortunately, it was removed and kept moisture from building up and creating any rust. I was told that it was a "high-clearance" package offered through the company for those buyers who needed a little extra ground clearance. Judging by where it came from, I would say that a few extra inches would have come in handy. It has 18" steel wheels and the original Plymouth hubcaps. Here is the problem. I don't know what I want to do with the car. I'd love to turn it into a mild cruiser, but have always enjoyed the look and feel of an original car. Have a look and see what you think. It won't take much to get her back on the road (engine work, brakes, fluids) but I want to do it right. I am putting a few pictures of it up to enjoy. I will be bringing it home via trailer this weekend. There is no rush to finish it, I just want it to be a cool, comfortable, classic cruiser. P.S. - I love the old Texaco oil drum transmission hump. -Austin
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    Robin (UK)

    My son's 'new' car (OT)

    I'm thrilled that my 18 year-old son has chosen to embrace the old car hobby. He's just bought his first car... a 1967 Triumph Herald 12/50. It's got an 1147cc (70 Cu In) 4-cylinder motor, front disc brakes and an incredible 25ft turning circle. And it's almost exactly the same size as a VW Beetle, so it's a perfect little car for running around the streets of London. We just grabbed this picture in the sunshine...
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    greg g

    1948 Plymouth Transmission Swap

    Do the od if it in good condition. I just did the swap with 2 able bodied assistants. Do you have the relay and wiring harness for the od? By the way, the fluid drive and semi auto components are Not Supported by the Plymouth drive shaft flange and might need floor board changes due to longer overall length of the fluid drive unit.
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    Dan Hiebert

    Use of horses

    Yep, many Amish communities in these parts. Most of them are oblivious to having folks watch them work their fields with their draft horses. Not that it's a big spectator sport, but an occasional stop to watch how they work can be refreshing when you're thinking you've got it rough...
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    Hyd hitch brake

    Hydraulic parking brakes are not a good solution as any bleed back on the master cyl. or leaks anywhere in the system will release the brakes eventually. We had many forklifts with hydraulic park brakes of the lever type that when you flipped the lever and stepped on the brake pedal it would activate the brakes to stay on until the lever was flipped back. The operation instructions decal on the lever stated in large letters do Not leave the forklift unattended with park brake on! If on a hill or unlevel ground they could and Did often roll away sometimes with Bad results. 😣 DJ
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    Hey that’s great info. I will save their website and contact them when I get going on the hinge pillar seals.
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    Post Your July 4th Photos Here

    Pepperell MA parade.
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    Frank Elder

    Time for an overhaul...

    These come in handy......sometimes.....lol.
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    greg g

    1952 Suburban restoration project

    Just for grins, fill a windex bottle or similar spray bottle half full of water and add two or three drops of dawn or similar dish soap in to the water and give it s gentle mix. Spray it on the front doors to see if there might be witness marks of an old sign or lettering. Some time wetting the rusted sun burned areas will reveal ghost images of anything that might have been painted on.
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    Thanks,I love it,too. Mostly because of the way it looks,which is basically the way it looked when it left the factory. If it ain't broke,don't fix it.
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    Ok,this one used to be my semi-daily driver until it backfired and caught fire under the hood. Luckily for me I make it a practice to carry a fire extinguisher with me,and while the fire melted the AFB carb and burned all the wires under the hood,the car didn't burn. The car was a slopped together piece of crap when I bought it,and the engine fire was the straw that broke my back on it. It has a Camaro frame clip,tired 305,and junk Turbo 250 trans that didn't start slipping until after I got it home. The frame clip was done right,but basically just tacked together. Had to put finish weld it and add a couple of re-inforcement plates. Plus the engine only had one motor mount bolted to the clip,and the trans was just sitting on two "L" shaped brackets tacked to the chassis. When I went to see why the speedo didn't work,I discovered it had never been installed in the transmission. The trans was "kept from leaking" by tan tape like painted use on chrome that was wrapped around the tailshaft several times. So I had to drill holes and bolt the tailshaft to the trans mount. Once I plugged the speedo cable in,the trans quit leaking,but it was too late. The patient was dying The wiring "harness" had red and black wires,and if there were any fuses in it,I didn't find them. I was hoping to get by while I gathered the parts for a rebuild,but no such luck. The fire was the last straw. I decided I wasn't going to touch it again until I have everthing in my possession I needed to put it back together to suit me,done right and trouble-free. The two photos are how the car looked when I bought it. It's going to have the same color paint and style when I put it back on the road. The tired 305 and junk Turbo 350 are getting replaced with a blueprinted 412 small block assembled by a NASCAR speed shop that has Keith Black flat top 10 to 1 pistons,gapless rings,hot cam,roller rockers,and 202 stainless valves in ported cast iron hi-po GM heads,and roller rockers. Also has 350 Chevy rods for a little more torque. Has a Holley 750 on it now with a medium rise Weiand intake. Also has a Pete Jackson gear drive. The trans is a modified Turbo 400 with a 2,000 stall torque converter and manual shift valve body. I used to have this combo in my 1-ton extended GM window van that I used to pull trailers,and it would almost scare me in that rig when I punched it,so it should do fine in the little P-15. I had it built to put in a 39 Ford,but the engine in my old van took a dump,so that's where it went. The third photo is of a digital instrument cluster make to fit inside the stock P-15 instrument housing. I had it custom built to my specifications I also have a new Ron Francis wiring harness for it,and all the chrome has now been done and is wrapped in paper. AFAIK,I think I now have everything I need to blow it apart and start on the body work,paint,wiring,etc,etc,etc. Everything but the time,that is. Had a local scrapper come by right after the fire when it still looked as good as it does in the photos,and the license plates were even still good,and he offered to haul it off to the crusher for me,"And I won't even charge you anything!" I rejected his kind offer. This one is a keeper that won't get sold as long as I am able to drive.
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    Plymouthy Adams

    Hydro flooded town

    I am surprised there are not a ton of Dapper Dan pomade cans laying about... no FOP for that matter either...!
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    Can I use remote oil filter

    Don't know what happened to the picture so here it is again hopefully viewable.
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    1952 Suburban restoration project

    I like the worn look of the patina on some cars, and if the paint and primer weren't so far gone, I might lean toward keeping it as it sits, but as it is, I think I am going to put it back to an original paint job. Nothing metallic, or wild. Stock paint and color. Also, because of the high-clearance package and tranny it has, I'm leading towards mocking it up to be an ex-National Park Service or Forest Service wagon of the period. Maybe something from the Los Alamos area, given that it's now a New Mexico car and will have NM plates when finished. I liked the idea of making it a Mesa Verde Park service vehicle with its wheels, spare carrier and hitch. It would be fitting based on where it spent it's life, less than 100 yards from the park. I have some period correct (WW2) era shovel and pickaxe. I'm kind of digging this idea with the Los Alamos theme. As best I can tell, the paint color is Cortez Gray, but I cannot confirm until I can research it further. Either way, I'm picking her up tomorrow and am excited to begin the relationship between man and automobile that I have been craving lately. Working on and driving modern vehicles just doesn't have that same flair as these oldies. -Austin
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    My Favourite At The Show...T&C

    I didnt like to open my hood until it was detailed and cleaned a little better than the 40years of grime. Now I usually open my hood, even just half way and if anyone is interested I will open all the way. My one car isn’t that nice under hood but now my Plymouth......she is shiny. As for bone stock verses “custom”, I drive my cars and stock brakes and 98 horsepower engines don’t blend well with modern traffic at least in larger centres. I can understand upgrading these components.
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    Thanks for the tip. I bookmarked it for possible future use. https://www.yellowpages.com/wichita-ks/mip/wichita-trim-6927773
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    1952 Suburban restoration project

    Is the dog part of the deal???
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    My Favourite At The Show...T&C

    Cool! When they go down far enough,buy two and give me one of them. I am liking your plan better already. MY usual plan seems to be pay too much when prices are high. That ain't working out worth a damn.
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    My Favourite At The Show...T&C

    Here are some factory photo's of both the a T&C convert and a sedan being built. The wood IS the body structure.. very massive , structural and heavy. When I was a young lad ha ha.... in the very late 50's I saw a couple T&C's driving in front of us while on a trip with my family to California going down highway 99. I never forgot the look of the" Hot cross Buns".... the way the back trunk lids of the cars looked from behind as we followed the two cars down old Highway 99. I thought those cars were so cool looking. That's the kind of car I wanted! ...Yea right! Anyway...Years later...1975 I heard of a man locally who collected Chrysler's. He had about 40+ cars 20's to early 60's. I Got to know him well and two years later I was able to buy the 1948 T&C converible from him...the one shown above. I only had enough cash for half the asking price and borrowed the other half from a relative. I worked my ass off doing extra jobs to pay the loan off in six months. My friends thought I was crazy for buying it! Well I still have it today.... 40 years later. I still drive it... I let people enjoy it...I take people for rides in it, I talk to anyone who wants to know about it, I want people to know about these cool unusual cars and........ best of all I'm not a rich stuck up ass!🥂
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    My Favourite At The Show...T&C

    "You know, a trophy and a dollar might buy you a cup of coffee at Starbucks. I’ve found “trophy chasers” are people I really don’t want to spend any of my time with. It has been MY personal experience that every one of them I have ever met has been anal and self-absorbed. IF they have any "friends",these "friends" are identical to them. Buddy-buddy when face to face,and talking crap and stabbing them in the back the instant they leave. They own their cars to draw attention to themselves,not because they love the cars. Or at least that is the way it seems to me. The only exceptions I can think of is people in the restoration or hot rod biz,who want trophy winners to advertise their businesses.
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