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    If you have one my favorite weapon of choice is a pneumatic air gun. Between the torque and vibration from the gun action they come off in seconds. Otherwise a 5 pounder is a good choice.
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    I used a five pound sledge hammer. I thought my puller was going to explode, then POP!
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    What paint to use on wheel rims?

    Red. Everybody knows you use red paint.
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    that item can be easily made in most home shops with a drill press, vise, hacksaw and a piece of flat bar steel....drill the hole for the slot first....use the hacksaw to cut the metal to form the slot...
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    You might be correct but why do the mechanics still use the air gun to over tighten the lug nuts on our modern cars? This is because they are lazy and it would require them to use the proper tool or color coded attachment on their air guns to set the proper torque. When you go to Costco for tires the mechanic uses the gun to remove the lug nuts or bolts but their policy is to use a torque wrench set with the proper torque to hand tighten the nuts and then when done the supervisor then rechecks each wheel before they deliver the car back to you. can you tell me if and when you have ever seen this done at any other shop. They always over tighten the nuts and then you have to go back to have them loosened and then hand tighten properly. So time is money in the auto repair business so most mechanics will not taken the time to look at the L or r on the stud or bolt. My point is that on a truck as you state they have been trained for Left threaded bolts but not on the cars becasue we have not used them in 50+ years, so take the time to tell the mechanic and tell them about your car it only takes a minute and if it is any good quality shop they will welcome the information. Also suggest that you stand by the garage door when they are removing the wheel and tell them again about L/R wheel lugs nuts/bolts. I am not rying to argue the point of L/R being used today but it is still your responsibility as the owner of the car to let them know about the difference becsue this is not standard on our modern cars. Rich HArtung Desoto1939@aol.com
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    '79 Dodge truck

    I recruited a friend to help me move some heavy parts yesterday. He was showing me the truck he had just inherited from his father that passed away. Thought I would share a pic. He asked if I would help with a floor patch on it. Old truck sounds really good, 318 auto. Has been sitting for some time, needs valve seals. I told him I've got dibs if he ever decides to sell. I don't know why but I'm really drawn to this truck. I doubt I get a shot at it he really likes it too. The only thing I would add other than some TLC would be AC.
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    Wow, great to hear the history on red color drums for left side! Duh...after I put that writing on the hub thinking I came up with a great idea it hit me that you wouldn't see it with the wheel installed! Brain fart! But after reading your posts I think I will paint the center hub too and write "LEFT" on it there as well so it's viewable with the wheel on the car. Again, not so much for me, but the future custodian who will inherit this car. You think many Millenials have ever changed a tire, or even done an oil change? HAHA! Jim T
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    You need a BIG heavy hammer .
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    I have a bench seat in my coupe. The shifter on the TK5 5 speed is at the rear of the trans, so I did a little bending on the shifter, and added a piece of steel tubing, works great....
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    I read that as the shoes were still engaging the drum and if the drum was scored it would still hang on the shoe. If both adjusters are backed off and the shoes clear the drum it should pop right off. Otherwise instead of beating it to death, pull the anchor bolts and you can be sure the shoes aren't the issue.
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    I wasn't aware of that - kinda nautical, (left-port-red). LOL
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    I guess your question was never answered. The purpose of the license plate light is to illuminate the license plate. This is not meant to be flip but this the answer. It provides an easier method for identification at night. Nothing nefarious about it. From the law enforcement aspect it is valuable. One cannot simply stop a vehicle because of a hunch or boredom. There needs to be "reasonable suspicion" such as an observed traffic violation or other justifiable reason. The burned out license plate bulb is a traffic violation and, obviously, can only be used at night. The reasonable suspicion is a valid legal reason to stop a motor vehicle. If something else arises from the stop then the reasonable suspicion must be documented, i.e., the written traffic violation.
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    Don Coatney

    Kubalwagon build

    We talked for about an hour. Thanks for posting his shop. Last saw him about 50 years ago.
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    A visit with Earl Edgerton

    This is the reason I used an aluminum head--when you open the hood
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    A visit with Earl Edgerton

    I ran an Edgy head on my 230 for about 5 years as a daily driver before selling the car this summer. Never once had an overheating issue with it despite driving in Dallas traffic in temps over 110 degrees plus. Made multiple trips to and from Joplin Missouri for the HAMB Drags in late August again no overheating.
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    elctric fuel pumps

    I hooked up my electric fuel pump with an oil presure switch with three legs. One leg is marked P for pump the other is marked S for start wire from starter when engine is cranking and I for ignition. Works great and is nice pecae of mind for safety. The pump only pumps when Starter turns over and when engine is running as long as there is oil presure. Engine stops oil presure falls and pump stops.
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