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    Dale Gribble

    I bought another old dodge !

    Bought this running 48 last night . Have a few plans once I bring it home . Planned on driving it back but a broken brake line put that on hold ....
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    engine Parts

    Hallo Mario, what does package mean ? The whole driveline, a complete engine or just the sharp parts for an engine ? Maybe this is what you are looking for: https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/flathead-6-zylinder-hot-rod-motoren-edgy-zylinderkopf-vergaser/846008287-223-305 Have never seen parts like this for sale here. No price stated, for sure not cheap. But probably little delivery costs and no customs fee. Grüße, auch aus Deutschland Jan
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    EPiX's 1942 Plymouth Coupe Resto

    Worked on it some more last night and today. Last night did a preliminary flush of the cooling system.. simply just flushed it out using the garden hose for the radiator, heatercore, and engine block.. Only a bit of brownish liquid came out, most was green antifreeze. I opened the petcock down near the oil fill/distributor cap but NOTHING would drain out there so not sure if that is either broken or clogged. I turned it all the way left and all the way right and no difference. Took off the wheels this morning and drove them up to the local tire shop to have the new Coker 6.00-16 tires and tubes installed. While waiting on the tires ran to a couple auto parts stores to get some Autolite 303's, new heatercore hose, and a new 1-3/4" ID cylinder head to radiator hose. Bought a kit online for spark plug wires but when they came the wires were way short so found some better looking cloth/laquer style wires and misc crimps so pulled up some YouTube videos on how to DIY. I think they came out pretty nicely.. The kit I found was for an 8 cylinder (and cheaper than the 6 cylinder kit lol) so I'll have a couple extra wires as backup.
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    I for sure would offer my help, if someone was sticking in a problem like a missing spot light piece. But since the only CNC machine which I own is my hands, it takes a couple of hours to fabricate such single parts. And since I am located in Germany, it probably would be even less interesting for folks due to shipping of items. Buuut, I really like to fabricate such fiddly things, so if you seriously need a spot light inside part, I of course will help you. I still have a bit of the materials left. Shipping would be to you, parts ...hmmm, forget it - hey I am a Senior member, have way too much spare time on my hands Thank you for your reply, Ralph. Just a few hours ?! That sounds very good ! Sometimes I am a bit envious on folks in the US. Good part sources, machine shops that are willing to put their hands on old Mopar technique without demanding gold bars for their work. Not so here. I think just that limitation is the reason why I am doing plan B´s. But it is pretty o.k., part of the passion
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    39 Fuel Tank & Elec Pump

    I suggest: 0° to -0.50° camber. Less camber means less tire wear. More camber means more stable in turns. No positive camber! 1/8" to 0" toe in More toe in will stabilize the steering feel but increase tire wear. Less toe in i.e. 0 can make the steering feel like it is wandering. As much caster as they can reasonably get. Improves high speed straight line driving. If the steering is too heavy at slow speed you can back this off a bit. This is for radial tires. Greg
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    ummmm...maybe you offer it to others for a small donation...that's good work. My MoPaR spotlight is missing almost ALL of the inside cab parts...I've never seen what it even looks like!
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    scrap.....look like the necessary spare parts one needs when driving a Ford........
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    Awesome craftsmanship and ingenuity.
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    Opinion. 49 pilot house

    The long running boards indicate it was built as a pickup, not cab and chassis like mine.
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    Plymouthy Adams

    Highlander material cloth

    in my opinion as the material is not stock to that car, that is unreal prices for just a plaid fabric....I would think one could find suitable in other outlets...but again, just my thoughts... just one fabric that pops up under the highlander plaid upholstery fabric search https://www.ebay.com/itm/100-Wool-Tartan-Plaid-Overstock-Upholstery-Fabric-by-Roth-MacPhee-CL-Green-Red/163013148286?hash=item25f4573e7e:g:UTEAAOSweDdaqF6A
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    Dale Gribble

    I bought another old dodge !

    short video from when I bought it last night
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    Cooling water elbow The small cooling water elbow between the thermostat housing and the water pump was missing at my motor. At that time I did not know much about flat 6 motors and also didn`t know that forum here. Ebay had some elbows, but I was not sure which one would fit to my motor. So I decided again to find a plan B solution. I took a 90° brass fitting that normally is used for water installation in houses. Made a connection piece for the hose on my lathe. The flange is made of a brass sheet. Put in a thread for the fitting and soldered all three pieces together to ensure that it doesn’t leak. Done. Nice small job for a boring weekend So, this was my last topic in plan B. I hope it was at least a bit entertaining. Would have been nice, if there were someone who had also a plan B to show.
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    Ach ja, nah, aber immer noch eine Entfernung
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