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    Fuel and oil gauges

    Branded, did you notice that the speedway runtz resistor says for negative ground only? Just in case if that polarity change is Not make- just pointing that out for info. DJ
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    defroster blower (550 system)

    I'm guessing this is the one you are looking for, this is from my 54. The main bushings are almost seized, it barely turns. I bought one on ebay for $30. Mopar part number 1604359. Unfortunately for you it does not come with the squirrel cage or extra plate so I need to keep this one. Maybe this can help you in your search!
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    Brent B3B

    Whose Truck Got A Workout?

    that is one heck of a front bumper set up
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    Thermostat housing

    I did a few videos that might help. This one is about the Water Distribution Tube. This one is about several topics, but covers The bypass. 48D
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    Soon as I get a moment.
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    FYI for 39s it's not an early and late thing. The cheaper Roadking model was floor shift and the Deluxe had the new for 39 column shift.
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    Dan Hiebert

    Empi Dune Buggies

    They're scarce, but not all that rare. A couple of the air cooled VW sites I haunt have one, or parts of one, for sale at least every other month or so. There were so many kits you could slap on a Beetle pan that they're hard to keep track of. Paul - yours has a bit of that WW2 command car look to it, ought to be a really cool project for you and the grandkids! You've probably already done the research, so you'll know air cooled VW parts are readily available, and relatively inexpensive.
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    Merle Coggins

    1952 Dodge B3B

    You can run the engine with the valve covers off and you won't loose much oil, if any. I wouldn't advise doing the compression test without oil. Theoretically there's still oil in the bearings for lubrication, but I'd want some being pumped through under cranking just to be safe.
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    1952 Dodge B3B

    Here is the tailgate. I love the blue chips sign. : )
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    Whose Truck Got A Workout?

    Thanks RobertKB for your comments. Yes, I use the truck as a daily work truck. The kids are my grandchildren and love to ride in it. His team won the championship basketball game and the prize was a picture in the old truck.
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    Brent B3B

    local swap meet

    hey Bob, those rusty headers made it to Oregon Julie and I went yesterday to the Portland international speedway...... when will I learn! 2miles of track covered by "vendors", $10. to park, $7.ea to enter and seemed like 1/3 the folks were packing up from the rain and 35mph wind gusts. all that "stuff" and I saw one pitted hood ornament......... but, I enjoyed the company sooooo glad the BBQ in CA is usually the same weekend
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    Andy has bump steer and tie rod length explained pretty good. I have the same rack in my 54 Ford Coupe. The difference being that there is a bracket the bolts to the R&P and spreads the tie rods out so the length matches the A-arm length and that reduces the bump steer issues.
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    http://www.hotrod.com/articles/ctrp-1001-bump-steer-explained/ Ackerman has to do with turning, bump steer is a different thang...
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    I have had the Cavalier rack on my car since 1999. I shortened the stock steering arms which lessened the loss of steering radius. I don't think I got everything back but is very manageable. Made my own mounts but very similar to the photos above. I do have the power rack but with the 440 engine weight it works fine without any noticeable bump steer. Drive to "Back to the 50's" each year and to Florida for the SE Nationals in Tampa and the Daytona Turkey Run in 02. When people ask how it handles the 70 mph speed limit, I tell them "I can slow down to 70 if I have to."
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    Brent B3B

    1952 Dodge B3B

    I am a fan of removing the inner fender, removing the tappet covers, get in there and get a good look at things just funning around seriously, do what Merle says first but if it doesn't run, I would remove the plugs and rotate the crank by hand to see if ALL the valves move... sometimes you can gently pop stuck valves down with the valve spring. if not pull the head, lets get this party started!
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    1955 C1B Build Thread

    Also found a cool vintage Dixco tachometer that will look right at home in the cab. I just couldnt get something modern!
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    48 B1B

    Absolutely LOVE your truck. I hope to have a similar one someday. Congrats on bringing it home. The finish you put on looks similar to the Penetrol I used on my car. I applied it with a foam brush and used maybe half a quart for the whole car. Its held up nicely, too, through rain and hot sun, and even a high pressure wash. 1st pic: Before applying Penetrol 2nd pic: After Penetrol application
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    Copper washers

    Some of the current day replacement copper brake line washers are so hard they don't seal. I do lots of brake jobs on both modern and old cars and have had to soften many new washers to prevent leaks after first making sure there are no surface imperfections. I am beginning to hate a lot of modern replacement parts in my job!
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