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    Got Best of show today in Concord North Carolina. Great Cars there - about 300 - 350 Cars
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    Overdrive frustrations

    That high an idle speed is at the root of your problem. RPMs must drop off 30 % and do it quickly or the internals of the overdrive will not allow it to engage. The generator need not be charging at idle.
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    Gas Pedal Cover

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    Gas Pedal Cover

    From the 1952 MoPar Acccesories
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    Merle Coggins

    Gas Pedal Cover

    Nice Paul... Looks a little fancier than one that Todd B had in his Camper Truck...
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    The Oil Soup

    Time for an overhaul...

    Got pistons. They sure look boring..... . Sometimes boring is absolutely stunning! Wow the machine work is beautiful. Nice rebuild.
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    Gas Pedal Cover

    I prefer this one, which I have in my truck.
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    Me and the Meadowbrook

    Nov. 18 The dogs curled up in the back and didn't make a peep. The female laid on the floor and the male on the seat. He used the arm rest as a head rest like he usually does. At Kwik Trip they popped up to see what was going on. They never made a peep the entire ride. They love to go with. 6,275 miles on the engine rebuild since May 8th.
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    Me and the Meadowbrook

    Nov. 18
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    Me and the Meadowbrook

    Nov. 18 Still driving the Meadowbrook, no snow so we're golden there. We drove into town to take my son's friend home after a visit, and later on we took the dogs with on a little trip to Spring Grove. Stopped at Kwik Trip for gas and a few groceries. Some people waved at us earlier in the day, and some gave us strange looks like what were we doing driving that old car in this cold when there's no car show? I returned the strange look Car ran great, heater worked awesome, and it was such a joy to drive on this beautiful November day.
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    Plymouthy Adams

    Show your tools.

    After a number of swap meets, who knows how many visits to how many pawn shops and not ruling out a number of flea markets, yard sales and the estate sales, I finally stumbled upon a spark plug wire cutter, stripping and crimping tool at the swap meet yesterday. Rare find indeed, snagged it for a 5.00 bill. the man had no idea its use and neither did about 5 other tool sellers at the meet. One more tool now removed from my want list....
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    John Rogers

    B1B Project / progress thread

    Here is what it looks like now. I haven't installed it yet because it was and still is missing one of the 2 large nuts that are needed to mount it. I have one but Im still searching for another one so I can install it. I see that John Sartain has one in his truck too which turned out fantastic. John
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    Don Coatney

    Valve guides, Spitfire

    In 1969 BSA was offering a new motorcycle to anyone who set a speed record at Bonneville with a rocket 3. The record was around 130MPH. First run I hit 116. Next run was the last for me as the transmission case cracked and no spare was available. But it was a fun week. I met Burt Munro in person and touched the worlds fastest Indian.
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    Recently purchased engine

    Here you go 9500
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    Found a way to move a bunch of Fluid through the system which is really what you need to do to get the air out of the lines. We tried bleeding the brake system the conventional way but the master cylinder does not move enough volume to get the air out. So, we hooked up a CLEAR 5' x 1 inch hose to a threaded barb that matched the fill port of the MC. Filled the hose with Dot 3 brake fluid. Cobbled together a way to attach air nozzle to the end of the hose with fluid in it. Turned air compressor down to about 5 psi. I applied pressure and my husband opened up the bleed port on right front wheel.Remember to keep an eye on the fluid level in the hose. You certainly don't want to go empty and start pushing air though again. It took about 5 seconds of clear fluid running before bubbles started showing up. We had much difficulty because the wheel cylinder is below the line to the splitter on the left side of the car. If there is anyone out there scratching their heads and has a significant other complaining that their leg is cramping from pumping the darn brake pedal all day, I hope this helps. Cheers!
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