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    Jerry Roberts

    Need 6v help

    It has been posted here before that Terrell Machine in Deleon Texas will repair your vacuum advance with new parts . You probably would want to have it running like mopar designed it to run .
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    bob westphal


    I'm using a '72 Satellite 8 1/4. Original wheels fit and bolts right in with no mods.
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    1940 Dodge D14 Build Thread

    I believe this was meant to mean grabbing the 218 vs making a 230 is no real difference.
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    greg g

    Need 6v help

    Thanks for the response. Lots of suggested fixes get posted, but many times the outcome never get reported. Glad you got her in good nick again, enjoy.
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    Mopar Wayne

    Need 6v help

    Hey everyone, first off, you all rock! I have it figured out and done fixed it. Turns out the points the last person put in where missing part of the spring and I didn't even realize it when I took the distributor apart. I installed the new points (all of the included parts) and she runs like a raped ape now! I am not even sure if I need to replace the vacuum advance. I suppose if I come across a good deal I will. All of the ideas, suggestions and troubleshooting tips where spot on. Special thanks to Don. The drill idea was perfect. I didn't even need to hook it up to electric to find the issue. I know I will have tons more questions as I move along with this ole girl. I came to the right spot!
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    Plymouthy Adams

    Favorite shop chairs

    not bragging.....just am happy I have a hoist...and try to relate to folks here just how much more handy they are than a shirt pocket...overall for the low cost these thing sell for...you dollars ahead in the ease of maintenance...pays for itself quickly, don' t believe me...ask your knees after a day crawling in and out from under a car....
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    John Rogers

    Favorite shop chairs

    I use a plastic milk crate. There are a couple of breaks in it from standing on it, so from time to time my seated position is made most uncomfortable due to its painful pincer movements. I really need to snag another one. My friend has a restaurant so when I need one he gives me one and I exchange the one I have and he returns it with the rest. I also have a couple of metal ones but they're just for lookin at. They are no where near as comfy. Plus of you stand on them on cement and lean forward they have a nasty tendency to slide out from under me. Usually resulting in me doing a faceplant followed by a cascade of profanity John
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    quick clutch help!

    Tenn. clutch was great for me several years ago (2-3?) !! Sent original clutch pressure plate, disc, throw-out bearing and pilot bushing to the for (parts) repair. Less than a week later got call for credit card # for payment which was less that $100 slightly. Received parts in short order (6 days?) rebuilt. Clutch parts ,throw-out bearing, pilot bushing And an a plastic clutch alignment tool!! Great service! ++++ DJ
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    Woodgrain Thoughts

    So, this thread motivated me to re do my dash that is already out of the car. It was painted with a flat black high temp header paint. I left that as the base. It was already clean and smooth. i applied a rustoleum rattle can medium brown in a really light coat. cut a short coarse paint brush down even shorter and stubbier. used a minwax wood stain cut about 1/2 way with paint thinner. once the brown had a little tack to it, i dipped the brush in the diluted stain and brushed it through. I kept layering the spray paint and the stain and applying different pressure to blend the two colors and this is what I got. I still have to fine sand it and clear coat.
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    Brent B3B

    What would you do??

    wow, it's like you had 3years to think it over! take it for what it worth (nothing) and It may have been a coincidence but, I have taken five of these flatheads apart in as many years recently and the only one that didn't have coolant left in the block was the one I had broken head bolts and broken manifold bolts on... hey, it would be nice if you could hook up PB blaster to the power washer attachment.... or at least hit those bolts you know you'll have trouble with later when you go to take them apart....
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    Don Coatney

    1950 Spitfire problems

    This may or may not help.
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    Todd B

    Amazing '53 B4B for sale

    wow, 20k, what would my semi truck and trailer bring?????? I agree some patina is cool but I thought that one they may have tried to hard to make it look old. My two pennies, ( I still bend over and pick them up on the parking lots when I see them)
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    greg g

    Need 6v help

    What brand of points did you use? Most new stuff including from Napa are junque. Weak springs, crappy can rubbing block, no oil wick for lube, miss aligned points, crappy material for contacts. Did this condition exist before you replaced points? Do you still have the old ones? I would put them back in and see it it will rev better. The other thing to check is the thin flexible wire that supplies the points with power from the coil terminal of the dist. This wire can sometime have insulation fall off allowing an inadvertantly ground before the points, or it will look good on the exterior but be separated within the insulation it is very important to proper running through the full rpm range. With positive ground make sure your coil is wired ignitionignition to neg terminal, positive terminal to dist.
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    I Saw The Awesome Dash Set Up In The P15 And Thought I Would Show What I Did To My 49 Plymouth. I Adapted A 50 Plymouth Steering Wheel To A 72 Nova Tilt Column And Kept The Stock Radio Face With The Delete Option, Hinged It And Put The Cd Player Behind It. It Stays Up With A Cabinet Spring Latch. Looks Stock And Keeps The Flavor Of That Beautiful Dash.
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