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    A Rare Winter Ride in the D24

    50 Degrees and Sunny with dry clear roads on Dec 27th forced me to wake her from her "Winter Hibernation" for an afternoon outing. I think we both enjoyed it immensely and I was out till after dark not wanting the fun to end. Today is 40 and raining and back to the teens by Tues night, but it sure was a nice break while it lasted.
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    My new 1952

    Took the truck out today for a quick run around the block. Drives and handles great can't wait till spring to drive it more often just got lucky today it was 50 outside.
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    Well back before Thanksgiving i was able to go back and do a little more work on the fender. I just hadn't gotten to post up my progress. My TIG welding is getting better and im learning the art of metal finishing to obtain a filler free surface. I've included a couple pics of about a 6" section that is damn near perfect at this point (Pic 1 and 2). The other shots show where i had to shrink a couple areas with a torch and gives an overall update on the status of the fender. I've still got a lot of work to do to call this thing done, slowly but surely it's happening though and im learning a ton. To me it doesn't matter how long it takes me to finish this. My goal is to learn as much as possible and to do as good a job as i can. Thanks for looking, -Chris
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    A Rare Winter Ride in the D24

    Glad you got the old girl out. I'll bet it was a lot of fun! Thanks for posting. It will likely be a few months yet for me. Sometimes the roads end up being dry but they put so much grit and chemicals down I don't want to lose a windshield or get the paint too beat up. When windy, which it can be very often in my part of the world, it is sometimes like driving through a sandblaster. I leave that for the everyday vehicles. One thing I don't understand is those people who live where it is decent weather most of the year and yet they let their cars sit and never drive them. Makes no sense to me. During spring, summer, and fall when the weather is decent, I have an old car out virtually every day.
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    A Rare Winter Ride in the D24

    Doesn't look like winter has hit on the right coast. It was in the low 40's this morning here in So. Cal. & took the motorcycle for a spin.......chilly, but fun.
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    Ammeter terminals

    I looked at the amp gauges I have in the box, and none of them were marked on the cardboard insulator. However, one of the complete clusters that was pulled still had the red wire on the terminal on the right (directly behind the discharge side)...if that doesn't work out, swap terminals
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    Frank Elder

    5w-50 good for classic cars?

    I followed your link on oil Don, and after about the tenth post of those eggheads peeing in each others post toasties, I followed the Bobtheoilguy link instead........him I can understand..lol. My oil is 30W elcheapo, after it is drained I use it in my lawn mower/rototiller/snowblower/etc, then it is drained again and used in my oil burner that is used to heat the garage during the winter months.
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    Camber Adjustment

    Mcmaster Carr has them up to 2-1/2"
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    A Rare Winter Ride in the D24

    Yes well put, it did take a little of the sting out of Winter and make it seem a little shorter. Certainly better than last year when it was like "Ice Station Zebra" around here for months. Feel better and take care of that ankle, a little liniment around 100proof taken orally usually helps.
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    A Rare Winter Ride in the D24

    I know the feeling, I had my Plymouth out a few days before Christmas, makes winter seem shorter doesn't it. I had wanted to take the Plymouth out again yesterday, but I am unable to drive right now, slipped and fell down the slippery steps Christmas Eve, sprained my right ankle, darned old fool LOL. Who knows, maybe by the end of the week. No snow in the forcast
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    Good looking out, Im not sure if my exhaust would have fit quite right. The other day I went over to Mom and Dad's and picked up the manifolds and alternator. Once I lowered it back In I noticed that I needed to move a few unnecessary items. Ill post pictures later of that. Today however I felt pretty accomplished. I got home about 8am from work, between then and about 8pm Jesse and I were able to to pick out the suits for the wedding, eat lunch, go to a junk yard and pull a s10 T5 tail housing, shifter, and shifter forks, return home then go teach her sister how to shoot. All in all I had a pretty successful Saturday. I also ordered a different style of motor mount to look at and see from what direction I want to attack this thing. Im feeling pretty good right now on the status of the build, but Ill fell much better once I get the motor mounts welded in. After that I think it will be just like working on the fords that Im used to and the pace should pick up a bit.
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    fuel pump for ethanol gas

    a side note: I purchased several NOS & NORS rubber fuel lines that mount to the fuel pump & frame-mounted fuel lines. They were very pliable and did not look aged with the exception of the vintage paper labels. It was a few months after installing one of these on my '48 that I noticed it was coming apart at the crimped ferrules. I lightly tugged on the rubber & could hear the rubber reinforcement ripping apart. So off it came, and them other "correct" parts are hidden in a box somewhere in the garage. I updated to a new fuel injection grade rubber hose with clamped ends several years ago...so far, so good
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    Intake manifold differences?

    All may not be lost... the outside is craked pretty badly, but thr casting is THICK around that box. I cannot feel any cracks on the inside and the manifold does hold water when tested. With that said, I was able to find a replacement one. Thanks guys.
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    Jerry Roberts

    Ammeter terminals

    Well , if you get them wrong , you won't hurt anything . Then you can just reverse them . I usually test them using an old headlight and a battery and watch for the needle movement .
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    Help to ID. a car?

    Harold, Good idea, thanks! I just posted there too! Rob
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    Thank you for the response.
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    Intake manifold differences?

    yes you are correct early up to 1939 cars are also on the outside. A 1934 is sort of on to its own. I will attach an engine we just finished rebuilding for a 1934 and a close up. Then 1935 - 1939 will work on your truck. I attached a picture of one of those on a block and then it switched to the outside but like this 1942 picture it is on the outside, but the linkage has a bracket that bolts on to the head.
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    Odometer reading on a 47 Dodge

    Something else to consider about odometer readings on older cars is that it was not illegal to roll back mileage until sometime in the early 1970's. Odometer 'clocking' was a widespread practice in both the used-car industry and among private sellers to a lesser degree. The only way I'd trust the odometer was if there were a bunch of repair receipts and other documentation showing an orderly progression of mileage through the years.
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    You're right Adam. I was planning on going that route until I started doing more research today. It turns out that the engine I have when paired with the truck intake only makes about 150hp. With a cam swap, the new explorer intake and heads it would be about 225hp. the heads would run me about $400 after sending them to the machine shop, and I dont have that kind of money to spare on power adders right now. The plan is at this point is to go with what I have and save up for a set of twisted wedge heads and Ill be close to the 300rwhp mark with a few other parts. I have been building the engine in my head all day and I just have to stay focused on getting it running until after June. Im still looking of options on how to mount the engine any advice?
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