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  2. Personally I want to see the officer in court facing murder charges. The bad guy was caught, was cuffed and it was under control the fight was over .... he did not have to kill that man. Burning down and destroying innocent peoples property in the name of protest is plain stupid. Two wrongs does not make a right. While I am not a religious man, I believe in the power of prayer. Sending my prayers your way in hopes your state finds peace.
  3. Molasses is a good rust remover, never heard of it being used in cylinder walls. You say you have rust in "one" cylinder ... this may require more investigation. Removing the head would not be a terrible waste of time, as mentioned above you also could have stuck valves. Very common on these old flatheads, and a simple fix if the head is off. Your comment though "rust in one cylinder" causes a eyebrow to raise. Do you all ready have the head off? How do you know? How did the moisture get in there? I have heard 1000 times that 50/50 atf/acetone is the best to use in a situation like this. All that being said, curious what molasses/water would do. I tried it one time at my Uncles house. I had a 20 gallon bucket I filled and used to de-rust things. I had my heater in it, doors were rusted closed. 2 weeks later I pulled it out and it was like brand new. Hose it off and paint it, like new today ... except where the pits are from severe rust. I kinda doubt it will penetrate though ... would clean everything it can reach and maybe that would be enough? You're really thinking outside of the box here Grandpa had a old plymouth suburban, he drove the wheels off of that car. Last time he drove it in 1961, He wound her out so tight he spun a bearing and continued to drive it to get home, ended up locking up the motor. I gave it away a couple years ago, I told the guy the story so he does not waste his time trying to unstick the motor. Sometimes we get lucky on these old engines, but not all the time.
  4. I have been thinking of you guys over there. Never understood why they call it "Protesting". Its not protesting when you burn buildings down and have zero respect for the law. I hope they can get this under control soon, for everyone's sake. Todd B
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  6. Seems I live in interesting times, never thought I'd see this stuff happening in my home state and in the major metro area I live in. Riots, lootings, and general mayhem....think of us here in MN and know that some forum members are closer to the situation than they'd like I'm sure.
  7. Engine rebuilder finally called me in to see my dissembled motor and go over what he had found. I was amazed to find out my 1967 motor was the newest one in the place. He was finishing up a 38 Plymouth six and in line behind mine was a 40`s Cadillac motor that arrived in several boxed and baskets. I also found out that the Quaker State oil of the 60`s and 70`s was the worst oil you could possibly use in your car. It has the highest paraffin wax content of any oil on the planet. My motor was a textbook example of the premature damage and wear this oil caused back in the day and why this motor was done by 79,000 miles. Luckily the block, head-core, crank and piston rods are good, everything else gets new parts. Happily the replacement parts are readily available and not very expensive as engine parts go so I`m looking at about a $2100 bill for the rebuild. I was very impressed with this shop and the work they turn out there.
  8. Hey, shouldn't you be out pouring concrete??
  9. I can weld pretty well but I know my limits so I prefer to have my BIL do the welding on structural items, stainless, etc. He learned working on Navy fighter jets and since retiring from there about 20 years ago he's worked every day at a fabrication shop building everything imaginable. I started playing viola when I was 8 years old and found that there's no substitute for practice.
  10. as is most all things, there is good reading on the internet in forms of white papers...and as with all subjects people write about....not all of them are truly professional and some are just your basic hacks.....silver solder is not at all hard to do and most can be done with a propane torch, flux is a basic borax blend...but there are a few rules and guide lines to follow in the process. Suggest reading a few articles first and you will find the key points will be posted in each and you will soon recognize the basic principles that separate the truth and process from that of the hacker quick fix. Supplies to get you started and grades of solder can be found at most all plumbing retailers but definitely at AC supply houses for certain. Read a few papers, practice on a piece of scrap...get comfortable with the process...as with all weld/solder cleanliness and correct process and flux are key.
  11. LOL, I've been caught in the rain a couple of times but my windshield (original glass and rubber) leaks like there isn't a windshield there. But I love the quirkiness of the vacuum wipers - they keep you from driving too fast in the rain. I carry a squeegee in the glove box, handy for when the windows fog over and you can also reach out the window to clear the windshield when the wipers stop. I saw a Trico belt drive vacuum pump on eBay a few months ago (like this one), wish I had bought it.
  12. Are you doing okay Paul?


  13. Mine was stuck. Varsol, atf and sea foam is what i used. And even the long pipe on 3/4” drive wouldnt move it. I pulled clutch inspection cover and got a wiggle with a pry bar on the ring gear teeth. Back and forth a few times and it was free. Got it started and a couple oil changes and now it runs like a top.
  14. I suppose it'll depend on how badly stuck it is Frank. I'd dump some in there every day for a few days and be patient. Fingers crossed for ya 👍
  15. Rusty and stuck are relative terms. I had a Ford V8 I was going to take apart. After three days of drenching in lots of good stuff and pounding I got out the cutting torch. Eventually I concluded the only thing I could reuse was the block...as one leg for a park bench. I had a pallet of Ford cylinder heads which became stepping stones in my garden. Then I got smart and started working on my Chrysler IND 33 265cid, with a much happier out come. Fords up to the flathead were the Chevy small blocks of their era. Certainly there were/are better engines, just not as cheap and plentiful.
  16. I will give this a try. Is there a length of time? too look for to know it it is working for me? Thank you
  17. It melts a little hotter, that's all. The alloy has some silver in it and it varies by grade. I've done it and I think it will be OK for trim metal.
  18. My 47 WC has the Bosch 6volt electric motors. I needed to rebuild them and found some parts on the bay to get them going again. The main issue is a small fiber tooth gear that over the years disintegrates. I think the newer style motors you find on E-bay would be a good option as well, similar in style to the Bosch . If you stick with vacuum I would run a test first to see what kind of vacuum you are getting at the engine and then to the wiper motor, and as was mentioned make sure you have good lines. The vacuum pumps are readily available used and I purchased and installed one on my 67 to boost my vacuum for the brakes. Most hybrid and electric vehicles are using them so readily available at the recycle or e-bay as well but most will require 12volts. Along with the vacuum pump I used a pressure switch and relay so it only runs when needed.
  19. You’re right RobertKB. I jumped in my big Chrysler after that post for a relaxing cruise. On a sunny warm spring evening, with the sun dropping, as you peacefully drive into it, with a great song on the radio, absolutely nothing matters. Nothing.
  20. I have heard from others that diesel fuel is good for that. If all else fails you may need to pull the head. Valves could be stuck, too. That being said, as with a Chrysler I had, no matter what was tried (I even pulled the head AND loosened the crank bearing caps) that engine would NOT turn over-even with a 1" drive breaker bar and a long pipe. I also had a 49 Plymouth that had a locked-up engine. Even when the tranny was in gear and the car was pulled with a truck all that happened was the rear tires dragged. Sometimes they will free up and other times they need to be torn down.
  21. 50/50 mix of acetone and transmission fluid if you haven't tried it yet.
  22. Hello to all, I have been reading for a while. looks like a great group of people. Hope some of can help. My 48 Desoto's engine is stuck rust in one cylinder. what can I use? I have used many types of oils. Next is molasses?
  23. I would be patient and wait for the new synchros and order some Red Line. I ordered my Red Line out of a place in Ontario and had it in three days. You have your gorgeous Chrysler to drive in the meantime. I hear you on EBay’s global shipping. I don’t know why any sellers use it. It is incredibly slow and way more expensive than using the postal service. I used to sell a lot of Mopars related stuff on eBay and always used the postal system. Never had an issue whether insured or not. There are a lot of ebayers who have lost sales to me because of the cost of global shipping. Worst thing eBay ever did. So ends the rant!
  24. Time Left: 29 days and 11 hours

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    Hello All. I am looking for a solid set of 1940 Plymouth, 4 door sedan left and right rear quarter windows. These are the large "pop-out" vent type windows located behind the rear doors. The glass need not be there, but I am looking for solid metal frames as mine are weak in spots from rust. Please reply directly to this add, or, send me a Private Message. Thanks in advance!


    - US

  25. WANTED! 1940 Plymouth 4 door rear quarter windows View Advert Hello All. I am looking for a solid set of 1940 Plymouth, 4 door sedan left and right rear quarter windows. These are the large "pop-out" vent type windows located behind the rear doors. The glass need not be there, but I am looking for solid metal frames as mine are weak in spots from rust. Please reply directly to this add, or, send me a Private Message. Thanks in advance! Advertiser Skrambler Date 05/28/2020 Price Category Individual Member Classified Wanted Ad  
  26. Depends on what you have, some of our rides have removable floors and you can pull the trans out that way., in the case of my 51 Plymouth you can pull the trans from underneath no problem. Now the bell housing is another story.
  27. I didnt get any pictures... but there was a late 30's Plymouth coupe with a Desoto Hemi at the Detroit Autorama this year ... fit like it was factory
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