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  3. go ahead, this area is used to being full of water....
  4. Not cheap by any means. I made my own for the 55 Pontiac but had to buy this set due to the T shaped rubber. https://www.moparmall.com/20-pc-Molded-Body-Mount-Set-for-1938-1948-Plymouth-p/301-048_a.htm
  5. does anyone know how many rubber body mounting rubber pads are used on a 1948 DeSoto business coupe? What is a good source for these?
  6. Andy, I used special Chrysler Miller tool C-608 today to install the new pivot bar and bushings. The tool is used for pushing the upper control arm out 1/16" because you have to torque the bushings on either side to 120 ft. pounds. That's a lot of pressure!!! I'm going to do the same thing to the lower control arm tomorrow, using tool C-594, and try to button it all back up again. I dont' remember what I actually paid for the rebuild kit, but is was something like $10 or $15, but that was back in the 80s. I'm glad I bought most of my parts back then rather than paying the exorbitant prices dealers want now for them. I like the idea that it's OEM Mopar parts and not a Chinese modern knock off.
  7. Bret, was Bobby Bare singing about you or were you the challenger? Inquiring minds. ..
  8. Gotta get a part # off the pedal for the best answer. The 1274170 # fits all B3 trucks F thru Y Including cab overs. Cab overs and R Thru Y trucks most likely use the extra hole. Kinda a universal brake pedal for all Medium to heavy hydraulic brake trucks. Air brake trucks use the treadle style pedal....completely different.
  9. I do not remember seeing this list of stamped #'s before and a few have come up with some other lists did not show. So here goes maybe help someone.
  10. Vin's 49 Plymouth

    49 P15C off frame resoration

    Finally got the paint process started. Windows and putting back the flathead and trans is next. Mods so far are ECI brakes, fatman drop spindles and a few custom body lines.
  11. If your Dodge has the Stromberg BXVES-3 Gyromatic type carb ...fixing the loose throttle side operating lever is a tough fix. That throttle side lever becomes loose and wobbly from the throttle shaft. A cause of erratic idle speed. The lever was originally held tight by swedging the shaft tight to the side lever. A tough repair to make it last. Solder/brazing doesn't seem to last long. That is if this is your problem.
  12. I’m with you, Speaking of Merle, luckily Julie and I saw him in small venue here in Oregon shortly before he died. One memorable moment for me was in the song, “Are the good times really over for good” The line, “wish a Ford and a Chevy would last 10 yrs like the should....” He sang, “wish a Ford and a Chevy would last 10yrs lake a Dodge.....” The crowd erupted!!!!, (or maybe it was just in my row 😊)
  13. Both are hydraulic with boosters
  14. I just won and removed my 1st WDT. Is there any reason I can’t flush the spot where it goes out with water before Installing the new one?? I sure don’t see any obvious reasons. Thanks in advance
  15. If your car was built in Canada, it uses a different engine than USA models and that engine is more akin to Chrysler and Desoto
  16. same part all DPCD 49 through 54
  17. The wheel pattern is common 5 on 4-1/2 which is the same as most Honda's, Nissan's, and many others. I found 2 5mm spacers on eBay for $12 and they fit and work great on the stock wheels which have the rivet bumps between the bolt holes. The wheel bolts that came installed in the ScareBird hubs are plenty long to accommodate the spacers. I can post more pictures of the spacers if needed. The ScareBird kit uses or works with the following user supplied parts: Part Application NAPA Wagner Raybestos Rotor 1993-96 Ford Probe front 4886318 BD125274 96318(R) Caliper, LH 1979-85 Cad. Eldo front SE4680 TQM25048 RC5248 Caliper, RH 1979-85 Cad. Eldo front SE4679 TQM25049 RC5247 Hose (15”)* 1979 Seville front 36845 F98912 BH36845 Hose (17”)* 1979-82 El Dorado front 36959/36960 F98914/98914 BH36959/3696 Brake pads 1983-92 S10 4WD TS7070AM MX154 EHT154 Wheel Seal 1967-69 Camaro Timken, National 8705S SKF, NAPA 17187 Dust cap 1983-2010 Ranger 2WD NAPA 735142 Dorman 618-503 Note: Go with the 17" hoses and pay attention the the orientation of the banjo brake line fitting. It does have an up and down side...
  18. If you don't find one can the old one be welded ?
  19. Coming along now. I'm interested to see it with some more trim but it looks pretty straight in the pictures and your working on it again.👍
  20. That's a good one. The current crop of dime-a-dozen pretty boys got nothin' on him.. IMO people like Bobby Bare, Waylon, Merle, and George have something in common with Danny Whitten. They were real people, and Bobby still is. Doesn't seem like there are many of those left.
  21. I dont need to worry about most of that because I am taking everything out and putting 318 or 340 v8 and transmission and put 12volt
  22. Yay, or nay? I like the idea of safety and performance improvements of disc brake upgrades. I'm just cheap! I keep nursing along my old stock brakes. Keeping them in good working order. Safe as could be, back in the 30's to 50's. Well, I guess I also drive the cars like it's still the 30's to early 50's so I have trouble deciding if an upgrade is worth it.
  23. Holy cow is that a mechanical injection or just throttle bodies with the look? I hope you can make it work!
  24. Looks really good. I was thinking about doing the same but decided against it when the site said it would not work with the stock wheels. I may need to get some details from you on the spacer and your setup.
  25. Where did you get the 12v wiring kit from.
  26. I love those front and back seats what did they cone out of I am trying g to fi d so e after market seats for my 1940 dodge that I am turning into a hot rod
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