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  2. Ok......but I would not hesitate to use the TinyTach on a positive-ground car and would expect it to work the same way it does on a negative-ground vehicle or one with no electrical system. The factory reply is dubious because the tach has no connection to the vehicle's electrical system. Have to wonder if their reply is due to having never tried the tach on a positive ground vehicle and not wanting to make an official endorsement.....but there is bound to be some old positive-ground tractors out there using this tach as an hourmeter..... Whatever........ 😀
  3. Chrysler sold unnumbered engines to large rebuilders like Jasper etc. So you are able to find the displacement by measuring the stroke. This is accomplished by removing the threaded pipe plug over cylinder six. This allows a piece of stiff wire to be inserted into the hole. You can then measure the stroke by hand turning the engine through it's stroke cycle and measuring the movement of the wire from tdc to bdc 4 3/8 = 218, 4 5/8 = 230.
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  5. see attachment plse. greetings from Belgium
  6. -20 =- 5 f. A dry cold, not too bad, add wind, chilly. I fed cattle many times in Wester Nebraska whin I was a teenager.
  7. I'd think that would be highly unusual to find an engine in a road vehicle that is "stock" without an engine number......unless the engine is an ex industrial or agricultural based one thats been swapped into the truck...but I could be completely wrong.....tho the 230 I had was indeed an ex airport tug industrial engine and had no engine number.............andyd
  8. I've heard of a B block 361........and there was a RB 383, never heard of a B block 318....maybe he means a Poly block?
  9. If you're ready to go out and get 49-52 Ford after watching that film, watch this one. Chevrolet trashes Ford in 1952!
  10. I am hoping someone might be able to help with the single seats that were available in the panel trucks. The pic below is from Don Bunn `s book on B series trucks showing a van with single seats. I would like to get hold of some measurements for these seats. They don`t have to be accurate just ballpark is fine. Pictures would be great if anyone has some. I do have an original bench seat for my panel (if I ever finish it) but I am way to old to climb over the bench seat to get into the rear of the van. Common sense says fit more modern buckets but I would like to make something period in looks. thanks Tony
  11. This thread had me watching a few more of these old promo films on the tube. Seems Dodge hit back at Ford a year later with a truck film.
  12. Thanks Rich. I will look for those details in the parts manual.
  13. The Isky guy called tonight. They got the cam and decided they had a better profile than the Max #1. The Chrysler cam has a lot more lift than a Ford Flathead can tolerate so they found a grind that would utilize it. Cams with a lot of lift are a trade off to compression. You can't hog a lot off the head because sooner or later the valves will touch the head. The Chrysler's big advantage is it's long stroke small bore. You get a modern compression ratio with pretty good area around the valve for breathing. Flatheads have notoriously shrouded valves and that is why short stroke big bore overheads prevail now days. The long stroke makes for a slow turning engine but it has great gobs of torque and while horse power sells cars, torque moves weight. I am excited that one more piece is on the way.
  14. https://westslope.craigslist.org/pts/d/paonia-1949-dodge-route-van-project/7016477573.html has added the chassis from Hennepin RestoMods 1949 Route Van Food Truck conversion for spare parts. Video link to Hennepin RestoMods project can be seen at: https://p15-d24.com/topic/51224-49-route-van-food-truck/?tab=comments#comment-543972. Thank you
  15. I'm looking for a 230 crank and rods as I'm about to start on rebuilding my 218 and would like the extra cubes! I've found an engine and trans from a 1949 truck locally. When I asked for the engine#, the owner sent me this picture of the pad where the # usually is. It looks like it has never been machined, looks as cast. Is there any other way to tell if its a 218 or a 230 without having to take off the head or pan. Cheers, Stewart.
  16. If you do the above test , make sure that you ground the sender body .
  17. I have made a DVD of the original filmstrips and the original records for "The One For 41" -"Plymouth VS Ford" and "Commercial" overall, the filmstrip and records make a "movie" a bit over 38 minutes long. A fun watch. Not sure about posting it on YouTube though.
  18. Stock or custom, hard to deny how nice looking of a car they are. Yours is beautiful. Wouldn't hurt my feeling to own that.
  19. That last picture is looking pretty close. Any chance of closer, detail pics a little lower down? Thanks!
  20. Make sure your tank has a good ground. Also you can check the sender by removing it from the tank and with the ignition on move the float throughout its range of motion. The gauge should go from full to empty smoothly. If it works the problem might be the float. Otherwise check the connections on the back of the gauge and continuity of the wire to the sender.
  21. I have had several vintage Chrysler product cars since the mid 1950's,(still own), and am indeed mopar fan.Although I have to agree with forum member, "allbizz49", the 49-51 Ford club coupes do easily lend themselves to customizing for those so inclined, and there has been some really nice examples through the years. While I can appreciate what others have done with their cars,my1950Meteor remains quite original with the Ford flathead V8,etc...
  22. I have a 1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe. The gauges work except for the fuel gauge. I started going through the archives looking for troubleshooting information. Is there a way to search the trouble shooting archive? The gauge sometimes reads empty and sometimes full. Neither is usually correct. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks. Bern
  23. Super stoked my replacement body parts arrived today! Cab is in worse shape than I expected but still better than the cab I had. It barely fit on my 6x12 trailer! Now to find some axles that are not stupid expensive. Who knew a Dana 60 front axle would be almost $1000?
  24. Some work over the weekend. It appears I got lucky and They’re not rubbing on the frame. The Bottom control arms have not been modified to accept the airbag. Its just mocked up to see fitment.
  25. I hope this time around is easier than the last. We may be able to learn from past struggles and any and all advice will be appreciated. A few things that have definitely changed are: POC now allows “modified cars”, and boy do we have ‘em. ok, so only 3 out of four of us have modified cars. California has always been a hot bed for car culture/hot rodding/Lowriders and some of us express ourselves through our cars. Bone Stock Plymouths are definitely still encouraged and accepted. also, we are technically the Southern California region, but we are accepting members all up and down the state. we have been cleared to establish sub regions such as Northern California, central California and San Diego as membership increases and interest grows. we all understand that travel from northern to southern extremes will prove difficult. We have decided that, for now, anyone outside of 30 miles will be able to meet by teleconference or be briefed by the secretary (Tony Garcia “Tones52”) if they cannot attend monthly meetings. once there are enough members in their area, we will discuss the establishment of a sub region. We are all hoping that some of these changes will help us grown and maintain California’s representation in the Plymouth Owner’s Club. -Phillip Alcala President: Plymouth Owner’s Club Southern California.
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