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  2. All I can say is WOW! Your engine must have had some blow by and not the smoothest running old flathead. It was high mileage engine and worn out...fatigue failure. These flatheads can run without failures even longer than 80,000 miles but that depends on how good the maintenance was and how hard it was driven over the years. It's common to see ring land failure/ and broken rings at higher mileage. That probably caused the broken skirt as pieces of the ring and or top ring land jammed the piston in the cylinder. Be sure that cylinder is not scored or out of round. MAX taper top to bottom of about .010 on an old flathead. Modern cars no way.
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  4. Hi all, so my 50 Dodge fractured #4 piston and so I pulled the head and pan and pushed out all 6 pistons. There is no scoring on the cylinders and the oil pressure has always been 45 to 50 psi at anything above idle and the rod bearings looked dark but no scuffing. So what are the opinions here on me buying new pistons and rings, honing the cylinders and with new rod bearings, reassembling everything? The engine has 80,000 miles. Iā€™m not sure what fractured the piston, I think a ring broke as it was gone and some pieces are stuck to the piston. What would break a ring? Age? Is it advisable to replace valves or springs? Lap them? thanks, Pics attached
  5. I removed the upper and lower control arms today. Thanks Andy for helping me from Down Under! I made four short videos of my work.
  6. An old school used car salesman said: 1) wipe it down with acetone, 2) clean it with a DA sander and 320 grit but do not be aggressive, 3) wet sand down to the original paint starting with 320, the then 400, then maybe 600. I never used 600. Finally I gave it four coats of satin clear coat. All the above and a lot of elbo grease. Then my shop burned to the ground, early one Sunday morning with the truck inside. Then it looked like this! So back to work now it looks like below photos.
  7. QuadCab brakes seem to be working OK but the ABS warning light still appears to come on at random times. The brake fluid on the proportioning valve rubber cap doesn't seem to get larger than the tip of a fat ballpoint pen, and instead of looking wet, it just looks like a witness mark. This tells me that whatever part that is sticking enough to cause a pressure spike isn't sticking for very long, and much less than 3 months ago, and that's a good thing...I've been stewing on this for weeks, and tried something new a few weeks ago. In order to wear in the rear calipers a little faster, I have started to jam on the brakes whenever I am going in reverse on dry pavement...can't do that effectively on the gravel surfaces on most of the roads I drive on though...this seems to keep the ABS warning light off for a few days of driving around on loose surfaces...onward and upwards
  8. I would mark the shackle with some chalk, take it apart and hold it out the correct distance from the spring so the bushing seats all the way. I guess the older trucks don't have a dust cover on the shackle and that may be why it is more difficult to install.
  9. I had some custom U bolts made up at a local truck/RV shop. They won't be forged as the OE bolts though.
  10. I could use a couple new shirts, my dogs are like my children and off topic. I feed my dogs the same food I eat, I just fix a lil extra for them .... I then feed them ice cream 3 or 4 nights a week to be certain they are to fat to get out of the fenced yard. I know I am cruel, they never turn down ice cream. .... Ice cream for all!
  11. as sniper said .020
  12. Look around I would think new ones are available. I found these with a quick search https://www.brotherstrucks.com/1947-54-CHEVY_GMC-TRUCK-LEAF-SPRING-U-BOLTS-ALL-1_2-TON/productinfo/UBOLTL1/
  13. That's amazing. My wife and I are still debating how we want to finish our truck, she prefers the look of yours. What did you do to go from pic 1 to the finished look?
  14. I get ads for dog toys, Hawaiian shirts, and industrial saws and sanders. 4 years on social security and google doesn't know yet.
  15. Exactly why this thread was created .... like it or not dogs cant control this thread.
  16. "I'm thankful for filler, sandpaper and paint. It makes me the welder I ain't"
  17. ...Always beware when asking for an opinion...How about this, (borrowed image from Nickpick), "Mad Max Furry Road" šŸ˜‰
  18. On my 38, I went with 12 volts. Generator, distributor, and starter 12 volt from a 1956 Dodge. Used a ceramic type 12 to 6 volt reducer for the heater and fuel gauge. Other stock gauges are mechanical. Battery in the trunk.
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  20. Little teaser of what's to come... it will take a while to get the rest of the goodies and such.
  21. When I had the 41 Plymouth I used a small aftermarket Tach that came with a chromed housing, it was about 2.5" diameter and I mounted it as shown on the dash top, looked neat IMHO..........tho' obviously didn't match the stock gauges.......andyd.
  22. Another post, on the big old inter-web!...Featuring my Windsor again. LOL 2 days in a row. My Windsor is infamous. šŸ™„ Someone posted this pic to promote their car show and cruise.
  23. No....you probably won't find anyone here that knows that.......... šŸ¤£
  24. My truck looked like yours, under that oxidation I found this! I got a ton of compliments.
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