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Why own a Series P15 or D24? (or any flathead mopar!)

If you are looking to get started in owning and restoring old cars you have literally thousand of choices. However the hobby has gone through cycles where it became a speculative business venture driving prices so high ownership was outside the range of the average collector. With the recent recession some affordability has returned. The postwar vintage flathead mopars have always had lots to offer and now are even more affordable.  They include features found on more "modern" cars including synchronized transmissions, four wheel hydraulic brakes, reliable electrical systems and body styles that still make people turn and look. These features translate into a car that is safe, easy to repair and fun to drive. Reliability is high so you can use them as a daily driver. Mechanical parts are readily available, and trim parts can be found with some digging. Don’t think they are totally immune to high prices. Just check Hemmings for the asking price for a Dodge convertible or Plymouth woody. However, you can pickup a sedan or coupe usually in the $1,000 - $2,000 dollar range and get started in a great hobby. If you are anticipating selling your car for a big profit after fixing it up, you are considering the wrong series of cars. With the exception of convertible or woody, these rarely draw $10,000 in mint condition. So why do people own them? Because they are fun to drive and fun to work on.

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