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  2. Greg.......I assume you mean this setup..........here in Oz the 23" engine used at least 3 different exhaust manifolds.........each had a different located outlet.......stock 41 Plymouth had the outlet between cylinder 5 & 6....so I obtained one with the outlet between cylinders 2 & 3 and another with the outlet between cylinders 5 & 6 and cut the heat box etc off each and then had the local blacksmith weld up the ends , by doing this I was assured that the outlets would clear the RHD steering box which would live between the fuel pump and oil pump.....the exhaust pipe that is shown is angled back at that angle to clear the steering box.........I would have used Fenton style cast headers BUT the front set would not clear the steering box and the rear set would have been hit by the clutch pedal follow through...........as I live in a sub tropical area I felt that the heat box would not have been needed.........if it turned out that it was needed then I was going to make a water heated plate to bolt onto the bottom of the intake.........but I ended up selling the 41 Plymouth this was to go into and also sold this engine.........sometimes you(me) do stupid things......lol...............andyd
  3. Kruzer.........have you tried dealing with CP?...........I was interested in getting an air gap poly intake but was given 3 different prices so I baulked at doing business with them..........have you had better success?...........andyd
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  5. getting smoother. I found that the rod that goes to the pedal had a tendency of Rotating just a bit but enough that it would bind up in the holes that it went through. In addition, the end by the pedal had no clip and was able to just fall out. I drilled a hole for a cotter pin and used some washers. Doing that made it safer and got rid of binding. Also, I’ve decided to use the higher hole on the lever that rotates at the carbs (thinking that the higher leverage would be a benefit as well as keeping the rod off the lip of the air cleaner. Finally, I shortened the short rod that runs parallel to the head (just before the rotator) which raised the pedal a bit. Waiting for a new linkage rod to come in the mail before this is hopefully 100% ..... but to answer your question: I don’t feel a difference with or without the return spring. But as I said, it is getting smother and a bit less stiff
  6. A master cylinder like this. What size bore should I use?
  7. Hello Andydodge! Nice to hear from you. Saw the pictures you sent. That Poly LOOKS GREAT with those valve covers. That's why I am looking for some. Thanks for the pictures. CP magazine is still being printed. I have a 2 year subscription and have about a year left. When I get my project to where it's worth looking at I'll send you some pictures. I'm doing it as a mild '60's custom. Until then have a good day.
  8. Lately I've been giving some thought about mounting a Corvette Master Cylinder behind the original master cylinder like Robert Horne and others. Additionaly adding a remote fill and the all of the necessary valves.
  9. That video is very well done. I enjoyed it. He sure put a ton of time and effort into that 1 horn.
  10. I have a 2 bay garage. I have 2 vintage Mopars. We all know that we often need a spare empty bay just to lay out stuff when working...So I am done unless I sell a car. Just one late bid? I am not prepared to let either of my old Mopars go! LOL.
  11. Tell us about the way the exhaust manifold was done. Did you do it or did you pick it up done? What goes on inside the heat riser chamber?
  12. Well good news, it's a dual bolt pattern flywheel. Bad news, it's already on the big pattern. Not sure what size it is until I pull it.
  13. I have been known to put the Texas Rangers on the garage TV while I am working on my cars. I don;t really watch it, just listen to it. takes me back to the days of my youth listening to Harry Caray shouting "Holy Cow" when the Sox or the Cubbies did something worthwhile. For sound in the Plymouth I added a couple of speaker to the rear shelf below the package tray and a bluetooth amp to drive them. I use the old wiper switch on the dash to turn the amp on/off. Unless you open the trunk no one can see anything. And when Zeppelin is blasting no one suspects the old car of rocking.
  14. Thanks for rotating that. I grew up in Sacramento and my dad’s territory was everything north of Bakersfield to southern Oregon and a lot of Nevada. Yes, I was used to seeing exhaust pipes and hanging mufflers on the walls. Fan belts and hoses. Counter with a knowledgeable guy/s behind it who always knew my dad’s name. They talked shop. Then there were the shelves of stuff going into the back and many times the machine shop was back there. And don’t forget the parts catalogs. Their bibles. I kept some of them as a momento. My dad was always on the lookout for old dodge parts and he found them way in the back. He always had a station wagon loaded down with product. He also represented Belden and Whitaker wire before they changed. It is a time no more but good memory.
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  16. Ain't nothing at all wrong with my Pertronix conversion. I have been running the 6V positive ground unit in my truck for going on 5 years. It is a daily driver that lives outdoors so it has been more than adequately proven. Extremely simple and reliable....... Jeff
  17. Bob Uecker on the radio? That must be a hoot and a half...Astro radio has been so-so for years, Ranger broadcasts get really interesting when they are getting clobbered cuz it turns into story time and joke contests...same goes for Cowboy games, especially preseason...what AM stations remain hereabouts are sports talk, dittoheads, tribbleheads, Tejano, and the holy roller channel...FM has 2 old country western stations that fade out on windy days, a so-so rock station, and alotta trash...as much as I'd like to fix up one of the tube radios on the shelf, I'd rather just clean up the exterior and get some FM board with an aux.port to hook up to the mp3 player on my phone so I can enjoy my cruise with less static
  18. This one is... Follow my Green Bay Packers closely. Also a big baseball fan, especially the Milwaukee Brewers. But then again, I'm a truck guy, not a car guy. 😉😂
  19. Since you will be going to 12v there are a number of options available including Pertronix, Mopar, GM HEI, Langdons Mini-HEI, and Ford TFI. Non of them are plug and play except for Langdons Mini-HEI. Pertronix requires modifications to the distributor. The Mopar and GM HEI require modifying an electronic ignition slant six distributor with some parts from a flathead distributor. The Ford TFI can be triggered from the flathead points distributor. If going with the Ford TFI, be sure to get a later model remote mounted module (1992 F150 4.9L are good donors). The first generation distributor mounted TFI modules had reliability issues and were subject of a class action lawsuit, but the remote mounted units seem to be quite reliable. With any electronic ignition conversion be sure to use resistor plug wires and plugs. I would also use the matching coil with any of these conversions. The OEM based conversions are reliable and parts availability is good. If you use an OEM based conversion, Mopar, GM-HEI and Ford-TFI modules are available at any parts store in the US. You may have some trouble finding a Pertronix module on a Saturday road trip. http://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/mopar-flathead-6-distributor-upgrade-48-desoto.653565/ http://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/tfi-using-points-how-to.374699/ http://www.langdonsstovebolt.com/store/#!/Stovebolt-Mopar-Mini-HEI/p/1222043/category=18665979 I hope you find this useful. Good luck with your project, Scott.
  20. hey, no doubt am frq programming sucks. Im lucky to live around a large metro that has am stuff. Its nice to listen to a ballgame. thats about all thats out there for sure. Like LC sez theres some stuff out there, but not much, (chick talk, ligion,) I just want my stock stuff to work, before I get all tech'd out. Anytime I can fix sumpin myself iz cool
  21. I have a set of Edelbrock finned covers on my 318 poly, have had them since the mid 70's, engine has been in the 40 dodge since 1973, Wieand 7503 single 4 intake, 600 Holley, Twin point Mallory, mild cam and balanced......back in the 70's I ran a factory 1957/58 twin 4 cast iron intake with the WCFB's then installed a pair of Offy adaptors and ran a pair of 600 Holleys as a cross ram, big cam etc..........lol then installed the single 4 intake and its had that since, the pic with the finned aircleaner is its current appearance ..................Alan and Craig Fountain have made alloy finned rocker covers here in Oz for maybe 10 years....I was aware of the CP ones but didn't know that they were supposedly made by the Fountains........I'll see if I can find a phone number for the Fountains.........Kruzer.... is Chrysler Power magazine still published?.it stopped being available here in Oz about 12 months ago..............Andy Douglas
  22. A little PDR and that fender will bump right out! That's the downside of driving our hobby cars as our everyday cars, some clown runs a stop sign and we have to put the pieces back together because we can't get good insurance coverage for the cars we drive, only those we don't. At least it looks like you can get some reproduction parts for the Ranchero, that looks like a new core support. Glad to see the Ranchero is not down for the count.
  23. I am really looking forward to fixing mine. My other truck and wifes car both have new stereos/cd players, and they are tuned to the local am radio station. It may sound strange in 2020, but living in a small town there is no local fm station, closest one is over 60 miles away. And am lucky they play decent country western, a mix from the 50's to modern ... I get to hear the local police reports, who got drunk last night .... local sales, news reports .... My fm stereo has been on am station for the past 2+ years.
  24. I wish that I'd added FM when I had mine done. The only AM stations around me are strictly sports talk. Can't listen to it.
  25. I replaced all the capacitors and tubes in my stock 1953 radio. Some out of spec resistors too., Now it works fine and I get the one AM station that is left around here. I work M-F so I tend to get out cruising on Sat and Sunday. Saturday the station plays paid infomercials all day. I get hours of why I should buy little blue pills or rogaine. No thanks. Sunday morning it broadcasts church praise services. Sunday afternoon is football or hockey games. Nothing there interests me. What old car owner, who looks after, maintains or restores his own cars is into professional sports? Not many. So yes, it is cool that I fixed my old AM radio. Was it a good use of my time and money? That's questionable. My next car is getting a Blue-tooth sound board. $10/month for Spotify gets me virtually every song over the past 100 years. Great set lists. Music that I want to hear when I am out cruising.
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