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  2. you sure know how to pick out some ugly trucks...….
  3. 1931 Ford Model A Truck On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1931-Ford-Model-A-Truck/164227535170?
  4. Sorry about the stupid questions, have done some research and answered a few of them myself. Sooo, you can obviously check the valve clearances without removing the intake and or exhaust manifolds as they should be set hot, I'm going to check them cold and aim for I/E of 10/13 thou to get her started and then dial it in once the engine is hot (8/10 i believe), does that sound about right? It didn't have a battery and I'm having trouble finding a 6v starter battery so it looks like I'll need to wait until Tuesday (Monday is one of our queens many Birthdays, why we don't send her packing and become a republic is beyond me)
  5. Can you replace the body mounts by just unscrewing the bolts and nuts and jacking the car body up a couple inches? I heard the open cars don't have rubber body mount because of the extra flexing of a convertible body.
  6. I ran into a problem when I installed the pivot bars in the control arms. The manual said to torque the Upper control arm bushings to 120 foot pounds. I did that with much effort, but then the pivot bar would not rotate. So I had to back off the bushings until there was some play. Then I assembled the lower control arm and tried to torque the bushings to 160 ft. lbs. I could only get to 130 ft. lbs though.
  7. I have used GM intermediate calipers on many different T Buckets and Rat Rods builds in the past and never had any problems.
  8. Awesome! Looking good. Keep us updated 👍
  9. Good work. How was your first drive? Did you learn about a few new things that may need to be addressed?
  10. Those calipers are known as GM metric calipers, lots of aftermarket versions in various bore sizes, not to mention a plethora of pad choices too.
  11. Received the enameled Dodge Brothers emblem from Karla Maxwell today. Looks to be an excellent restoration. Please contact me if you need her contact information. Thank you.
  12. I used the Ford Probe rotors and the Cadillac calipers. The pads are the S10 ones and since the pads fit perfect, the two calipers must be almost identical.
  13. So far I'm using the stock (rebuilt it about 2 weeks ago) and so far all seems OK after bleeding everything. I put new lines everywhere and new rear slave cylinders. I have plenty of pedal pressure, but once I get on the road, I'll have a better idea. If I need to change, I think i'll go with passing a rod thur the old one to push the new master cylinder mounted behind it.
  14. That's probably the difference. My pads are for a S10 but my calipers are the Cadillac ones.
  15. looked like it was spiraling in a nose dive....I see you have one original bullseye headlight...hard to see if the right one is a bullseye
  16. Hey forum friends. After several weeks of works, lots a new parts, and some advice from you all I got my 54 Dodge Meadowbrook out of the garage and on the road today. First time the car has been driven in many years.
  17. Yup... it is a brand new Hilborn unit. Sold back in 2002 or so the Hot Heads and never converted to EFI or used.
  18. 1951 Cranbrook 218cid Been noticing a coolant smell on startup, especially after sitting for awhile, along with my radiator not staying full (below the core instead of just above) and temp running a little hotter than I would like. Plan on taking the head off this winter and see what I find. Noticed 2 types of gaskets are available - Fel-Pro "copper faced" and Mahle "composite". Any preferences on which one to get? When the engine was rebuilt it was a Fel-Pro gasket set so I guessing a "copper" one was put in then.
  19. I used 1990 S10 calipers and Probe rotors, and I'm using the original master cylinder with the washer removed from the residual valve.
  20. this is where the lathe reigns king....else, you in for a slow PITA job.....
  21. What rotors did you use? Are your S10 calipers 1990? For the 1946-54 Dodge and Plymouth Scarebird site used Ford Probe rotors and 1990 S10 calipers.
  22. Yesterday
  23. Thanks Sam! Next is lake pipes! Then underdash ac
  24. I definitely appreciate the information as I start to plan this out in my head. By the way ... did you all go with the stock master cylinder or did you all use an aftermarket?
  25. I didn't need spacers and I used the same wheel I got with car in 1968 so I assume they are original. I think the difference is that I bought mine from someone who decided to go with the the whole ECI setup. My calipers were S10 FWD no issues and I just did them in April.
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