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  2. I talked with Pete. When I sent him this picture, I said that I should have used 3500rpm. He said to send it back and he'd change it. I did. He changed it to a 2CT33-6v. I also bought a 2C4-3 vacuum gauge and two 186-6v light kit's for the gauges. I used 3/8" head, flange bolts on the reinstall with chrome caps.
  3. that is not a 42 but a 46-48 P15 note the front parking light and no lower valance
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  5. Howdy! I’ve been posting on the truck side here for a bit but I always loved old cars. I am going to look at a 1942 4 door plymouth deluxe next weekend and I don’t know a lot about them. I had a ‘54 C-series 3/4 ton with a 230 & 3 on the tree and I’m a decent mechanic but I never messed with one of these cars. I can swap in driveline parts if need be and even do a front clip or whatever but I would really like to just maintain the car and drive it. The body and interior look really straight and nice with (original?!) black or dark blue paint and the stock gut, nice chrome. A really nice car. Are there any dealbreakers with these? Parts that go bad and are unobtainable? I don’t even know it they are IFS or straight axle. Any gotchas to look for? He’s got it valued at 7k which seems cheap for a car with great paint and body but it is a 4 door so I dunno... I am hungry for ANY info- good, bad, whatever you all know or have to warn me about or brag about. Thanks! radar
  6. Thanks for the offer on picking up the seats but as much as would like to one day visit the US for the moment I cannot see me making the 24,000 mile round trip. That tool box looks very interesting. Was that standard on the panels over there or may be one of the special additions that were available. The Dodge trucks that were supplied to the Post Office here had some special mods like under floor tool boxes though done differently. Any pics and measurements you can supply would be greatly appreciated. Tony
  7. Backfiring: Check the timing. maybe your distributor is loose. If you rebuilt your engine perhaps you didn't get the hold down plate tight. Shifting: Check for 1" of free play in the pedal. Little adjustments are to be expected after a clutch install. Best of luck.
  8. Beautiful job!! Bet the Chrysler corp. wished they looked that good when new. We're gonna guess the middle few pics were before photos.
  9. I pulled the Bellhousing off of a 1938 Dodge RC 218 engine, 25 inch block. The bellhousing is different on the transmission side They gave more room for the clutch plate. I Took some pictures , will try and post them later. You are probably right about the flywheels though too. The one that I had in the 36 I had replaced a while back. The one that came out of the truck was thicker on the block side . I'll have to measure them tomorrow. Anyway I should be ok now with the 218 bellhousing having more room inside at the top.
  10. Thank you! If you could post a picture since you already exposed, it would be great. If not, no big deal the measurements are great. Thanks again, Josh
  11. Go ahead and flex those muscles. I think you're safe, anyway.. Unless someone is already in West Texas it takes a week to get there!! And that's starting from Dallas!🙂
  12. @dpolloyou made me smile. You know very well, as I do indeed need some type of clip. All appear gone from the one removed panel. I found one clip down inside the bottom of the door. Shown on its side side here. Does this look like what would have held the panel on originally? I’ll be in touch when we get to that stage.
  13. keith, if you need the clips that hold the panel to the door , contact me via email
  14. There are only two parts that make this confusing; the crank and the flywheel. The little 23" 201-208-218 crank flange does not extend as far from the face of the block as the rest of the engines; 1" vs 1.185" The flywheel for these cranks will then have a deeper offset to compensate because the bellhousings were not changed and the starter still needed to engage. These flywheels will generally have only 4-bolts. The easy way out for you is to use a 230-style flywheel.
  15. he is still a young man. I can’t remember 1962, maybe because I was married in 1961! A significant change in one life temporarily short circuits the memory! LOL yet wasn’t bad at all, still married to that young lady.
  16. Great story, tgank you for sharing.
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  18. Don,Too bad that you had the mechanical problem and missed out on the new BSA Rocket 3, but anyhow you had the opportunity to participate and also to meet Burt Munro...good memories to have! 🙂
  19. Thank you, Merle. Can I assume that the page is from a parts manual that is prior to 1954 models?
  20. Seeing stop lights isn’t too much of an issue, but it does hinder the field of view if I pull too far forward. I need to try using a stop light viewing prism.
  21. I have a set I took out . I'll take some pics with a tape measure. If your driving by the state of Rhode Island stop by and take them . The passenger seat has hinges on the front mounts. If you tilt the seat forward there is a tool box under the floor with an access panel.
  22. Got a bunch done today. Hood is on, set the pinion angle on the rearend and welded the spring pads on, and replace a broken spring mount on the frame. Rearend back in tomorrow and start plumbing all the brakes.
  23. I’m sorry, but I bought the car with the visor already attached. I do think they are rivets.
  24. tjlarson88- How well can you see stop lights went stopped at one? Yours looks great in the pictures and it appears that mounted that far down that seeing the lights could be a issue? DJ
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