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  2. Go to the police station and show them the video. I'd bet they already know him.
  3. Is anyone else going to this event in a few weeks? Would love to meet some new people. If you see my wife's bug or my 53 stop and say hi! P s. The 53 was lowered over the weekend and I love it!
  4. I recently did the Slant Six Electronic Dissy conversion. It is in the car and working great.
  5. When a manual specifies to re-torque head bolts after getting the engine up to operating temperature I always torque them hot. Everything is warm and expanded, so this is the time to re-torque to get everything tight again.
  6. Well, I did it. It is in the car and running great. https://postimg.cc/gallery/14dGt9m
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  8. 1941 Ford 1/2 ton Pickup Truck On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1941-Ford-Other-Pickups/143619609326?
  9. And I would call Animal Control regarding the dog.
  10. get out the calipers....it is just that simple....
  11. this is good and being totally proactive.....and most I bet just sat on the couch and did the armchair sport cheers....I worked on the barn myself......
  12. Used to have neighbors like that. We are in a small town north of Chicago in a residential area near a school. he used to take his drag car out on the street in front of the school and "test" it for acceleration. Took several calls to the local constabulary but one day he was just a bit to slow in putting the car away. Last time for that. They moved away shortly after and the house has been empty ever since(30 years or so). So no, you are not a grumpy old man. Just one who believes everything has its time and place.
  13. worse part of that thing is it is a mobile eyesore for far too many folks to have to see and try to forget......
  14. in a manner of speaking I see this young kids days are numbered.....in his carelessness or numbered as a count down till he is out of jail....he has bars in front of his face he has not yet seen...Karma will win out I assure you....hopefully before your patience runs out....had a similar type in this sleepy little town....his little bee-in-a-box ricer got repossessed. Been nice and quiet again.....we can go an entire afternoon at times with no traffic and it is so calm and peaceful sitting by the firepit on the patio where the train is the only thing that defines the quiet.
  15. I am not that far from Pontiac, IL. One day I will have to see that.
  16. OMG, Thanks for posting this! I haven't been on this forum for a few years and I just happened to log in and start skimming the posts. When I saw this I went out and checked my jack stands and sent the article to my son. Mine were fine but his were among the recalls. He told me he almost got under those jack stands today! Thank you big time!
  17. I like the plan to remove wheel, and remove fender window. Remove valve covers. Have a friend crank then engine and watch the valves. Would spraying lubricant in there help? Maybe work a few valves and springs with a screwdriver? Get ‘em moving again?
  18. Been dealing with a neighbor for some time ... putting up with it. He is a young kid, the type that puts his dog on a chain in the back of the truck bed and parks in the sun ... when the dog jumps out and chokes itself on the short chain ... 3 different neighbors ran out to save the dog. Then again, while he has a fenced backyard, he lets the dog run free ... The dog comes over to the other neighbors house and drags garbage all over the hood. The guy is a menace in the grocery store, puts his young boy in the shopping cart and runs full speed up and down the meat isle. Making var000m var000m noises. Boy just does not have the brains he was born with, imho. I just been avoiding him after he tried to hang his dog. Now he has possession of a truck that belongs on a dragstrip ... am I just a grumpy old man that does not like hotrods? Here is a mild video of what he did today, yesterday he tried to see how big of a burnout could do, came out with a tape measure this morning to measure the black marks his Hoosier slicks left on the road. ... truck been quiet for awhile, as I write this is getting dusk and he fired it back up again. And again it sounds like a drag strip in front of my house. Am I just a grumpy old man? or should I embrace this kid for being a hot rodder? open it up for opinions
  19. Many methods, i have heel bars i sneak in and pry it out. Or turn a screw into the steel part and use a claw hammer, or a nail puller of sorts. If screw is close to edge can lever it out with side cutters. some just have to be collapsed to get out.
  20. I should have looked up the definition for the term "grunt work" before I used it. Here's what I found: (idiomatic) Work (especially that which is heavy, repetitive or mindless) that is considered undesirable and therefore delegated to underlings I was only thinking of the idea of 'heavy work'. I don't consider mechanic work to be 'undesirable', or 'boring', but I wouldn't exactly be tickled to need to do over what I already did before. (I already will need to redo the electrical wiring - I had repaired frayed wires back in 80 or 81, using wire we stripped out of a car my brother scrapped. But now it is all brittle, so will be doing a complete job on that, which was unexpected & unplanned.) Yes, I'm 64, will be 65 later this year. I just got my car moved across the country now almost 2 years ago, and I have it stored inside, but still have no shop area to work on it more than very basic things, and don't have the tools needed to proceed. (As I said before, when I started on it back in 1980, I had the benefit of not only my Dad's tools, expertise, and help, but the comaraderie of my younger brother, who was working on his 49 DeSoto in the space beside my 46. None of my close friends here are into this sort of thing, so I'm on my own. My wife & I lived overseas as missionaries for many years, so the car sat in storage all of these years, and you also don't get rich doing volunteer ministry work. So what ever I do, it has to be very low budget. Not trying to create sympathy, just explaining where I'm at. I'm going to let this go now. I had no intention of offending anyone, and still don't understand what I said that was offensive.)
  21. I guess I should ask. What is the easiest way to pop that seal out? Can't really get to much in to the hole.
  22. Does outside diameter look correct? The pinion fits relatively snug into new seal i take it? i would pop seal and compare od to old one. i do know these old rigs are a challenge for parts, like hoses, wheel and pinion seals. Even front wheel bearings and dust caps arent easy to find (cheap). Norm over at mid-canada suspension is very knowledgeable. Has some nos parts too.
  23. I went to look at it today. It is a 51. It looks to be missing most of the trim pieces and what i did see looks pitted. The owner said it had a new engine put in 1960 and was parked in 1962. The car is in an overgrown area and I couldn't see what was stamped on the block. Im pondering if it is worth taking a chance on the engine not being stuck and buying it.
  24. So I am wondering. The parts book says the pinion seal is #1271105. I was looking at rock auto and punched the numbers in and it came back with SKF 18924. So I bought one. Kind of looks different as I know a lot has happened in past 65 years. I know that the pinion flange fit through the hole. Is it just different because one is leather and other is rubber. Think it was hide/leather and thicker or is it the wrong one?
  25. The hood release inside the cabin is a nice touch on my '48, but I've often wondered how in the world would I release the hood if something broke in the release cable. The front of the car is pretty much assembled from the inside out and releasing a captive hood, though no doubt possible, would be a major aggravation. I decided a belt and suspenders approach could alleviate this unfortunate scenario. Here is a little shop project that won't take more than an hour but could prevent many hours of frustrations. All we need is an emergency hood release. The release is a short length of flex cable, a handle made out of a piece of tubing and a bug nut. The cable has a Z-bend on one end which fits in a small hole drilled in the hood release latch. The other end of the cable goes through the inner left front fender: Here is the release handle inside the inner fender, completely out of the way until it needs to save the day: The release works flawlessly.....and a kidnapped hood latch will no longer be on my "Awwwh SHOOT!" list. 😄
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