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A club for those BC, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and Oregon webbed foot mopar owners
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  2. Well, I’m in middle of finishing a ‘56 Bel Air and came across a deal I couldn’t refuse. I’ve been looking forward to a “pre-war” project and I think I found a perfect one for me. I’ve already got some good info from the main forum and figured I’d try to connect with some PNW folks. 1941 Dodge 3-window Coupe. Needs rockers, rear splash shield(?), running boards, probably some floor pan, and one rust hole on rear passenger side, replaced/fixed. All of it needs attention but those are the first things I think I’ll tackle. Gonna see about keeping it powered with the flathead. I’m definitely bagging it and adding disc brakes but will still keep it somewhat original looking. It already has great lines.
  3. Cool truck Glen! I like the shot next to the bay, thanks for posting
  4. Anyone planning on making the trip this year to the Lodi BBQ?
  5. Ok who ever has their campfire still going, please put it out I can smell the smoke here in beavercreek! Just kidding around, hope y'all are not on fire! They said on the news the other night Seattles air quality was worse than Beijing! (For that particular day) Here is hoping to a short fire season!
  6. We are getting ready for the April BBQ in California anyone else plan on going? Only 2 months away...
  7. looking forward to the spring and summer season. anyone have a favorite event or destination in your area, you look forward to every year?
  8. JC, did you have Mac's do it? if so, how did it turn out? I was calling around to have my heater core looked at, I think I might try Superior radiator in Oregon City..... partially because I work in OC
  9. until
    if you plan on going, post it, I'd hang out or grab a burger if you want http://portlandswapmeet.com/
  10. stealing the topic from another club, what do you guys do here in the PNW to prep your vehicles for winter? I have one in the shop, one under a car port and I squeezed one in the "barn" end of my shop my "HH" sits outside with black plastic over the windshield and hood.
  11. I didn't even know they offered that service. I talked to them years ago about replacing the "honey cone" core with the same, for my truck. It wasn't cost effective for me at the time.
  12. Has anyone used Mac's for a gas tank clean and rehab? I talked to them yesterday. For $200-275 they cut it open, bead blast inside and out, weld it back up, and coat the inside with some sort of liner.
  13. I have one on the C body forum: https://www.forcbodiesonly.com/mopar-forum/threads/convertible-fury-1970.24740/
  14. Gotcha, when I worked at Minit-lube / Q-lube, we were introduced the "slick 50" products. We were supposed to sell (push) those products. I am a little leery of the "magic cure". maybe if I try it, I'll put it in the Ram
  15. Still a MoPAR how is that project coming? Start a build thread on it.
  16. Thanks for the invitation. I have not been very active lately on p15-d24 because I've been focusing on a newer Plymouth.
  17. It's been around for quite awhile. It does work to help keep the temp down a bit. Search the H.A.M.B for more on it. Lower percentage of antifreeze to water helps lower the coolant temp too. Critical to be sure no corrosion starts in the cooling system if you don't have the proper ant-rust additives.
  18. If you haven't already, consider putting yourself on the "member map". show the folks where the PNW is located.....
  19. I was at a car show this summer, put on by the "Cascade Pacific Plymouth Club" and one of the members was trying to introduce me to " https://www.evanscoolant.com/ " has anyone heard of or used this product? any thoughts?
  20. Thanks for joining! Not sure what will become of our club but, I am sure we will have a good time!

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