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A club for those who are keeping their truck original, stock, with minor or no modifications from factory.
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  2. Added Five Ads https://p15-d24.com/files/file/162-ad-lets-talk-turkey-1947/ https://p15-d24.com/files/file/163-ad-new-ease-of-handling-1948/ https://p15-d24.com/files/file/164-new-trucks-really-new-1948/ https://p15-d24.com/files/file/165-only-dodge-gives-so-much-1948/ https://p15-d24.com/files/file/166-shotgun-or-rifle-1947/
  3. Added four more, The Job-Rater, For Truck Users - Published Bi-Monthly by Dodge, Distributed through Dodge dealers More to come! https://p15-d24.com/files/file/158-the-job-rater-for-truck-users-volume-2-number-1/ https://p15-d24.com/files/file/159-the-job-rater-for-truck-users-volume-2-number-2/ https://p15-d24.com/files/file/160-the-job-rater-for-truck-users-volume-3-number-3/ https://p15-d24.com/files/file/161-the-job-rater-for-truck-users-volume-4-number-4/
  4. Just to let you know I added some brochures to the download area Finally got the large scanner at work up and running, been sitting for months. I could not get them to upload into the Purist download area, so links are provided. Will keep trying! 18,642 KB https://p15-d24.com/files/file/153-new-pickups-fit-the-job-save-money-last-longer/ 31,218 KB 19,976 KB https://p15-d24.com/files/file/154-new-job-rated-trucks-years-ahead-in-design/ https://p15-d24.com/files/file/155-features-of-the-most-advanced-trucks-ever-designed-new-dodge-job-rated-trucks/
  5. Like a decal? That’s worth looking into.... original one looks like it’s etched. after I posted this, I contacted https://www.nostalgicreflections.com/auto4a.html For a “budget estimate” they offered one at $295. (Plus shipping) and then contacted me 5 months later to tell me it was done. I reminded him, it was only a “budget estimate”..... 😳
  6. If the shift tag is only painted, then you could contact a gauge face restoration outfit and see if they can do their magic...
  7. Anyone know of a company to restore my glove box "shift tag" instructions for one of my trucks?
  8. My old blue 52 truck which was lovingly restored in honour of the original owner Ernest … and appropriately named 'Ernie' by old Ernest himself. Sadly he passed away late June 2017 at the age of 100 years. Restoration time: 5 years Restoration completed : September 2011 Cost: Bordering on crazy... but well worth every dollar spent just to see the smile on old Ernest's face when we were cruising down the highway together!
  9. Oh yeah, forgot to add it to my list. Picked up a couple from Mitchells years ago.
  10. All of the 6v fuel senders I have were worn. I ended up using a 12v tank (has different sender & fitting to 6v) in the 6v 52 truck and had a 12v sender modified to suit. My gauge fella reckoned it was a pain as the sender internals at the top of the arm worked in the opposite direction, so he hand-made a small brass cog to suit. I installed a later model plastic float and have set the arm to read empty with an inch of fuel left in the tank.
  11. I haven’t changed too much from stock on my 52 DeSoto truck or my 53 Dodge coupe truck... but I did chop the internal section of the oil bath air filter/s to convert ithem to a stainless steel cage which is covered by an oil-soaked sock. I have changed out the diff centre (from 4.1 to 3.54) in my 53 coupe truck but am yet to do the same with my 52 truck.
  12. Our trucks are a little different here in Oz. My Canadian built (but Australian assembled) 52 DeSoto 1/2 ton truck has the internal rear vision mirror, passenger side door mirror, steering wheel horn ring, electric wiper, 802 radio, & under-dash ash tray. I pieced together my own set of 6v dual horns working from factory specifications... and I’m actually piecing together another 12v set for my 53 Dodge coupe truck at present (I have all of the parts but am yet to have them painted). I have another 802 radio which will be retro-fitted with all modern 12v components for the 53 coupe truck, and I will keep all of the old valve electrics for spares for my other fitted 6v (fully rebuilt) radio. i have fitted a USA internal door latch mechanism (which I picked up from Mark at the BBQ in CA last year) to my 53 coupe truck so I now have external door locks on both doors. i have changed out my 4.1 diff centre for a 3.54 for better highway cruising, but I am yet to install the other 3.54 in my 52 truck. I brought home a good set of bumper guards last year also... but your USA bumper profile is dirrerent to ours here in Oz, so my mate Hank will get a nice gift when I am back in CA for the BBQ in 2020.
  13. These pictures show the history of my B3B since I have owned it. Hidden Under the oxidization was the original blue paint. Then it was in my shop fire and asit is now. The 2nd build was more work than the first. Soot is nasty stuff.
  14. I decided to fabricate a clip myself using .042 thick spring steel (1/4 in. wide) from McMaster-Carr. The .062 material seems too thick to me. I asked M-C about getting a foot or two of sample material (which they wouldn't do), but they did something even better; I had to buy the whole 25 ft roll but M-C promised to take back what I didn't use and refund the money for the returned part of the coil. Can't beat that. Trying to find a shop to make the clips just sounds too hard. Most shops want big jobs. Anyway, here are a few pictures to show my approach. I drew up a simple schematic of the clip with my best guess as to the correct dimensions of the clip. The end result isn't perfect, but I think it will be close enough to hold the door open and stop it from swinging too far.
  15. I have seen one accessory fender step (similar to the one Reg has) for sale, back in 2010, mounted on a bed side panel on an eBay auction... the seller would not remove the step, only wanted to sell the entire panel, fender + accessory and all out of Colorado, for an exorbitant amount imo considering the rust that was included...the seller put me in contact with the eventual buyer, who was willing to sell me the fender step for the amount he paid for the entire bed side panel, so I passed on that generous offer...I have not seen one for sale since...but one has popped up on here unused on an occasion :cool:
  16. I like to see these old beasts close to factory original, but I've seen vintage pictures of trucks being used as workhorses and I can appreciate certain modifications made to optimize performance. So if a truck has mods that are period correct, such as dual carbs or even a 2bbl carb + a dual exhaust kit, I can live with that... I can also appreciate how important it is from a safety standpoint to keep these old trucks reliable and not causing accidents from stalling. I have stalled out from a blown condenser at the end of my driveway, which was durn lucky...years later, I stalled at a controlled highway intersection and things got dicey for a few minutes until I could get back underway because I did not have bright emergency flashers to get other drivers' attention. So improvements like electronic ignition and brighter signal lights with additional turn signals / flashers can be subtle enough to get a pass from me as they are intended for safety and not showing off. And with the advent of solid-state electronics, the factory radio option can be updated with IC board to replace the tubes, etc and even add an mp3 port...the look of the original radio with modern features that can be hidden from view
  17. That's a great suggestion. If I decide to try the thinner steel (.042) , I will definitely give it a try.

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