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She's Finished!



blog-0800274001438829343.jpgIt's taken a long while but we got her put together this spring. Her name is Bettie. She ran so well that we chose to take her to the Hot Rod Dirt Drags in Monte Vista, Colorado. Won 1-3 against a big black merc. Blew up a second flex plate and found out the steering column needs a new bearing. Even with that she drove there and back home without a complaint! Woot!


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nice ride.me and my husband are working on a 1948 Plymouth special deluxe four door sedan.we call her Bessie.i am really impressed with your ride.we also own a 2003 chevy Silverado extended cab and 2001 ford focus.i am a trained auto mechanic.my husband is a back yard auto mechanic.we enjoy working on cars and trucks.we have been working on our cars for a long time.i would love to go back to school to continue my first love of being an auto mechanic.my dad ' s family owned a family garage that now belongs to my cousin and there it ends...

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Awesome to hear your story and run into another gal into working on cars. I am only an apprentice backyard mechanic. I got the basics but can't diagnose a thing. More power to ya, Miss!

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