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Nifty at 90 - Happy 90th Birthday to the Chairman of the Board - AoK Racing - George Asche Jr (Born Saturday February 6th 1932)




Sunday February 6 2022 -   Guess who turns 90 today ? 


The answer to that question is -  George Asche Jr,  born  February 6th 1932!


Here is an great article that  was published in the local paper earlier this week, celebration   "The Nifty at 90  -  George"




If you want to call George and wish him a Happy Birthday,   his number is  814-354-2621 although around 4pm on his birthday  he likely wont

be answering the phone until 7pm. I cant confirm or deny there maybe a Birthday Party, but I can confirm there will be cake!   If  he asks you who told you it was his Birthday and you want to get a chuckle,  tell him  - "It was your 3rd son",  which will  get a smile from him as that is often how he introduces me.



For those wondering if George is still active these days, the answer is  -  "Heck yes" - he is still doing what he loves every single day.


Here is a little video when I was down before Christmas.  I was down for a few days and he rebuild an overdrive,  finished off an engine rebuild doing the assembly of the engine, and rebuild 3 carbs.      In the video he was mounting 3 rebuilt carbs on one of our AoK triple intakes, and  making some modification to some linkages that came from a customers previous intake and what I wanted to document was how to setup and adjust up 3 carbs all operating on a common rail.  What it will show is not only how to do that, but also shows George still at it and going strong.  Oh and yes for those with a close eye,  that is a copy of  the poster that was on the back of the door at my Grandfathers office at the Chrysler Engine plant. The poster which was made in late 1951 was announcing the new Hemi for the Dodge Truck line and introduction of the factory dual carb and dual exhaust on the 265 ci motor.



I will attach a copy of that poster at he bottom of this post.











Recommended Comments



    I'm a believer in using Asche products!


    My D-24 Dodge Business Coupe utilizes an AoK Racing tri-power intake on it's 274" '90 DeVal (enhanced Chrysler Industrial IND-32 clone) and an Asche Brothers' special short-length starter.


    My '52 Plymouth Suburban High-Clearance wagon has a George Jr. built Overdrive and the proper D6U1 carburetor. The Asche Brother's supplied the starter.


Walt Redmond

Kingman AZ  

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