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Cast iron engine



I forgot about this so better get started. One of the most stated responses to the truck is "Oh, you kept the flathead six."". Two days ago an employ at a  tire shop commented " ,those cast iron engines were real s"engines"!  And when it starts on the first cycle, they are impressed. 


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I mean no offense to other engines. it's ny opinion that to see one that runs so well, that, has been restored,, I think it just surprises some. I like the flathead six, it's just me, the sound, the torque,  it's just a joy. Maybe at age 79 it speaks louder to me than to others.  

A year before my shop fire scorched my truck that was in the fire, I drove it to the large redwood trees in the Sequoia National Forest, which are about 50 miles from our home. Two visitors to the park were from Germany, a father and his 20 year old son.  They were amazed to see such a vehicle drive into the parking lot. They said that they only saw such vehicles in museums. When I opened the hood and then started the engine for them, they were ecstatic. With their camera, I took several pictures of them by the truck. It was a fun time for all.  Before the fire and after pictures of my truck. 



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I drove through the cemetery and chanced upon two fellows sitting on a bench. One had been an auto mechanic and knew the 218, had worked on many of them. He really enjoyed hearing one running again. Fun!

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