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Floor shift concepts for Mopar column shift Transmssions



Howdy folks -

Coming from another blog topic, which strayed down a back road, came the idea of  transmissions for Mopar Cars and Trucks that were post 1940 that came with  Column shift and the normally column shift transmission was modified or the linkage was to turn it into a 3 speed floor shift transmission.

So this isn't about taking a vehicle that had column shift and putting a transmission for the 1930s or a modern floor shift transmission to make the vehicle floor shift. This is taking say a 1950s r10g1 overdrive and putting it into a 1930s car or a 1950s pickup and making it a floor shift.   It could also be taking a standard 3 speed column shift and making it into a floor shift in that same vehicle.

Its not a new concept by any stretch.  My Dad put an r10g1 overdrive from a 1952 Plymouth into a 1951 Fargo pickup truck which had been a 3 speed column shift pickup. He had taken a Fenton floor shifter kit that was a kit to move column shifts and made a bunch of changes to get it to work.  The truck is long gone but we actually recovered the shifter which had been cut off at some point by the person who got the pickup.   I will take some pictures at some point for the fun of it.  We got it moving again but it would be too expensive to try and duplicate.  George has also built a very simplified for racing which is super simple, although I am not sure would work for regular street usage, and he also has one his Uncle Harry Hein's made but duplicating it, is a project that hasn't quite made it to the top of the pile.

We also have several pictures of guys who have done them, although most are pretty heavily involved and some quite clunky looking.

All that being said, the reason I started this was -  Paul aka   

pflaming  had posted a picture of his project of making a traditional 3 speed floor shift Plymouth transmission, and turning it into a floor shift, which really was the impetus for this blog idea. 

"The shifter I fabbed from a photo, not my design. It is uncomplicated and will serve my purposes very well. The tranny and OD are not on the engine yet."



pflaming  floor shift concept.jpg


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This one was a Fenton "universal" floor shift conversion kit, that then someone adapted it for their purposes which was in a early 50s van, similar to this one which likely will be the 1st time this is seen in public!  lol

I believe this is similar to what my Dad did in his pickup although since I never say it together on a transmission that is pure speculation.

If you have other floor shifter actually installed on Mopar 3 speed transmission that was previously a column shift, either already installed and happen to have pictures, or are working on one, or even have  ideas, feel free to post away !


1951 fargo -9.jpg



1951 fargo.jpg

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These designs are way over designed and none for an R 10. I have fabricated one for my B3B, with R10 overdrive. It will be on display at Tims BBQ. Parts are at a machine shop now getting "professionalized. 



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This is a floor shifter George Asche made for me about 5 years ago. Up and down, forward and back. Works great! I use a piano pedal spring attached to the floor to automatically lift the shifter. I only have to push down for reverse and 1st.


Asche shifter.jpg

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