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Chrysler Flathead Hi- Perf and Racing

55 Fargo



Okay, so here we have a Chrysler Flathead High Performance entry, this will be for all flathead hop up ideas, projects, racing supercharging and turbocharging, heck add in fuel injection or ?

Please post your stories, ideas and pics, all are welcome, but please respect the topic, and stay on topic, disputes, conjecture and non Mopar entries will most likely result in content being deleted, repeat offenders will be barred.

I am currently running a 228 ina 1955 Fargo pickup, T98 a 4 spd and a Mopar 8 1/4d diff with 3.23 gears.

My engine is bone stock, somewhat tired, and is equipped with a AoK Racing cutom built dual carb intake, split exhaust and 2 George Asche built Carter B&B trucks carbs and the linkage all courtesy of Tim Kingsbury.

I will post a few pics and videos, and hope some of you do too.









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My beloved 1947 Chrysler, that I unfortunately had to sell in March 2013, I owned it from 1988 til that date. I built it from a real basket case, and I still wish I had it...

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Okay, so not a whole lot of activity on the Chrysler Flathead Hi Perf Engine thread the past few days, was hoping some of the serious and interested types would contribute some content on this thread.

It does not need to be high dollar, and super exotic modified engines, a simple "Head Milling" and split exhaust certainly qualifies.

I have come across 2 rebuilt 265 engines the past few days, and will be looking at one as a perspective candidate, and will post pics and updates on what I find.

I do won another 265, came out of My Father -in-laws combine, and is a runner too, but still need to get it home, this one is a Chrysler Industrial engine built in 1969.

I have no idea what type of cam profile or Combustion Chamber design the Industrial engine many have, but do suspect it is built for a fixed RPM with low RPM torque being the priority.

My current engine is a bit tried, a stock 228 CI  3 3/8 bore and 4 1/4 stroke 25 inch block,with a T 335 serial number, and in most likely was never rebuilt.

It runs very well, does not burn oil, leaks a bit, has very good oil pressure 55-60 after 35 mph, and 40 psi at idle, on real hot days or when engine good and warm, that might drop to 35 or so at idle.

Last night did a compression test, as she is a bit down on power, this is what I found 90-95 psi compression except cyl#4 it has 75 psi, did this wet with 30 weight oil in each cyl, this did not change the test results.

I am no doubt deal with a burnt valve or very poorly sealed ring in hole #4.

This engine starts well, and runs well for the most parts, so is a bit tired, factory or fresh compression normally on this 7:1 engine would be 110-120 psi, so down a bit.

Here are some fairly recent pics of the bottom end, note how clean it is, and evidence of cross hatching can be seen in the cyls.post-107-0-79614800-1446498100.jpg.d1e639bba9e12e0a6db16d2bcb46ac4f.jpgpost-107-0-09777400-1446498104.jpg.3be33da595224d1e7823736af7996abc.jpg





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Okay Mopar Flathead fans, "hear Ye, hear ye hear all".......

Okay so my "old faithful, 228 ci Fargo engine is getting tired after a 62 year dedicated and reliable service.

Recently compression tests indicate some compression loss, dry tests and wet tests numbers about the same, cold tests lower than warm engine tests.

it was high time for a more reliable test which could more precisely isolate what is going on inside this engine.

Compression tests are a good indicator often of a healthy engine, in my case, I was getting compression numbers of 90-95 psi, on all cyls except for cylinder 4, which was about 80 psi. Adding il down the sparkplug hole did little if any to change the numbers.

Thanx to a good Pal locally borrowed his Cylinder Leakdown Tester, this I used on both cold and warm engine.

The results are as follows, on all cyls, escept cyl 4 moderate pressure loss, to the tune of 40%, and cyl 4 near 80 %.

I could not hear any air rushing out of the intake/carbs or tail pip, but on cyl #4 I could hear some air out the tail pipe.

On all cyls air leakage was coming out the oil filler pipe, telling me, my rings and cylinders are leaking moderately.

Now compression rings are leaking, or upper cylinder wear or possibly even broken rings.

This engine has really good oil pressure, and does not smoke or burn oil out the tail pipe. It does however have some blowby out the filler tube pipe, such as life, this engine has earned its right to smoke a bit after 62 years of service.




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So yesterday scored 2 265 engines, both turn both run, the 1 out of it,s application was run  few years ago.

I can now add this to my other 265 engine, for 3 of these babies for future use for myself or other flathead Hi Perf enthusiasts.

The gent I am acquiring these engines from also had a 237 and a 250 both running, he also had a low mile 313 Poly V8, so a real Mopar dude.

1 engine spins freely, has nice dark oil, quite clean valve lifter chambers, and no broken manifold studs in the block.

I will of course need to go over this engine, it has been rebuilt once at Winnipegs largest engine rebuilder, then and now, Piston Ring Service, .040 pistons, .010 rods, 0.20 mains.

Now if the mains are out of spec again, might not use this crank for Hi Perf use.

Here are some pictures, it was a great afternoon and visit..






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Okay so picked up the engine last Saturday, and hauled it home.

I pulled the head, lots of carbon, and cyl 6 had some moisture o the valves, and the cyl got a little rusted on the top 2 inches.

I lceaned up all, and oiled the cyl walls until I get a chance to deal with it.

The valve chambers, the valves and top of combustion chambers cleaned up nicely.

The underside of head cleaned up too.




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That definitely looks like you got some good engines to build up into a nice power plant, I wish I new more about the cam grinds that those engines used in the combines it could help in making it a better street  engine , either way the  engine was a good find . Sold my supercharger so I am giving up on that option , 

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Well its fairly simple on a cam profile for an industrial engine destined for a "combine" low RPM torque, how much different than say a truck profile I do not know. These engines are rated at 95 hp, but at a much lower RPM than 3600.

Okay some close up pics, cyl 6 has a bad rust pitted spot, that cyl might clean up with a honing, but it could very well be a boring candidate. Not as good as I was told, but would only believe after my assessment.

Lifter chamber is quite clean...






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