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Ramblings about Vintage Mopar Performance stuff with the Kingsbury's and Asche's

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Nifty at 90 - Happy 90th Birthday to the Chairman of the Board - AoK Racing - George Asche Jr (Born Saturday February 6th 1932)

Sunday February 6 2022 -   Guess who turns 90 today ?    The answer to that question is -  George Asche Jr,  born  February 6th 1932!   Here is an great article that  was published in the local paper earlier this week, celebration   "The Nifty at 90  -  George"     If you want to call George and wish him a Happy Birthday,   his number is  814-354-2621 although around 4pm on his birthday  he likely wont be answering the phone until 7pm. I cant confirm
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