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manufacturer tag location

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I recently purchased this tag from ebay, because the one original to the car was totally faded.  It was removed years ago, when we started with the restoration/recovery.  


The issue is that we now don't really know where it should go on the firewall... anyone has some pic of where it goes?





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On the 41 Plymouth I had the "Plymouth" version of this plate was on the upper firewall directly in line with where the LHD steering column would have come thru......sorry no pics..........andyd

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Someone is bound to have a better photo than this.  This was to show what kind of air cleaner I have on the D24, but it also shows the builder's tag location above the firewall beltline in front of the driver's position, just right of top center in this photo.  Neither of the tags on our car have any red left, they are the silver/gray tags.  The builder's tag has a shadow from the photo flash diagonally across it.



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