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1955 C-3-C gas tank placement

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My apologies for my slow work but I finally had some time to work on my truck yesterday.

Thanks to you guy’s photos, using the spring and bolt setup. I fastened the front of the tank with the seam of the tank resting on top of the bottom lip of the frame’s crossmember. The original  rear bracket, that the back of the tank attached to, was rusted through so I fabricated a new one.

Maybe I didn’t replicate the bracket with enough perfection because when I attached the tank to my rear bracket the connection for the gas fill tube was too far apart for the original hose length to be securely fastened.

If I slide the rear of the tank over about two inches then the entire lip of the tank’s seam would rest on the bottom channel of frame’s main rail.  Maybe that is the correct placement of the tank?

This would solve the fill tube connection problem. However, sliding the rear of  the tank over also lifts the tank up to where the top of the tank is now about an inch above the top of the two main frame rails. Won’t this cause me problems with reattaching the bed? 

I guess I’m just confused if I should simply buy a longer piece on connecting hose or if proper placement of the tank would require sliding it over? 






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I agree that holding the tank tight to the frame rail makes the most sense. I guess what had me concerned was that the tank sat higher than the frame rail


Looking now at the big picture I also see where the rear shock mounts are above the frame rail. I’m thinking that the height of the tank will not cause me any problems when I try to remember how the bed bolts down.


thank you


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The back of the tank should mount to the bottom of the rear crossmember. It should stick up a little bit over the frame if I remember correctly. The bed cross rail sits on a 3/4" thick pad to space it off the frame and provide a bit of cushion. I will look at my pics to verify.

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