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Top boot for a 1949 Plymouth convertible

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Hi. I know totally useless. Still I would love to know where I could find a top boot for my 1949 Plymouth convertible. My online search has not provided any success so far thanks 

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Do you have a local auto upholstery shop capable of making a boot?   What material do you want to use.....haartz

canvas or some vinyl type material?    I purchased a piece of haartz canvas from a supplier in Kansas City, Kansas

and gave it to my upholstery man......he did the rest.  My top and boot are a tan color.   Along the front side of it is a flap that attaches to the rear side of the back seat with some heavy duty  velcro.  



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I’m afraid there is no source selling these Tom. They must be sewn up by a local upholsterer due to the low demand. As for suppliers for your top, Hirsch Auto Tops should be your only call. I’ve gone through the sourcing exercises for my car recently and they are 100% above all the rest. If you need help ordering I can help. -Mark

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