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Another engine mount thread

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I have had clutch chatter on my 47 P-15 for the last 28 years. I have lived with it but I am growing tired of "living with it". I have resurfaced flywheel, replace clutch, pressure plate, throw-out bearing.  I checked clutch adjustment etc.  The only thing I have not checked as of yet are rear shackle bushings---I read about this on another thread.  I also replaced my rear engine mounts.  Here is where my question originates------On my rear mounts I do not have the lower rubber bushings installed.  I ordered new one and they will not fit into "cup" in cross member.  They are WAY to "thick".  In-fact my mount bolt and sleeve are way too short to extend through lower rubber bushing.  I read in another thread that at some time the lower rubber bushing was eliminated.  Did they do this on the 47 P-15??  I see no way that the lower rubber mount bushing could possibly have been installed.  There is simply not sufficient room for it.  Plus as I stated the bolt and sleeve are too short to accept one.


Your thoughts???

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Thank you Don.  I had seen that previously.  It simply will not work on my P-15. I will try to find the thread where someone referenced a mount change during production.


Thanks again!

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