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hey guys, im working on getting my tryck on the road again but i cant get the brake light to work, i have power if i touch the two wires light comes on, nothing when connected to switch, pulled the switch(it is new) and there is brake fluid at the top of the hole but nothing comes out when i hit the pedal with the switch out. new switch, master and wires. installed by previous owner.

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Yep, kinda sounds like lack of brake fluid flow is not activating the pressure switch...brake line could be removed to drain fluid and clean out port then remove contamination without removing from the chassis...or possibly rig up line from switch port that drains back into reservoir for quick check of fluid flow after poking that port with a drill bit by hand then flushing master cylinder before re-attaching brake line...there are several ways to skin a cat here...


brake light switch issues discussion from 2016

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