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shake rattle and roll

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DI am looking for a rattle it starts rattling at 38-40 MPH and makes me wonder if it is linkage or the engine at too high working range. I have decided to keep my 218 for the summer install the 3.55 grand wagoner rear end picked up the rusty hope kit with a firewall booster kit from a t-bucket supply house. The kit runs a chevy dull chamber ms. Mounts up where it can be worked on or fluid added with ease. I know iam not a purest. Still going with the slant six later on. I will put on the 2 barrel Vega carb as i seen this set up on a 218  not much more power but it does have the acel type pump on it. My main problem is the noise. At start up it seems smooth no noise. So i think that i can rule out the chatter of the tappets. I think it might be linkage, it is still too  Is your  cold to look at this time. Still picking up brake rotors ect.  King pings you know the dance. I seen the carb linkage  has a lot of parts also. Do we all have the same problem with noise?

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