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quarter glass regulator removal

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Can anyone tell me how to get the rear window regulator out on my 48 P15 coupe? I separated the glass form the regulator and got it out in one piece and there are no bolts left in, the regulator moves but its got me stumped well for right now. I refrained from breaking out the plasma cutter to remove the bottom of that pocket. So any input would be appreciated. Haven't had the time to go do a search on how to yet.



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Does the picture help? The 4 Phillips heads are

all that shows on the inside of the car with upholstery removed.

Remove them  & it should come right out.

The device in the square at bottom of picture. is where your

handle attaches. (Plasma cutter not needed.)

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It may have a small spring clip holding the regulator arm onto the elongated slot that the arms slide along...............or maybe not.............and is just held onto the slot by the tension/angle of the arm against the window channel.............andyd  

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