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Trucker Tim

Merry Christmas & A Safe And Happy New Year

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May God bless you and let this Christmas season bring comfort and joy to you and your family.


Merry Christmas my forum family, and best wishes from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

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43 minutes ago, Plymouthy Adams said:

is that some kind of red nose attached to Rudolf the Plodge


Sometimes those 6-volt headlamps aren't quite enough on a dark December night...


About those presents up top — they are liquor store boxes wrapped in dollar-store plastic tablecloths, and ballasted with bits of scrap metal, rocks, water jugs etc.  I've used them for several Christmases on the Dodge or in back of the '26 T Touring.


A couple of years ago, two presents went missing overnight. I chuckle to think of the thieves' disappointment to unwrap their ill-gotten loot to find only a couple of broken bricks.

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43 minutes ago, greg g said:

Still have the arctic trek knobies on.  Ready for another ice road trip?  


No Arctic travel plans in the works — as a matter of fact, they replaced that 112-mile ice road from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk this year with some new-fangled all-weather gravel job. Very glad we drove the ice when we had the chance.


Anyway, I put the studded knobbies on the Dodge every winter — the Dodge, the T, and my bike are my winter transportation since I sold my modern a couple years ago (we usually drive Michelle's PT Cruiser when we travel together).  The bike has studded winter tires and I have chains for the Model T, although deep enough snowfall to use them is increasingly-rare.



26T alley chains mres.jpg

Icy alley mres.jpg

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As teens we rode our Honda 50's, 70's & 90s etc with furnace damper chain on both front and rear, on road, off road, frozen streams, and swamps. Even pulled other kids on skates like water skiers.

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Thanks Guys!
Had 4 inches of snow in Southeast Iowa Saturday.
Yesterday was beautiful. Hope everyone had a great Christmas.
3 degrees when we got up at 05:30 today. Up to 9 degrees now!
The technical scientific meteorologist terminology for this weather is "YUCK"!

I love all the pictures and comments. The car top full of presents is so neat.

  Years ago I had a pretty cool winter toy but we sold it when we had our boat built.


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