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Firewall Brace for GM Tilt Column in P15

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Hello Folks,

I am in the process of re-wiring my modified 1947 Plymouth Club Coupe. Since I have everything under the dash removed, I thought it would be a great time to fix all of the Mickey Mouse 'upgrades' made by previous owners. My biggest challenge yet is removing and replacing the GM tilt column that was mis-installed some years ago.

I have rebuilt the column itself; now I need to install it correctly. The upper steering column support was done well, and can remain, but the lower support was the definition of 'hack job'.

Can anyone recommend either a universal-type firewall support that will work on the P15, or perhaps a factory-style GM firewall brace that can be adapted?

The column itself is the standard-issue early-70s GM with a 2" outer diameter.

I realize that just about anything can be made to work, but I was hoping that someone out there has been through this before and perhaps could share what worked for them.

Thanks in advance.


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There are quite a few different lower column mounts available, most appear to be variations on a spherical or ball mount...............2" should be a standard available size.......when I made the column in my 1940 Dodge I used a piece of 2" alloy tube and cut the top end with the same "cutouts" that the late 60's Valiant column had.....the lower end has an internal press fitted sealed bearing and the lower column fits into a half round 1/8th plate tube thats welded to a floor reinforcement..........there are 3 button head cap screws holding the lower column to the half round mount, the top column mount uses a pair of 3/8 cap screws into the dash/firewall brace with a pair of exhaust clamps around the upper tube, agricultural but it works............lol.................       



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Thanks for the suggestions so far.

At this point I am leaning towards the Speedway/Ididit brace, but a friend has a firewall brace from an early 70s Blazer that I may be able to adapt with some minor fabrication.

Fun, fun, fun. :cool:

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