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Does a 47 Club Coupe and a Business Coupe have the same size trunk lid?

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My current club coupe project has the typical rusted out bottom edge of the trunk lid where the they were welded along the bottom seam.  Could be repaired but I know someone selling a business coupe trunk lid in a little better shape than mine.  I was wondering if they used the same size trunk lid for both?  I'm about 3 hours away and I don't want to drive there unless I know it will be a perfect fit.  I did buy the 1940-1948 Mopar body and sheet metal guide but I can't seem to confim if they are both the same or not.  I'm sure some of you experts would know off the top of your heads.  I've never even seen a business coupe in person!



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Hi Jim,

    The Business Coupe and Club Coupe DO NOT share the same deck lids!

    On '46-'48 D-24s (which your Chrysler body from the firewall back is dimensionally the same), the Business Coupe, the Club Coupe, and the Convertible Coupe all have unique lids. All Sedans (4-Dr., Town, 2-Dr., 7-Passenger & Limousine) share the same luggage compartment lid.


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