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How to Guide Miller Brake Tool

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I will explain at a later date how this works. Doing brakes on a 57 Chrysler Imperial Crown. Can anybody tell me how to make the pictures show larger?











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I couldn't afford the fancy tool, so I measured the inside diameter of the drum with a caliper then used an outside caliper to measure to the outside surface of the brake shoe.  From the drum diameter you have to divide by 2 then add 1/2 the diameter of the axle shaft.  Using the caliper I would go around the shoe adjusting the heel and toe until it just barely rubbed.  On the tapered axle I used a bearing slipped over the shaft to maintain a constant surface for me to measure with my caliper.  In that case the caliper was set to 1/2 of the drum diameter + 1/2 of the bearing diameter.  Worked well.

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