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Found 12 results

  1. BillyBoySmith

    Remote oil filter leaking

    Hi, after fully rebuilding the engine for my '49 Wayfarer business coupe, I was very happy to see that it doesn't have any leaks - EXCEPT FOR - the remote oil filter. - - the pipe seals and the main cap seal are good, but it leaks around the large nut that tightens the cap down. can anyone tell me how to separate the nut from the cap so that I can renew or make a seal for it ?? regards, BB.
  2. BillyBoySmith

    Wayfarer Engine removal

    Hi guys. advice required. I'm about ready to pull the motor out of my '49 Dodge wayfarer. The transmission is 3 speed manual with fluid drive. I know I have to separate the engine and trans, before I lift the motor out, but I need to know whether I have to remove the transmission, and leave the fluid coupling/clutch and bell housing on the motor, and then remove that unit after the motor is out ??. If I tried to remove the trans WITH the bell housing/clutch etc, the motor would become unstable because the bell housing casting sits on the rear mounts. Looks like common sense, but any advice welcome. Also, when lifting the motor out, will it be necessary to remove the radiator yoke (mounting panel ?), or, should it clear ? (using an engine hoist, not overhead lifting block and tackle) Regards, BB.
  3. Gregarious13

    Correct primer color

    Hey, curious I f anyone knows the correct color of the primer for a 52 Dodge Wayfarer. It's hard to tell on my car. I think the inside of the trunk is a dark green color, is that the primer? Thank you all very much! Greg
  4. DLK

    Wayfarer Off to France

    I said goodbye to my 1950 Wayfarer sedan after 8 years today. It was more emotional than I expected. Unlike a lot of my car club friends, I have never had more than one collector car at a time. The good news is I have had the chance to get to know a little about the family in Brittany that bought my car. They seem like really nice people and I hope they enjoy the car as much as I did. Now the question is do I buy another old car? For now the answer is no, since I am still stuck with the undersized garage and no work space. That is the principal reason I sold this car.
  5. I am seeing how much will it take? Cut the firewall? What is involved? This car is a nice car, 75000 miles on it, the motor is locked up. Opened it up been soaking it wih trany fluid etc... if it will not work maybe trade it from something else to work or play with.
  6. BillyBoySmith

    D34 engine camshaft

    Hi techy guys, I (stupidly) managed to break a lug off the camshaft sprocket mount. (Dodge D34 Engine) - Is this part of the camshaft, or a seperate part driven by the camshaft ?? Ironically, the cam lobes seem OK and I was hoping to re-use it. (W/shop manual is useless). Any camshaft pictures would be more than welcome, - can't find any on the internet. Regards, BB.
  7. BillyBoySmith

    Vin numbers

    Hi, I mentioned in a previous post that the vin number on my registration document (UK) had two incorrect digits. I contacted the licensing authority to have it corrected, but they replied saying that the number on my UK document is the same number on the previous owner's Oklahoma (USA) title. The only way it can be corrected is if I provide proof that the number is incorrect, -either from a recognized 'owner's club' official, or, from the manufacturer. Is there anyone connected to this forum that could supply me (for a fee) with an official letterhead that might satisfy the licence departments need ?? One of you guys sent me a pictured list of Dodge serial numbers showing the start and finish numbers for all the model/years. I can forward this to them, but it would carry more weight with an official letter. many thanks, Regards, Billy. By the way, the vin number shown on my reg doc doesn't even fit in with the number sequence for that year, but the actual vin number (on car) does !! Car is a '49 Dodge Wayfarer Business coupe (D29).
  8. BillyBoySmith

    B.B.'s '49 Wayfarer Business Coupe

    Here is Delores, My '49 Dodge Wayfarer Business Coupe. La Plata blue, original and unrestored. Lives in England.
  9. DLK

    best time of year

    If it didn't mean winter was around the corner this is the best time for weekend drives with the Wayfarer. Last Saturday we took the 8 and 5 year old grandkids (seatbelted in legally) for about an 80 mile trip through the countryside with stops at a couple county parks and a pizza place. I can't tell you how nice it is after years of work to have the car run and stop so smoothly and not leave a cloud of smoke at every intersection. I was really frustrated how poorly it ran after the rebuild and in the end the problem was simple, it just needed new spark plug wires. Since putting them in it runs like a top. My only regret is I didn't bring the camera so didn't get any pictures of Gabby and Austin in my backseat. I guess we will have to do it again before winter closes in. The wiring to the back of the car is in bad shape and for three years I have planned to rewire it but again I guess maybe next year.

    1949 Wayfarer Business Coupe

    Hand built in my shop. Mopar 318/904, A/C, Suregrip rear. Driven from Florida to Pennsylvania several times a year. A good runner, very dependable and gets 22 mpg with the air on.
  11. Wayfaring Stranger

    49 engine swap

    I have a 49 sedan with a shot strait 6. I want to modernize its ability but not cut it up. ie front discs but stay away from the steering (though i would like a collapsible colum if reasonably doable), i dont know if all the engines in the poll will work and if you select other, please post your engine and i will add it to the poll. ive left off the 5.7 hemi cause it wont fit and the stock strait 6 is a non option.


    1951 Dodge Wayfarer

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