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Found 9 results

  1. Pleade provide me with your opinions of Chinese made Gates 42554 Water Pump as a replacement for my 1941 Chrysler Windsor L6 cyl.242ci before I purchase. Thanks in advance Richard 1941
  2. Clarksville Windsor

    1950 Water pump removal/installation

    New topic: Water pump removal. Just had a broken valve spring fixed and car runs great.........Well, now that I've been running it, it now has now developed a leak at the water pump. It looks like the leak is coming from where the fan pulley attaches to the water pump. How difficult is it to remove/repair/reinstall the water pump? When I was just looking at the water pump housing, it seems like the cylinder head is in the way of removing a bolt to take off the water pump assembly--unless that is a bolt that is for the back plate of the water pump (maybe called 'cover plate'??? not sure if I am using the correct nomenclature). I wouldn't think that the head would be in the way for any bolts that hold on the water pump assembly. When reading the 1949-1950 Chrysler shop manual it didn't mention anything about the head being in the way. Here is exactly what the manual says for the REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION OF WATER PUMP: (1) Drain cooling system; (2) Remove fan belt and disconnect water pump hose; (3) Remove bolts holding water pump to engine block and lift out water pump and fan assembly. Is it really that easy? Am I just making is seem complicated? I am looking forward to some suggestions. Thanks Guys! On another note, where can I find the parts that I need for my car? I have been using Andy Bernbaum, but I've had difficulty with their customer service when they sent me the wrong part...its been over 3 weeks and still haven't received the correct part (I am not exaggerating) but they charged me immediately for the wrong part....
  3. toddbracik

    Gates 42554 water pump

    https://www.dropbox.com/sh/oumhepqixbxhirm/AADUrLC8kU_nIwHP_1rtqJ-Va?dl=0 Hey guys, I just bought this water pump on amazon. The shaft turns really smooth and it actually seems to be a well built pump. My only concern is this hole in the side of the pump that exposes the shaft. Could it be possible that someone on the line forgot to tap it and put a grease fitting in?
  4. My 41 flathead plym p12 special deluxe overheated and overflowed out of radiator at idle today after 15 minutes. I Fill 2 inches below cap line .. Temp gauge maxed out than stuck at high end.... is there a fix or did I break it. Any experience on this. Temp should run between 160 to 180 I have read. 50/50 coolant mix non pressure cap thermostat 160 or 180 I have a new pump and a flushed system...running too lean possible....altitude is 5000 asl in Colorado.??Thanks if anyone can help... My granpappy passed and I lost the brains of the old school mechanic.
  5. wolk625

    Flathead coolant flow help?

    Hey guys, Super excited to say that I finally got all the necessary parts to get my P11 running! With that first step out of the way, I can now focus on all of the bits to get it running right and reliably. The first and biggest issue I've found is that it gets hot, and when shut off it pukes out cold water. I originally thought this was just the thermostat stuck, so I removed it but still experienced the same symptoms. What I'd like to know is what my next steps should be: I do plan on flushing the whole system just to see what I'm really working with, is there an easy way to test if the water pump is functioning properly? Is there anything else that I'm overlooking that could be preventing coolant flow? All original everything. I actually got all of the original electrical equipment to work and charge, save for the horns, haven't successfully troubleshooted that.. any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Obed57chev

    Coolant leak on my Flathead 6

    I replaced my water pump twice but it still has a drip from off the oilpan near the front. Could it be a leak from a timing cover bolt? I don't remember if any of these bolts go thru to the water jackets in the block. My Engine is from a 1946 Dodge 218 or 230 I think, but it came in my 1934 Plymouth when I bought it. I love the way it runs and drives, but this has become pretty annoying. AJ
  7. Hi, can someone please guide me as to where I could find a water pump for my above car or a suitable option. Thanks and regards.
  8. larryconnors

    Lets Talk About Water Pumps

    It's time to replace the waterpump on my 47 P15. I have been having a tough time finding water pump grease so I would like to get a permenantly lubricated pump. I have the one with the external bypass. Can it be done?
  9. PodSquad48

    Runnin' Hot

    So Ive replace the thermostat (180) and water pump and my 48 Plymouth is overheating. After about 15 mins. of warm up Im getting steam from, what appears to be, the overflow tube. I have checked for vac. leaks and timing and everything seems to be correct. I was running straight water at the time but didnt expect this after just 15 minutes. Im taking the radiator down for a flush and flow test tomorrow. Im worried they'll want to just re-core it, another $2-300 I've heard. Also wondering if I should pull the water distribution tube while the radiator is out and replace it. I did flush the system and everythings clear, which may be cause for concern if its so clogged it just flows clear water? Any tips or recommendations are appreciated!

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