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Found 17 results

  1. Someone in Malta, Montana is offering several salvaged 40's MoPar cars for sale in the HAMB classifieds; here's just one example, a pair of D24's: https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/1946-48-dodges.1083559/ https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/1941-chrysler.1076577/ Some of his ads are in "cars for sale", some in "parts for sale" I realize Montana is far from most places and it will be difficult to haul wrecks from there... He appears to want to "clean the meadows" thus offers the complete cars, not parts. What I see from the photos is a lot of decent bright work, including fair bumpers and rocker mouldings. Also fair condition sheet metal parts Would be interesting to see if he's willing to part them... I do not know the seller, nor any other connections to him - F.y.i. only.
  2. Does this look right? I pulled out the old sock filter (was pretty tight) and replaced it with the recommended equivalert WIX. Notice how short, only about 1/2 way up the can. Plus the included seal is a tad oversize - ended up putting in my original seal.
  3. Hello all, These came with a lot of Misc. NOS part I purchased. Part #'s on old packs were unreadable. If any of these are familiar to someone please give me some guidance. Thank you Clay
  4. Canadian P15 parts source

    First time poster! first time old car owner! looking for a Canadian parts source for my 47 P15 coupe stuff like tune up kits, carb rebuild, seat belt kit, ect any ideas? thanks tim my whip
  5. THANKS EVERYONE WHO ASKED ABOUT THESE PARTS. I moved the entire lot today to one buyer. Jim Good morning, I sold my P15 last April and am now longer in the hobby. LOOKING TO UNLOAD TO ONE PARTY or VENDOR. I have a disassembled overdrive needing some work, a complete (sans steering wheel) steering set up with good sector gear that was pulled from a '48 Desoto, but I believe the parts book says fits P, D and Desoto. I have some manuals, including a Master Index parts reference for 46-54 for all Mopar (has great exploded illustrations), some misc. trim parts, ignition parts, coupe quarter glass, wing vents and glass, distributor housings (some mostly complete) Vacuum modules, etc., If you can come pick up these are yours. Otherwise, by end of June I will need to dispose of. Please keep this hardware in circulation or use. Located in Lake County, IL, northeast Illinois. Jim Leman 847-840-0784.
  6. To buy or not to buy.......

    Well I have found myself between a rock and a hard place. I came across a deal that I may not want to pass up but for parts I don't really need for my 48. A gentlemen near me is selling is 48 Plymouth business coupe for an amount that I cant pass up. It doesn't have engine/trans/rear-end or most of the interior. However it does come with an extra set of doors, extra dash, and extra hood. He had an extra front clip complete with chrome that I have already purchased from him and now I am debating on going back for the rest. He plans to scrap it all in 6 months or so if it doesn't sell. The 48 looks to be someones hot rod from the 80s. The taillights have been replaced with some small round ones and they also filled in the grill. I know how hard it is to find these parts and how much harder it is to find them at a reasonable price. Do you all think its worth it to go buy everything this guy has? Id sell both sets of doors, both hoods, the rear fenders, both dash's, and whatever else someone needed. I would use the body to cut patch panels to fix some of the rust on my car and could do that for others if they needed it. I know a lot of you hate me for saying that but that's the only way I can justify the cost and effort to go get the rest. Heck another option is I would throw on the front clip I bought ( minus most of the chrome) pick the best doors, best hood, and sell someone a 48 Business coupe. So whats the opinions? Buy the rest? Forget about it?
  7. POS alert

    Okay my fellow restorers. I want to let everyone know that Craig Studnick from Mobile Parts is not someone I would do business with. He and some other guy own a company named Mobile Parts out of West Hempstead NY. I ordered a set of drums for my 49 Wayfarer and when they got here they didn't fit. Told him I would modify the rears to fit the hub and send him an invoice for the modi and send the fronts back because those were the wrong size as well. He reluctantly agreed. He told me he was going to be out of town at some shows and to get back with him later. Well later is right. After several calls over several weeks he answers the phone today and says " I thought you were going to be a man and just go away". This guy is something else. STAY AWAY. Terry Hancock
  8. So i have my old dodge truck, when i got it the windows in the doors were busted and the weather stripping and whatever was supposed to be in the door to seal the windows and guide them was stripped, i found a website to get parts but i dont know if they are the rite parts and if i can find them any cheaper somewhere else.. this is my first restoration and lets just say i know a ton about this truck but i dont know a lot about the little things on it. its the pilothouse 3 window cab and the doors have the vent window in them so could someone give me a hint on what parts id need for the windows to seal and roll up and down like new? i dont have any parts to reference so im basically starting from scratch. any help would be much appreciated and ill have to post some pics of it now and when i first got it. i started this project as a 6th grader and i am now a senior and entered it in its first car show as of last night! super excited!
  9. Hey all, The D-24 is coming along. Needed a ton more metal-work than expected, but it's all coming together. Ready for paint, engine and tranny are both rebuilt and painted, ready for install, and interior is set to go. Until...got a call today asking if I can find a replacement right side, back door, lower hinge. The existing is messed up enough it shouldn't be used if we can avoid it. Any leads on where to get one. I think calling junk yards will be pretty futile. I was able to get most of the parts I needed (gaskets, weather-stripping, etc.) from Andy B. I don't think they'd carry something like this though. Thanks!
  10. 3 passenger business coupes

    anyone else own a car like these? or am i the only one.
  11. Both of my '53 1/2 ton front wheel brake cylinders are holding fluid mostly because of the rubber boots. Looks like some severe pitting. I plan on just replacing the cylinder instead of trying to use emery cloth. I've been going through the online manuals and find a reference 5-64-1 for the part. I am using DPETCA information on-line. The details for part numbering look like they changed a lot per model and the closest I can figure is that the B4B of my serial number (853xxxxx) needs two 1393-269 parts. I think I'm reading it right but these things are new to me. I have concluded that any reference to the left or right on the front is probably a reference to previous year models. I'm having trouble converting this data (that I hope I have right) into a part store number. Robert's shows a T-31 assembly with no reference to left or right or front. Hagen's shows 10588 for either side, but also lists 10580 through 10584 for front lower and upper Left and right. In general, they don't specify "truck" so I don't know what to think the part is for. Napa gives a single 17789 for the front but also lists a Left and right for the front as 3595, 3596 and they all have the same picture and NAPA doesn't know which one I should order. The web chat guy basically guessed I should get a left and a right. I'm leaning tow the Napa 17789 but was wondering if anyone could confirm? Thanks in advance Mike
  12. Colorado

    Is there a way to search members to see if there any in Colorado specificaly in Western Colorado. I need a 4- speed transmission for my 52 b3b. thanks Larry
  13. Anyone know of any good places to start looking for parts in the Norcal/Sacramento area? I recently acquired a '48 B1FA-152 that was used back in the 50s and 60s as a grape gondola in the central valley. In order for the trucks to negotiate the tight turns at the end of each row of grapes, they hacked the back portion of the frame off and shortened the stock 152" wheelbase to 108". I figured the cleanest and easiest way to restore my truck's original wheelbase is to find a non-runner with a straight frame, cut off the portion of the frame that I need, and weld it on to my truck. That way I get all of the cross members, mounting points, etc. I have a frame jig large enough to handle the truck so welding it up straight and true won't be a problem. I believe the "A" in my VIN also designates that it was originally a two-speed rear end if I'm not mistaken, so I'm also searching for one of those since at some point along the line mine got converted to a single speed. Anyway, I'm new to the forums so interested in any info on where to find parts in my area, local events, as well as any other PH owners around here. Thanks, Eric
  14. Best parts sources?

    Hello, I'm the new owner of an early '49 Plymouth Special Deluxe club coupe. It runs and is drivable, but needs some work. I've found Andy Bernbaum Auto Parts (www.oldmoparts.com), which seems to specialize in parts for these cars. Are there any other parts sources that stock lots of parts for the late forties mopar cars? Thanks, Tyson
  15. Oodles of parts

    Just as an FYI, I'm buying out a guy of all his parts and will be picking them up in early Nov. If I didn't buy them they were going to a crusher. So once I get them and do an inventory, I'll let you guys know to look in the classifieds section. But to wet your appetite: 9' bed sides, NOS rear fender, NOS hood, doors, TONS of small parts, one ton parts, interior parts, etc. I'm gonna have to rent a trailer to haul it all!
  16. File Name: Standard Parts List File Submitter: jcmiller File Submitted: 01 Sep 2013 File Category: Reference Information This lists and provides part numbers and specifications for standard parts (nuts, bolts, grommets, etc.) for all Mopar divisions. Click here to download this file
  17. http://www.oldmoparts.com/

    Does anyone know if this is a good place to order parts from, they seem to have alot listed, but I've never heard of them. Anyone ordered from them, or have any experience with them? Would they be recommended? --Thanks ----Diesel