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Found 10 results

  1. Reaching out to my forum members again for clarification. I appreciate it guys. Today I figured I'd mount up my re-conditioned starter and generator to allow for getting the coiled up generator leads routed and terminated and I've got some honking 2/0 battery and ground cables, terminals, connectors, etc.. sitting here waiting to go on the car. Stabbed the starter, bolted it up, and was immediately reminded of something I had noticed and since forgotten about , once I started taking this car apart a few years back. One of the in and out oil lines between the block and the canister type oil filter, tries to lay on and rub the back of the starter. It's the line that comes out of the bottom center of the oil filter. I experimented with loosening the clamp that holds the filter housing and tried rotating the canister clockwise - which (if I went far enough) would produce a small clearance between the hose and the rear of the starter, but then the upper hose is now over in the way of the shift linkage,... I messed with it for a while, thinking I might could find that exact right sweet spot (by rotating it both directions and also moving the entire canister up and down in the circular clamp that holds it in place to the block. I also loosened both of the nuts that attach the Cannister brkt/clamp to the block to make sure the entire bracket was as far towards the front of the car as possible. (which it was, I did however notice that both holes in the Cannister mounting to engine block bracket were oblong shaped to allow for some forward/backward movement...my 1st thought was that it would be easy enough to increase the width of these oblong holes a bit and I could gain some clearance that way),..if nothing else presents itself to remedy this.. Anyway - it got dark thirty on me, and as I was putting tools up and staring at this thing a bit, I began to wonder if possible the entire assembly should be turned so that the hoses are actually pointing more towards the driver inner fender ? This would get them away from the shift linkage and the rear of the starter....hummmmm ?? I doubt these are the original hoses, who knows whats been put on here ?? Being somewhat outta gas, and with it being dark thirty, I came inside and grabbed my camera and took a picture of the way this setup looked when I got the car, how it exists today,.. and I have attached the pic to this post. Could any of you P15 folks out there possible reply with a picture of how this setup is supposed to look ? or if a picture isn't possible, an explanation of how your hoses are routed would be great as well. In looking at these hoses tonight, I noticed that the one that's been laying on the rear of the starter is starting to show some signs of cracking where it bends, so I'll go ahead and replace them both. Might be a good time to look into getting rid of the canister filter assembly and going with a modern style spin on filter conversion. I've got the dual heater setup, so there's really no room on the firewall and my driver side inner fender has really become congested with electrical.....I should be able to build a bracket that would allow the spin on filter base to mount up to the block where the old cannister filter mounted, anyway - any help, direction, pictures related to either the correct hose routing for the old style canister filter, or in regards to converting to a modern spin on style filter would be a lot of help. Thanks again for your time and all the help. Steve
  2. Hi, after fully rebuilding the engine for my '49 Wayfarer business coupe, I was very happy to see that it doesn't have any leaks - EXCEPT FOR - the remote oil filter. - - the pipe seals and the main cap seal are good, but it leaks around the large nut that tightens the cap down. can anyone tell me how to separate the nut from the cap so that I can renew or make a seal for it ?? regards, BB.
  3. Does this look right? I pulled out the old sock filter (was pretty tight) and replaced it with the recommended equivalert WIX. Notice how short, only about 1/2 way up the can. Plus the included seal is a tad oversize - ended up putting in my original seal.
  4. I have been slowly getting things together to start my rebuilt engine, which was re-done about 8 years ago or so. (Long story, don't ask...) After carburetor stuff, distributor stuff (including electronic ignition), much tinkering, flipping the rotor 180º, etc etc, the ol' flathead began to start today!! BUT, after running only about 5 seconds, THE OIL FILTER OVERFLOWED!!. I have drained the oil, and was going to refill but not all the way, (including zinc additive), but first I must ask, WHAT MIGHT CAUSE THIS???? OR WHAT HAVE I DONE??Photo attached.
  5. My 1938 P-6 has an add on cartridge style oil filter that uses the replacement cartridge Napa 1011, wix 5011, Baldwin J405 and the like. It appears that Wix does the manufacturing for these three companies. The parts are not being made to specs and the gaskets no longer the correct diameter. Does anyone have a good source for this filter cartridge.
  6. Greetings all, For years, I was the guy pouring in countless dollars and hours into a restoration just to sell the vehicle at a huge loss. Well I finally got smart and just bought the attached original, numbers matching 1942 Dodge WC Job-rated pickup truck which someone else restored! I also received the original build sheet with it which says it came with an oil filter, but there is no oil filter on the engine. The build sheet is kind of hard to read but the oil filter line says something like: EX 602-B-16 Del OilFilter Any ideas where I can find one? Thanks! Dave
  7. I am looking at the inside cap of my oil filter canister. Cant figure out how it works. I know the oil should go in, pass thru the filter then go out. Simple enough but I dont have the filter element for the filter. If you look at the picture of the inside of the cap it comes in thru the side hole and goes out the middle hole. Simple enough but with a canister type filter the In hole looks like it would come into the middle (same place it goes out) or on top of the filter since it is so close to the center. Also if you look closely at the underside of the cap it looks like the In hole is dented up and actually see some cut marks around the hole. Like someone removed something - a tube or something? Is this cap missing something or has it been modified? I would really like to use it because I like the way it looks. If I can use it would anyone know what part number and make of filter I could use with it? It says Baldwin D7 but have done some searches and come up with nothing on that number.
  8. Just a quick question, was about to order an oil filter online, figured I'd come here first and make sure I have the correct one. Searched and saw a few posts about toilet paper, and a few about Mopar oil filter adapter kits... which now makes me wonder if I just need a filter? or a filter and something else? I was looking at a FRAM C134PL for my '47 Dodge Sedan. Few sites have them fairly cheap... assuming will fit, but, again, when I saw a few posts about adapters, I figured I'd better ask.
  9. Just rebuilt the stock short block motor on my P15. Everything seems fine with the exception of the oil filter. I have replaced the sealed by-pass oil filter with one that you can replace the elements in. Problem is, every time I run the engine it forces oil out of the top of the filter and deposits it on my drive. This is not pleasing my (usually) very understanding wife! The rubber seal on the canister looks good and I've tried really tightening it down but nothing seems to work. Regarding pressure, I'm getting about 45 psi on a reasonably fast idle. The dipstick is telling me to add another quart so I have not over-filled it. I have a 150 mile journey on Friday so if I can't find a solution it's back with the original sealed canister. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  10. I have the oil filter sealed can type its expensive and not readily available and want to replace this with either a spin-on or canister. Can anyone tell me if there is a site or place I can obtain the replcement parts?
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