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Found 61 results

  1. Fantasy to Reality

    Hello everyone. My newest projects came to me from my father that passed away in December of 2017. He kept these trucks for over 40 years, in a garage and I drooled over them since I knew how to walk. I will do them justice and honor my dad by putting them back into service, just the way he had them, years ago. I just wanted to share these with everybody. Wish me luck!
  2. 1941 D20 kingsway

    Hey all, New to the group here but I just picked up this 1941 dodge Kingsway and am looking for some more information on it. It runs and drives and has the original engine in it. I'm new to mopar vehicles but couldn't pass up the opportunity to have it. I've gone through the threads regarding brake drum removal but am looking for additional information on wiring diagrams and component names for under the hood. Appreciate any and all help.
  3. Body / Engine Number 42 Dodge

    Hello, Is possible to get more informations only with body / engine number? I own a 42 Dodge and serial number tag is not there. Thanks
  4. Hi everyone. I’m the usual long time lurker, first time poster. After enjoying the forum for a while I thought you might be interested in seeing my ‘54 Dodge Coronet Suburban wagon. I imported it a couple of years ago and have slowly (I mean slowly....) been going through it. It hasn’t been properly on the road since the early 80’s. If you like it, I may start a build thread as I have plenty of pictures and the input would be helpful. Pics below were the day it was delivered -
  5. I am working on a 1937 Dodge 1/2 ton pickup with a 218ci 6-cylinder. The engine number stamped on my block is: T38-8085. The engine spun the #2 rod bearing and cracked the crankshaft. I have located a crankshaft and set of rods out of a 1953 Dodge B4B with a 218 ci engine, and I am hoping to use this crank as a replacement. The B4B engine is stamped with T306*I57323*. Unfortunately, I do not have the crankshaft casting numbers readily available. My question is, are these crankshafts interchangeable? Or can this only be determined from the crankshaft casting numbers?
  6. Anyone know where I might find factory blueprints for the Dodge / Plymouth flathead six (the 23" short block) engine? Willem Weertman's Chrysler Engines 1922 - 1998 book has some basic line drawings of the '59 Plymouth MP1 version, but I'm looking for more detailed information, e.g. dimensions, etc.
  7. [SOLVED - Thanks guys. Talked to previous owner today. Big lever next to driver operates a two speed mounted behind the transmission. It was left in low after loading on to hauler's trailer.] Just bought a 1941 Dodge Dump Truck 1 1/2 ton. It is a WF-32 model and the serial number is 8803598. I suspect the top speed is 20 mph if I really push it! It has a 4 speed tranny plus reverse. Took it for a little drive and on the way back in a 25 mph zone with the motor revved up pretty dang high in 4th gear cars were piling up behind me and it felt like about 18-20 mph! I bought this to haul stuff around this area and really do not need anything more than 45 mph. But will need that 45 mph on occasion. I’m not even halfway there!! I looked all over the rear differential and could not see anything that looked like a lever/actuator for a 2 speed or a plate where someone had covered it up. I will go out tomorrow and attempt to ID the rear end. There is a large lever sticking up just to the side of my right knee as I sit in driver seat. Than a couple of other small horzontal levers down low at the front of the seat farther out. The large lever would not go in any direction with the motor running and the clutch in. Some of the levers must be to run the dump up and down. I feel like I could pull tanks with this thing <grin> Any ideas on how to speed this baby up??
  8. Decoding vin. 46-48 dodge coupe

    1947 dodge 3 passenger business coupe. Looking for help on decoding my 8 digit vin. Infront of inside Drivers door. Vin: 312xx834 couldn't tell on 2 center #'s faint strikes and i have to clean some paint off. And the cowl tag. For exact body design? Cowl: 27152tbc or tpc?
  9. Hello everyone, I discovered this board when I started doing research on the '49 Dodge Coronet that I ended up purchasing. I am new to things pre 1960s-1970s and would sure appreciate any help I can gather. First I'll go over the car 1949 Dodge Coronet Club Coupe. 230 flathead with fluid drive three speed manual. Last registered in 1976 and appears it was used as someone's college transportation. Lots of Mississippi university stickers and a fraternity front plate haha. Car is complete and, to my surprise, we drove it onto the trailer with a coffee can "gas tank" hanging from the hood. Has some rust. Holes in front floor boards etc. but right now I'll just be fixing things to get it running, driving, stopping, etc. Now some stuff about me. I live in the Detroit Metro area and work as an engineer. I grew up with 1960s muscle cars but have grown a little "bored". Fear not, I have no dreams of hemi swaps or front clip conversions etc for this car. It will stay as original as possible. I'll probably even go with some new bias plys. I want to get an experience of how these cars drive. Not how the latest hot rod show thinks it should drive. Now that that's out of the way I have my first question and it's related to doors. I ordered a shop manual from faxon but it hasn't arrived yet. Has anyone experienced sagging doors and what is a good fix? I have to lift the door to shut. Do these have conventional hinge pins? Can't seem to find them online. Also the drivers door does not open from the outside. I suspect a linkage issue. Thanks for any help and I look forward to asking many more questions haha!
  10. Inlet valves

    Hi Techies, - Is it common for the inlet valves to have a spring and seal under the valve head ? and if so what is the reasoning for it ? - It's a D34 flathead I have stripped with intention of completely rebuilding it. Thanks in advance, B.B.
  11. D34 engine camshaft

    Hi techy guys, I (stupidly) managed to break a lug off the camshaft sprocket mount. (Dodge D34 Engine) - Is this part of the camshaft, or a seperate part driven by the camshaft ?? Ironically, the cam lobes seem OK and I was hoping to re-use it. (W/shop manual is useless). Any camshaft pictures would be more than welcome, - can't find any on the internet. Regards, BB.
  12. Hi everybody, I posted this in the Car section as well, as I wasn't entirely sure where to put it. My brother has a 1956 Dodge truck and we are looking for paint chips/ paint codes for it. It is a two-tone, we believe the colours are Pontchartrain green for the lower half and Banner Green for the upper half. It is a Canadian truck though, are the paint codes, or even the colours the same? We own a 1940 Dodge as well and know that the original blue colour is either exclusive to Canada, and the original paint chips are long gone or no longer being mixed, I can't quite remember which. The trucks I believe were painted in commercial paint colours- were these commercial colours shared across the US- Canadian Border? Thanks in advance, Dean
  13. Howdy, Newbie here! I have a 251cid Dodge engine (T120-77962) in my 1.5 ton truck that has a blown out piston and I did not want to put money into rebuilding it since it's a truck used to just drive around the farm for fun. My question is, will a 230cid Dodge engine (D42-211153) from either 1951 or 1952 be a viable replacement to bolt up to my existing set up? I found an engine nearby in excellent running condition and thought of just swapping mine out for this one. I think that I would have to move the motor mounts, but I don't know if the water pump, thermostat housing, generator or anything else would simply swap out from the 251 to the 230. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Roman
  14. Hello .. I am ricardo, I am from Porto - Portugal and I am restoring a dodge D25 special deluxe, 4 door ( year 1946)( I'm new in forum, so sorry for something i do wrong ) At the moment, i'm in the interior of the vehicle and I have doubts about front seat tracks( when I bought the vehicle the interior was burned and don't have the front seat tracks ). Please, someone can help me with front seat tracks ( photos ) for my car? If possible send me the seats ( complete and incomplete seats - Photos ). Best Regards for everybody Ricardo Silva
  15. IMG-4583.JPG

    License to cruise 2016
  16. IMG-4581.JPG

    License to cruise 2016
  17. IMG-4581.JPG

    License to cruise 2016
  18. IMG-4579.JPG

    License to cruise 2016
  19. IMG-4579.JPG

    License to cruise 2016
  20. IMG-4578.JPG

    License to cruise 2016
  21. The day i brought Nellie home

    From the album 48 Special Deluxe

  22. Vin numbers

    Hi, I mentioned in a previous post that the vin number on my registration document (UK) had two incorrect digits. I contacted the licensing authority to have it corrected, but they replied saying that the number on my UK document is the same number on the previous owner's Oklahoma (USA) title. The only way it can be corrected is if I provide proof that the number is incorrect, -either from a recognized 'owner's club' official, or, from the manufacturer. Is there anyone connected to this forum that could supply me (for a fee) with an official letterhead that might satisfy the licence departments need ?? One of you guys sent me a pictured list of Dodge serial numbers showing the start and finish numbers for all the model/years. I can forward this to them, but it would carry more weight with an official letter. many thanks, Regards, Billy. By the way, the vin number shown on my reg doc doesn't even fit in with the number sequence for that year, but the actual vin number (on car) does !! Car is a '49 Dodge Wayfarer Business coupe (D29).
  23. 52 Dodge trans swap

    I'm looking at swapping a TH350 into my 52 Dodge Meadowbrook. I have a couple options, I was considering keeping the flathead six and getting an adapter for the TH350. Or, I have a 283 SBC from a 57 bel air I can put in as well. I know what everyone says "dont put an SBC in a mopar blah blah blah" but the thing is kind of a "rat rod" I guess. It was a 4 door that some guys in my club built a long time ago. They made it into a 2 door roadster (no top). It's cool and I got it dirt cheap, so I'm not concerned about keeping it original or all mopar or anything. Just trying to use what I've got in the garage to make it easier on me. The only reason I'm going automatic is I have a bad knee and I've tried driving it around with the 3 on the tree and it's just not worth it for me to be so sore after cruising around town. I'd like to comfortably go longer distances. So, I have a few questions. I've read that putting an auto trans behind the 6 will be horribly slow. And the adapter and flywheel kit for that swap is 800 bucks. So cost and HP have me leaning towards the SBC. I'm wondering if anyone can give advice on either SBC and trans swap, or if anyone has put a automatic behind the flathead 6 and what fabrication is involved with that. I have no idea how the 6 mounts to the frame or anything. It looks like the only mounts are by the bellhousing. Is that right? Thanks!
  24. I'm the recent owner of a 1951 Dodge B3B and I had it up and running great until a few weeks ago. Among other issues, the starter stopped working. My mechanic took it out and sent it over to a local rebuilder who eyeballed it from across the room as a Dodge truck starter. Long story short, the armature is broken and it doesn't seem like anybody makes a replacement starter for these trucks. Does anybody have a line on where to find one (new or used, at this point I don't care)? Or of there's any kind of adapter to use a different starter or something like that I'm open to any and all solutions. The truck does have the original 218ci motor. It has been converted to 12V negative ground but the entire truck was professionally rewired, including starter cables. The original starter was working fine until this happened and it used to start the truck great with the extra umph of the 12V battery.
  25. B.B.'s '49 Wayfarer Business Coupe

    Here is Delores, My '49 Dodge Wayfarer Business Coupe. La Plata blue, original and unrestored. Lives in England.