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Found 20 results

  1. keithb7

    We and the Windsor 2018

    Inspired by @Worden18 and his Meadowbrook thread , I decided that I will host a thread of my 1953 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe this season. I was thinking about why I wanted to do this. Why share my year of travels and interactions in my old Mopar on the internet? I think there are several good reasons. None really more important than any other. Arguably it could summed up as just plain cool. It feels good to know that here at P15-D24, there are many others who share my passion for the old Mopars. We have a lot in common. We have lots to share. The good folks here care about keeping these old cars running and out on the roads. And if like me, enjoy reading other's adventures. Seeing the sites in another part of the world is fun. Every photo tells a thousand words. I hope there will be lots to show and tell this coming season. I also want to give back a little to this forum. The help I found here is much appreciated. Maybe I can repay you folks a little by giving you a little entertainment. Here we go.... My car season is anxiously beginning as temps are forecasted to hit 17C (62F) over the next few days. That'll kick start the big snow melt. My Chrysler is ready to cruise now after a busy winter. We sold our home and moved in the middle of my planned winter car repair schedule. Then we went on a 10 day trip to a much warmer climate. Since I got back home and settled, I've been busting my knuckles getting everything I wanted done to the car before the April 1 deadline. That's when Vintage Car Club Parade is. I'm not sure who's more excited. My 19 yr old son or I, for the cruising season. He's almost found daily out in the garage, sitting in the car making vroom- vroom noises. "Feeling the new brakes and clutch pedal adjustments", he says. Tonight my car is jockey'd up in the garage ready to get out. Hopefully the snow on the sides of the roads get knocked back enough this weekend to keep water off the pavement. Then it's go time. Cruising 2018 is but just around the bend here.
  2. Ajgkirkwood

    Axle switching

    So here’s what’s going on. On my Chrysler I like to get better highway gears. I came across a 1960 Plymouth fury rear axle. Was hoping to drop it in but after some research I don’t think I can as my axle is 60” 5x4.5 and my leaf spring mounts would be 47 where the fury is 55.5” 5x4 and spring mounts is 45.5? so this leads me to is could I take the gears from the fury and put into my axle?
  3. Ajgkirkwood

    What was my original engine?

    Hello again everyone. My brother and I have been working on pulling out the motor/trans because we believe the ring gear on the flywheel went. I currently have a 265ci long block in the car. I want to rebuild it because oil pressure is like 5 psi idling and 25 on the hwy. I found on kijiji a 23 with trans for 500 that was rebuilt in 1995. It showed 40-50 psi in a video while it was idling (warm I’m assuming by the temp gauge next to it) is this too high for idling? anyways getting to the point. I would like to get that 230 as a replacement till I can afford to rebuild the 265 however looking at the motor mounts i don’t see anything modified to fit the 265. I was under the impression it had a 23 block before and they have to squeeze that long block in. Did is my car come with a 23 or 25 block? Attached is is the motor and mounts
  4. Bigtwin

    New to forum

    Hello everyone..new to the forum. Will be taking ownership of my first oldie this next weekend, a 1953 Chrysler New Yorker. Looking forward to learning from this group.. thanks Terry
  5. Hello, I am wondering about the correct application and location for this bracket on my 1938 chrysler royal. It was attached to the bottom side of my battery box on one side and the other does not seem to line up with anything?/? I does not line up with anything obvious battery hold down ect...?/? Any help Thoughts would be appreciated...
  6. Roger the Dodger

    Ride in a 1938 Chrysler Royal - Video

    My mate John took me for a ride in his 1938 Chrysler Royal last Sunday. Beautiful car and runs great. See the youtube video.
  7. Roger the Dodger

    Ride in a 1938 Chrysler Royal - Photos

    Here are some photos of John's Royal. Steering wheel is ok, we are in Australia. https://postimg.org/image/dkiinj0fp/ https://postimg.org/image/4s1jzufat/ https://postimg.org/image/4e0808v79/
  8. Ajgkirkwood

    1940 chrysler 1941 plymouth grill

    With my chrysler i have a couple small complaints in terms of its looks. I feel the rear tail lights are too small for how big thr back is (any suggestions on bigger lights will be nice) bumpers stick too far out but my biggest beef is the grill. The whole car is curves and i love it. To me it screams aerodynamic (might not actually be the case but the body lines makes sense to me) what doesnt make sense to me is the rectangular grill. Everything is curves then boom lets make a straight grill. What i love to know is, can a 1941 plymouth grill/front face be switched out? I love the look of the 41 plymouth I go for a 1939 plymouth but those square lights....
  9. rb1949

    Front Coil Springs

    Debating front coil spring replacement. Do I know anything about springs? NO! Lots of reading on the subject, and that the Aerostar springs are good for old Mopar. And multiple results as to the resulting car height they provide.The spring is shorter than original, but gives same height? Cars mentioned are Dodge, Plymouth and DeSoto. Mine is '49 Chrysler. So far lots of stuff about this '49 are different from other Mopars. So it makes me want to question springs. Stock 250 engine. Any wisdom from the been there - done that experience would be appreciated. Prices for the CC850 spring seem reasonable. Installing them is another story. Thanks.
  10. What is the lowest known P18 motor to still exist here is mine 181255
  11. CJwindsor

    46-48 Chrysler questions

    Ok so I have a few questions. I've never owned, dealt, etc. anything mopar. My wife and I have acquired her great grandparents 46-48 Chrysler Windsor Club coupe, 5 window, 2 door. I'm not sure how to tell the year, just been judging from google images. The car has the spitfire flathead six with fluid drive. The car has been sitting for 50+ years. Floor boards are gone along with rust in other places. We've pretty much decided that it's more project than we want but I don't know if it's a car that there's a market for, or if there's any money in parting it out, or just haul it to the scrap yard. Thanks for any advice in advance. Clayton.
  12. Hello, first off let me say a pre thank you to anyone who takes an interest or provides me with any kind of insight. I have for years been cruising automotive forums whenever my vehicles have started acting up. i have found a wealth of information and helpfulness to pretty much diagnose, if not fix almost every problem. So far, so good...sort of. Anyway i have never signed up for any forum before and was content to just scout as a guest. Well. Last November I fulfilled a boyhood fantasy and bought a vintage pick up. I have since, been learning( almost daily it seems) about the joys of owning such a piece of history. I thought it was time to sign up, while looking through this forum the first picture i happen across was a 49 Fargo 1/2 ton...just like mine. i have since speculated mine to be a 50/51 as looking at pictures mine has the later grill, although the registration is 49. though the engine does have a tag that say " remanufactured by the chrysler method" and is dated 1956. Ok, so i have had a pretty lovely intoduction to vintage vehicles thus far. 3 weeks after purchase my head gasket went( the first time). Sad fargo sat for a month while i discovered how much fun it was to find parts for a 25 inch canadian made chrysler 251 flathead 6. Thank you vintagepowerwagons.com. After pulling the head off and discovering the cooling systems was for lack of a better word, Hooped. i set about gathering a new water pump, hoses, gasket set, APR head studs, rotor, cap, plugs, coil, leads,oil, etc. I had the rad flushed, had the head planed and magnafluxed, cleaned the water distribution tube, wire wheeled the top of the block and pistons. blew out all the water out of the intake. got all the crud out ( at least i thought). cleaned up the carb as best i could( so not a carb guy), rebuilt the distributor( ok my dad did) So, old motor, no idea how long it had been like that. Head gasket replacement, to be expected right. ya. ive heard these flatties will blow a gasket from time to time. no worries, i installed studs so a head replacement is no biggie... ok im getting to the point. so my head gasket has gone twice now, and im suspecting its going again. just before the second time, it started making this weird flapping noise, which kinda matches the rpms and then it just gets kinda slower. at first there is no loss of power, then it definitely does. I shut it off before anything came gushing out the tail pipe, as i don't want the rods to hydraulic. First, does anyone know what this noise is? and is there something i can do to help eliminate the possibility of blowing another gasket. Could it be the timing. As it is hard to set by gun, I've been told to "listen" for it. Second, as its like 3 head gaskets in like realistically 3 months, am i fighting a losing battle here. granted there are lots of determining factors , but I've combed through a lot of reading and have tried a lot of things to get it fixed. Don't get me wrong, it runs great when it runs.
  13. Mark Duggan and I are continuing to beat our heads against the wall, trying to find an event that will motivate interest in a gathering of Forum members and Chrysler Corporation Vehicle enthusiasts. We would also be tenatively gathering at Mark D's place out side of Worchester, Ma and doing a group drive to the event area. Last year we did a tour of the Hudson Valley in August. This year an opportunity presents for September 13-16 in the form of the Walter P Chrysler Club's annual meet. The WPC is a club for all Chrysler brands from the earliest models to the present offerings. This year they will meet in Belfast,Maine. There are activities planned as well as self directed tours and visits to local attractions. The Participant Judged Show is held on Saturday, all makes of Chrysler cars and trucks are welcomed regardless of condition. One does not have to be a club member to participate. At this time we are considering letting a house in the area that will accomodate up to 12 people. It features a pool and hot tub, canoes and kayaks, fishing gear, and is walking distance to shops restaurants, parks and beaches. We are looking for a commitment of 5 to 6 parties (have 3 currently) to make this work $$$ wise versus the host Hotel costs This would give us a place gather, sleep, cook meals, and also give the folks not interested in car stuff all the time a place to be rather than in the hotel room or lobby. Link to house: https://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p391622 Link to WPC click on 2016 meet: https://www.chryslerclub.org/meetinfo.htm Times are good gas is cheap bring grab your Chrysler and your juke box money and come on out.
  14. The ol' buggy has been immobile, waiting for a repair on the starter. How boring, just sitting out there in the driveway with nice summer weather. A project was on the list. Why not now? Via the picture, many of you well know this kind of project. I ran out and bought a compressor and spray gun.
  15. Those infamous rubber sill plates, one of the first things you notice getting in the car. What condition were yours in? Mine were old, dry, hard, brittle, worn, cracked and just plain nasty. And that one piece construction with the rubber molded directly to that metal strip creates rust underneath. With those pins on the metal going into the rubber grommets in the rocker, it was a handy way to attach them. Being SOOOO ugly, those were one of the first things I removed on the 4 door. Each one also had 2 screws, lucky to get those out without drilling. And the rubber grommets came out. Next to attack the rust, then prime and paint. It's not visible, slop on any color you got. I had Rustoleum Black. Now you've got a 'clean' rocker panel with big holes in it. Better than looking at broken pieces of rubber and a rusty plate. While searching for other parts, original replacement sill plates popped up. And the price. WHOA. These were definately NOT going to be a part of my budget for parts, to put my feet on. Time to be clever for some kind of non-Chrysler replacement that would look nice and serve the purpose. Going non original is no problem. After much debate, I settled on using rubber floor mat material, which comes in an array of patterns. Frowned on the 'ribbed' design, which would be hard to clean, and catching lots of beach sand. A smooth surface would be more suitable, and a Diamond Plate design caught my eye. Searching got lucky, spotting this pattern in the necessary 36" width, 1/8" thick, and it was 40% off. Only needed a foot long (4 pc X 3" each). One piece was carefully cut straight, and put in place using a good adhesive, no screws. So far so good, it looked nice. Quite functional, but also quite plain. Something was missing. Ah, it was the boring match of the rubber to the carpet, which could be improved with a piece of trim, similar to the carpet-to-tile stuff. Had the right idea, but shopping wasn't finding anything 'exciting' to cover this seam. Finally settled that 3/4" width would be the best. Picked up a piece of aluminum, 36" X 1/8" X 3/4", cut to 32". Buffed that sucker out to a glossy shine. Now we're getting somewhere. Not done yet. How could I add some class to this stick of metal? A perfect idea came to mind, producing the intended touch of class. Take a look at the result of my effort with this piece of aluminum. The first of two finished pieces. It was difficult to get a good photo with the reflections. CHRYSLER is centered, and I wanted the raised (shiny) letters with an engraved background. This was done freehand using a Dremmel. Needed some practice first with various bits to obtain the result. Grinding is tricky. And a steady hand. Here it is installed, using stainless oval head screws. Perfect for the intended purpose. Do you like it? I think it's a classy addition to the '49.
  16. File Name: 1949 CHRYSLER INSTRUMENT CLUSTER GASKET File Submitter: rb1949 File Submitted: 07 May 2016 File Category: Instructions, Manuals & Templates This is a PDF template for the one piece paper (fiber) gasket for the 4 gauges and odometer housing that mount to the rear of a 1949 Chrysler Instrument Cluster. I believe 1950 used the same cluster. Made to keep dirt, dust, etc. from getting into the gauges. Cut with a sharp instrument to avoid 'tearing' the material edges. Punch the screw holes slightly lager than the screw. Print the template at 100%. Click here to download this file
  17. Hello, all. This is my first post on this forum. I joined because I was lucky enough to obtain a free 1951 Windsor and I would like to get it running within the next year. I apologize in advance if this isn't the place for this an introduction. I didn't see an introduction forum. Here's a back story on how I got my hands on this car: About 5 months ago I saw this car on Craigslist for $1600, listed about 3 miles away from my apartment. The ad stated he was moving out of state and the car had to go. I called the guy and set up a time to go see it. When I got to his place, he wasn't home. This was a good chance to get the tire-kicking out of the way and really eye-ball it without offending anyone. I looked it over thoroughly, and I wasn't too impressed. It's not a 'special' car, It was in rough shape, and I wasn't really invested in it emotionally. However, by the time the guy showed up, I had developed a strange love for the car. Every angle of it screamed potential and drew me in. I studied it closer. At this point, I'm basically sold on the car if I can manage to work out a deal for a slightly better price. He explains what he believes to be the issue with it not running. He also says he has a collection of parts for the car. I asked him what he meant by "parts"... so he shows me his garage. He has almost every NOS part available to completely re-chrome the car, fix any insignificant broken piece, and new rubbers. So now he's reeling me in. He told me the parts do not go with the car, but he can work out a deal with me. I had to step back. I told him that I will give it some serious thought and I would contact him at some point to discuss it more. I never mentioned working out a price. I was starting to think $1600 was fair. A couple weeks pass, and the responsible part of me has blocked the car out of my mind. I had moved on. Out of the blue, he calls me and says "I've had a couple people look over the car and they all try to talk me down to a ridiculous price or just kick the tires and leave. I have a new deal for you". He tells me he wants me to come help him tear into the engine and see if we can get it running. His deal to me was "if we get it running, you can have the car and all the parts I've collected for the original asking price" or "if we can't get it running, you can have the car for $1000". I told him I wasn't ready to shake hands on it, but he lived close enough and I just wanted to get my hands dirty on a flathead because if anything, It gives me something to do on a friday night. Fast forward, We are digging in to the engine, suspecting a broken timing chain. He had all new parts ready to go. We get a couple hours in to the job, and I had made a couple parts and tool runs. By the time we get done, we realize there's nothing wrong with the timing chain. He steps back, scratches his head and says "well back to square one". He makes a couple comments suggesting he might just trade the car for something to a neighbor or keep it for whatever reason. At this point I had really written this car off. I just put in a bunch of hours and bloody knuckles into this car and now he wants to trade it to his neighbor? I left without making a scene, and went on about life. Maybe I misunderstood what he said, I don't know. About 2 months go by, I'm not even thinking about this car anymore. I'm in the passenger seat of my wifes car and I get a call from the guy. He asks me if I am still interested in the car and he has a new deal for me. I wasn't excited to hear it, and any money I had to spend is now gone AND christmas was a couple weeks away. I let him talk. He says "I want to give you the car. Your'e the only guy that I've dealt with that's been decent, shown genuine interest, and hasn't tried to talk the car down. I want you to have it". I didn't know what to say other than thank you. He said the only thing he can't do is give me the collection of parts. I was fine with that. Free rat rod. I was blown away. He could've accepted any low ball offer from anyone else, but he didn't. He would rather give it away to someone who genuinely wanted it than sell it for a low ball price. He did state "I can't take it with me and I can probably make my money back just by selling the parts". Good enough. I got a truck and trailer and got to his place by the end of the week. He helped me load it, gave me every single piece the car needs to become 100%, including every tiny replacement part that was missing down to the turn signal lever. He even gave me OG White walls, and a replacement front fender even though the one it replaces isn't that bad. So now I'm sitting on a Flathead six 1951 Chrsyler Windsor Deluxe Coupe that does not run. I came here because I was searching other forums for information and kept being guided here. It made sense, ratrod forums are fun, but I needed specific help from a community of people who deal specifically with this type of engine. Here is everything I know about the engine and where I am with it: (where mentioned, "previous owner" will be "P.O.") 1) The distributor was not turning with the engine. P.O. thought it was a bad distributor so he replaced it. Same issue, no movement. 2) P.O. thought it may be the timing chain. Checked, Timing chain is perfect and both gears cam and crank turn. 3) Car turns over just fine, won't fire. (no spark/no movement in distributor.) 4) Car was being driven when it stopped running about 2 years ago. Stopped dead in traffic on throttle. 5) I have no idea if the P.O. timed anything after replacing the distributor or if that has anything to do with it. 6) The engine is the original Spitfire Flathead six with fluiddrive transmission. I am trying to be as thorough as I can be, But I am a 29y/o who, up until recently, has never had my hands on anything other than daily driven Hondas and a few other Toyotas/Subarus. My knowledge is limited, especially on vehicles that pre-date myself by a few decades, but I've been handed a very exciting project and I owe it to the P.O. to get the car running. The timing couldn't have been worse with finances and my Honeymoon plans already being laid out for this coming summer. It has always been my dream to own a ratrod. I think this car is a perfect place to start. It has all the original parts and real age. I don't intend on modifying anything on this car, and I wan't to keep it as original as I can, only replacing as needed, with NOS or decent used parts. You will see in the pictures that there is a bit of red spray paint on the rear of the car, I want to remove that so that car is uniform. The only modifying I MIGHT do is to lower the car a tad. Not too much to scrape everywhere, but just enough to get a bit more of an aggressive look. We will see. I am open to any comments, guidance, advice or knowledge. I'd like to get some conversation going as to where to start to get it running. If I can get the car to the point where it runs smooth, I will hopefully get the engine out and give it a thorough rebuild so I can reliably drive it to shows. I will keep this thread alive as progress is made, but It's currently winter in the northeast, so progress pics probably won't make it on here until late spring. Until then, here are some pictures of what I am working with: Thanks for looking.
  18. Hi, this might not lead to anything, but maybe, just maybe it does. I am being offered a 1948 Chrysler Windsor for purchase, apparently only had one owner previously (a lady that was given this car as a present in 1948; great story I find), was directly sold to the current owner roughly 2/ 3 years ago (the max). What I have is a rough picture; the original license plate info (Virginia; 35-044), which indicates that the car was situated in Virginia. That's it. Now I would love to find out who that previous owner might have been. So again, maybe, just maybe this information does ring a bell to anyone. Would be fun, somehow :-) Thanks for joining the not-so-much-sherlock-holmes ride. Thom
  19. I am interested to find out what motor oil you guys are putting in your Dodge/Chrysler/Plymouth Flathead P15-D24 engine and why. What's your favorite Brand of motor oil for your old Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth Flathead 6 motor and why? Brand: SAE: Why: Thanks, LFT
  20. ok so as a few of you will remember, before christmas I bought a newyorker, from newyork state. thinking it would be able to be sent off at the same time as the dodge. oh how wrong I was !!!!..the dodge took 3 months for no apparant reason and the newyorker had paperwork problems. the papers didnt coincide with the (obvious) vin number althou I hear that at that time there were often more than 1 number on a car. anywaynobody wanted to look very far on the car so the previous owner had to go to the authoritirs and get a new VIN. this is now done and today the transporters are going to customs to see if it all checks out. keep your fingers crossed ! hears the car which is a beaut ! in my opinion, bluish interior and hemi, everything seems to be there, although I havent actually seen it as yet I ´ll start the thread so as to urge the thing on ! cheers for now sig

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