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Found 10 results

  1. 46-48 Chrysler questions

    Ok so I have a few questions. I've never owned, dealt, etc. anything mopar. My wife and I have acquired her great grandparents 46-48 Chrysler Windsor Club coupe, 5 window, 2 door. I'm not sure how to tell the year, just been judging from google images. The car has the spitfire flathead six with fluid drive. The car has been sitting for 50+ years. Floor boards are gone along with rust in other places. We've pretty much decided that it's more project than we want but I don't know if it's a car that there's a market for, or if there's any money in parting it out, or just haul it to the scrap yard. Thanks for any advice in advance. Clayton.
  2. The So Cal Mopar Fall Fling is going to be on Saturday October 29, 2016 this year ! I plan on being there early, getting all the good deals. Anybody else planing on making it out there? Hope to meet some more of you So Cal Forum guys soon, Rod
  3. Mark Duggan and I are continuing to beat our heads against the wall, trying to find an event that will motivate interest in a gathering of Forum members and Chrysler Corporation Vehicle enthusiasts. We would also be tenatively gathering at Mark D's place out side of Worchester, Ma and doing a group drive to the event area. Last year we did a tour of the Hudson Valley in August. This year an opportunity presents for September 13-16 in the form of the Walter P Chrysler Club's annual meet. The WPC is a club for all Chrysler brands from the earliest models to the present offerings. This year they will meet in Belfast,Maine. There are activities planned as well as self directed tours and visits to local attractions. The Participant Judged Show is held on Saturday, all makes of Chrysler cars and trucks are welcomed regardless of condition. One does not have to be a club member to participate. At this time we are considering letting a house in the area that will accomodate up to 12 people. It features a pool and hot tub, canoes and kayaks, fishing gear, and is walking distance to shops restaurants, parks and beaches. We are looking for a commitment of 5 to 6 parties (have 3 currently) to make this work $$$ wise versus the host Hotel costs This would give us a place gather, sleep, cook meals, and also give the folks not interested in car stuff all the time a place to be rather than in the hotel room or lobby. Link to house: https://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p391622 Link to WPC click on 2016 meet: https://www.chryslerclub.org/meetinfo.htm Times are good gas is cheap bring grab your Chrysler and your juke box money and come on out.
  4. 1953 1 ton Dodge

    Work in progress. Cummins turbo diesel 1 ton, 2 wheel drive chassis. 5 speed trans. Big Mopar truck front fender flares, stretched front fenders 12" to fit intercooler. Cab sectioned over frame 4". Top chopped 3". Running boards lowered 2". Front frame modified to lower radiator and intercooler to fit within the 53 sheetmetal. Doing a little at a time by myself in my own shop.
  5. 1950 Wayfarer Sportabout Roadster

    My Dad's Wayfarer. 318/904, A/C, 7.25 rear axle. All Mopar of course. Driven from PA to Florida for the Mopars with Big Daddy show in Ocala.
  6. 1949 Dodge Wayfarer Business Coupe

    Harley tail lights, Plymouth trunk handle and brake lamp, hand formed frenched license plate box. 2" Lowering blocks, Ford gas tank fits between frame rails very nicely if you want to delete the vertical spare tire mount in the trunk.
  7. 1949 Wayfarer Business Coupe

    Hand built in my shop. Mopar 318/904, A/C, Suregrip rear. Driven from Florida to Pennsylvania several times a year. A good runner, very dependable and gets 22 mpg with the air on.
  8. Help! I've been searching high and low for information on this and was directed to this forum site by Gods Grace I hope someone can help! I have a 47' Plymouth Special Deluxe. I've restored pretty much everything on it. I'll post some pictures later if you are curious! Anyways I am looking for a diagram, or video that shows me how to remove, repair and install the windows, Pictures, walk-throughs, anything that will help me! I would really appreciate it!
  9. Hey everyone, Recently I have gotten the time (and funds) to continue, and hopefully complete, my engine rebuild on my 230 Flathead. About 6 years ago I purchased a '55 Flathead from a buddy, while taking an engine rebuilding course at my nearby community college. This was after learning my lesson when buying a cracked engine from an unmentionable forum. After finding the one my buddy sold, I began the teardown. I photographed as much of the teardown as I could. I'm also pretty anal (can I say that here?) about labeling everything. I zip-locked each bolt set and labeled their size, count, and where they belonged. Now, here is my issue: After receiving my 230 crank from a local shop I am ready to plastigage it with the bearing caps, but I don't remember how my caps go. Attached is a photograph of my setup. I could have sworn I stamped them, but also notice there's oil caps, as well. I have looked through my Service Manual from 1955 and don't see any diagram or illustration as to the order in which these caps go. I've checked images online of similar engines and nothing close to what I'm looking for. Long story short, if anyone has any photographs of their rebuild on a 230 I would really appreciate a shot of the bottom end install. Also, Could I get away with replacing my Bearing cap bolts with some grade 8 bolts? I have called various suppliers (i.e. Burnaby and Vintage Power Wagons) and they don't carry any. Any info would be appreciated! =Adrian=
  10. http://www.oldmoparts.com/

    Does anyone know if this is a good place to order parts from, they seem to have alot listed, but I've never heard of them. Anyone ordered from them, or have any experience with them? Would they be recommended? --Thanks ----Diesel