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  1. Bellhousing to transmission gasket

    Anyone know where to get this gasket?
  2. These brackets and spacers are off of a 1949 Dodge Wayfarer 230 engine. Not sure if this is what your after.




  3. Torque Spec Request

    Yes it does! Thanks
  4. Torque Spec Request

    Thanks. How about the Bell Housing?
  5. Torque Spec Request

    I cannot seem to find the torque values for the bell housing to engine and manifolds for a Dodge 230. Thanks for your help.
  6. Oil in Exhaust Manifold

    Thanks for the information. If the compression test is satisfactory I will remove water pump to look at the water distribution pipe. Trying to get it to a point for the best shot for a successful start up!
  7. Oil in Exhaust Manifold

    Poured about 2/3 of a bottle equally in each cylinder. Hard to tell how much dripped out but I would say no where near the 2/3 poured in.
  8. Oil in Exhaust Manifold

    So nothing to really worry about for the moment!!
  9. Oil in Exhaust Manifold

    Working on bringing my D24 motor to a point where I can perform a compression test to evaluate its condition. It's on a wooden support frame on a dolly. I poured some Marvel Mystery oil into the pistons and after a few days was able to easily turn it over. After a while I noticed Marvel Mystery oil dripping from the exhaust manifold cut off tail pipe. What is this telling me ? Thanks
  10. Using Engine ID Number to Title Car

    Update- I followed the suggestion made by DJ194950 and had a Vin verifier come out and confirm engine number on the frame. I also retained his services to see if he could get a title, registration and plates. The good news is that he was successful with Ca. DMV and I will be receiving plates and registration in just 4 days! From the time he came out to verify number to when I will get documents will be 1 week! I now can proceed with confidence that this 49 Suburban will see the road once again. Thanks for all the comments and advise!
  11. Using Engine ID Number to Title Car

    Does my engine number that I found on the frame look right? I had to really dig deep to expose the numbers. I am wondering if the U should be a 0 or did they use number and letters. Thanks
  12. Using Engine ID Number to Title Car

    Greg- no paperwork. The seller purchased the vehicle as a doner car for his other project. I did get the seller to sign a DMV form that transfer ownership.
  13. Using Engine ID Number to Title Car

    Marty - appreciate your response. The body number that I have is 717 8233. Did you register your car recently? What was your first step in doing so? Thanks
  14. I acquired a 49 Suburban in April of this year with the understanding that it had no title and no serial number but I loved the wagon anyway. With success I started acquiring and assembling the body parts to make up a complete wagon. It came with a D-24 motor and transmission not in the car. Now the issue is will I be able to get a title and register it in California. I was able to find the engine number on the frame below gas filler which is P18-5247U4. The U could be a 0 not sure yet. Has anyone registered a vehicle using the engine number in California? Thanks
  15. Rear Bumper Support Brackets

    Thanks guys. I am almost done assembling all the missing parts on the 49 Suburban. It was a parts car for the previous owner so it has been a bit challenging but at the same time rewarding to see it come together. The rear bumper bracket is one of the last items I need. Still looking!