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  1. Rear Bumper Support Brackets

    Thanks guys. I am almost done assembling all the missing parts on the 49 Suburban. It was a parts car for the previous owner so it has been a bit challenging but at the same time rewarding to see it come together. The rear bumper bracket is one of the last items I need. Still looking!
  2. Rear Bumper Support Brackets

    I wanted to know if a 1950 Suburban rear bumper brackets will fit a 1949 Suburban? Thanks!
  3. Front Bumper Bar

    The pictures really help. Looks like it fits behind the original guards. It's going to be interesting to see how the top hook and straps come into play. Wonder if this was an aftermarket item if there was such a thing back then. I like the look especially on a Suburban. Thanks
  4. Front Bumper Bar

    Here's another picture.
  5. Front Bumper Bar

    I did notice that the spacing of the vertical bars is exactly the same as the bumper guards. So I will assume that they replace the bumper guards with the right bumper Certainly a heavy duty look!
  6. Front Bumper Bar

    I am putting my 49 Suburban together and ran across this bumper bar stacked with other parts that came with the wagon. I'm not sure if it's for the wagon. Does anyone know what it is and what model it might fit.
  7. Hood Does Not Open All The Way

    Thanks for the comments! I will continue now to adjust hood and move on to other body parts as I'm working from the front to the rear! I will post pictures when I have a complete Suburban!! Thanks
  8. Hood Does Not Open All The Way

    Ok that makes me feel better. I actually was able to get it to about 24" from hood latch to hood latch base plate. I don't know if you can tell from the pictures but The springs are a round coil type not A vertical spring like I'm seeing in the books. Thanks
  9. Hi Everyone - I posted this in Technical but decided to post it here also. I am not really sure what the problem is so here it is! I am assembling the body parts on my 49 Sub. I am working on the hood now. It has a 50's hood. I noticed that there is a forward bolt hole on the hood that the hinge bracket does use. I am not sure if the hinges or the hood is the problem. The hood will only raise about 18" above the latch plate. The overall alignment is not too bad and does need adjustments, but trying to understand why the hood does not open all the way! Thank you
  10. Happy Independence Day Everyone ! I am assembling body parts on my 49 Sub. I am working on the hood now. It has a 50 hood. I am not sure if the hinges are correct for the hood. The hood will only raise 18" above the latch plate. I noticed here is a forward bolt hole on the hood not being used by the hinge bracket. (see pictures). Needs adjustment at the latch and overall alignment is not too bad, but I first need to address the hinge issue and then go from there. What's my problem? Have a Great Day !!!
  11. 49 Plymouth Front Seat

    Thanks everyone for the comments! I thought I would post a picture of the seat I am getting for the Suburban thinking that some of you may get a kick out of the fabric on the seat! Till next time!!
  12. 49 Plymouth Front Seat

    Can someone tell me if the front seat off a 49 business coupe will fit a 49 Suburban? Thanks
  13. Motor and Transmission ID

    Interesting - Appreciate the feed back! This will certainly get me going in the right direction! Let you know that my first experience on this forum was great. Thanks everyone.
  14. Motor and Transmission ID

    Sorry about all the pictures but sometimes that is the best way to communicate for those of us that are not up to speed with how things go together or don't go together! Looks like the crank flange has 8 holes but not sure why there is only 4 bolts. What do you think? What I'm getting from comments is that the motor is a 230 with the correct transmission to go with it. I'm missing flywheel , bell housing and other misc items. It should fit in the 50 Suburban! Thanks again
  15. Motor and Transmission ID

    The shaft measures approx. 9". Will look for flywheel and bell housing. Looks like I also will need rear support rubber bushings. I only see 2 holes in the frame. Thanks everyone for your comments!