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  1. Thunderbay

    01 28 14 01 5.7L Hemi & Transmission

    Where were you able to have that done? I was looking at Dakota Digital and a few others and hoped to keep mine stock in appearance. So far my project has ground to a halt as I have been posted across the country. I have some holidays coming up and am hoping to get a bulk of the work completed. So far the frame is completed, suspension is installed, engine and trans and body are all fitted and a bunch of other stuff. I still have a lot to do of course. It’s my first hotrod project so I’m learning the difficult way. I’m hoping to get everything ordered before I move in August so I can take it all with me.
  2. Thunderbay

    01 28 14 01 5.7L Hemi & Transmission

    Me again. I was wondering what you decided to do for gauges once the GEN 3 was installed?
  3. Thunderbay

    01 28 14 01 5.7L Hemi & Transmission

    Ah okay. Looks like they are out of business. I’ll try Patriot tight ticks and see. Thank you! And great build.
  4. Thunderbay

    01 28 14 01 5.7L Hemi & Transmission

    May I ask where you purchased the headers? I’m putting a 5.7 Hemi in my 53 Fargo as we speak and am experiencing header clearance issues.

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