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  1. OK, I crawled under and looked around. The rear end resembles a 8 3/4 with bolt at the hub, is it the same basically? Also when pulling the motor do you take motor and trans all at once? the trans looks massive. I am going to go ahead and put the 360 motor and trans in. I have parts for sale off the car, well motor and trans, two extra carbs... any advice? Thanks
  2. I guess so on the trail of posts! Posting from phone is not so good! I have a 360 and transmission ! I found a flat head six motor with standard trans for sale, wondering if motor will bolt up to my trans! I am all mopar but open to what works!!
  3. Not changing transmissions just motors
  4. I am not sure what it is, hoping to just change motor but knowing with LA s motors the need a hole in crankshaft to change auto to standard transmission so.. I am wanting to make sure I don't any issues
  5. Ok my trans I may not change, if I change motor will there be issues, mine is the semi automatic, but motor had an manual tranny attached
  6. If I find a flat head six and will a six speed or automatic will bolt up without any issues?
  7. Hey thank you for all that information. Well thought out. So i guess no fenders needed to removed. Just the hood. sounds so complex.
  8. yes six pack carbs. not sure if the 440 will fit in the wayfarer, but now sure how it is the best way to remove motor on the 49.
  9. I am still sixpakrob! I guess i need to know how to take this motor out. Take fenders off? hood off? what is the smart way, disconnect motor or take motor and trans all out at once?
  10. Hey thank you Andydoge. I do not much about those other motors but I do know LA style motors. I do want to keep it looking much original looking as possible but upgraded. Easy to jump on the highway. Looking and sounding good. Been working on unsticking the motor and if it is not successful I will put something better. I am sure it would be costly to rebuild.
  11. I guess it will work. Here is a video with one in.
  12. What aftermarket is worth looking at to make the job easier? Mounts and transmission
  13. I have a 360 and 727 tranny already, but I want to make sure it will fit without firewall cutting and do you know anyone who has one in a 49 wayfarer
  14. You can get a dart manifold for driver side but want to know is there someone who has done it
  15. I don't want to cut firewall or floors! If that's the case then I won't change it over! If that's the case I'll have to sell it or fix motor that is in it! Possible trade? Such a nice clean car

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