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  1. Another quick one Please

    I do not have the lock anyone know where I can pick one up? At this point the truck is stored in a locked garage.....I am not sure I care what side the lock is on but I would like to fill the hole in the passenger door!
  2. Tire Info!

    Sorry I don’t understand the comment, are you saying if I got original rims and tires it would be neutral? I plan on running a little wider than original.
  3. Hager Front shackle

    I am not sure what specific part you are asking about, however DCM classics has all stuff you will need for your truck.
  4. Heater Restoration

    Look nice...this is a project on my list....my heater works but makes a noise like a bearing is going out
  5. Tire Info!

    Not wanting to hijack a thread but a lot of talk about tire size anyone tell me what the backspacing on new rims would be? Current set up the PO did with my truck is wide in the back and thin in the front, I would like to make it more original looking in regards to the rims
  6. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    That I should just stupid-crazy.....it would not have taken that much to rivet them like they are supposed to be...
  7. PT125 Rebuild

    Guess I should have drove much older vehicles, lol
  8. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    I see the issue now...lol
  9. Photos of my B2B 4th try

    Very nice truck.....love that it is all original! I wish I had the papers on my truck!
  10. Anyone 'yabadadoo' their truck?

    Very nice truck....I am not sure there would be much to see down there.....not like you would be looking while driving...easy access is a good reason, wonder if there is an easy way to put the original panel in without all the bolts......
  11. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    I had the same boltswith acorns n the front of my truck....one was busted on the passenger side, tried to find a left hand replacement with no luck so I just swaped them all back to the original bolt.
  12. PT125 Rebuild

    Tom, I was stationed in England for almost eight years over my military career,.....you have a very nice truck....I am wondering how inspection goes for these old trucks.....as I remember it is a pain just for vehicles that are 10 years old like it was on my old Volvo when I was there....
  13. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    I used Deep Creep to get it moving then took it off and used rust remover/inhibitor, put it back together with a little grease works great.
  14. Adventures of Dolly Dodge-continued

    Nice truck.....I went to a local car show, I was the only Dodge truck, the only other Car in the category was an old rusted out Plymouth Satilite the owner was turning into a drag car. They had a trophy for Best Dodge I figured I at least has a 50/50 shot.. The rat rod Plymouth won over my mostly original truck...I was quite disappointed, good thing I don’t have the truck just for car shows. I do enjoy every time I show up and I am the only Job Rated in the show.
  15. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    There are a lot of experts on this page and several of us still have the 6 volt system but if you are looking for a close expert you can always check out your local farm tractor service rep. Lots of farm tractors use 6 volt systems.