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  1. JaysonK

    Recommended repair/shop manuals

    Great idea.....I will steel it!
  2. JaysonK

    Recommended repair/shop manuals

    I have this book for my ‘52 and it has been very helpful it is not all inclusive but most of the mechanicle issues I want to tackle are in there, but not everything for instance windshield wiper motor etc is not in this book.
  3. JaysonK

    King pin removal

    This was the first project I did with my ‘52......what a learning experience it was ....i had lots of slop in the old king pins but did not have to go oversized. I removed the whole axl to take to a machine shop to have the new king pins put in , my truck no longer wanders and the steering is spot on. These systems in these trucks are so simple i catch myself overthinking everything. The biggest pain is the shacklebushings IMO.
  4. JaysonK

    Interior light B3B

    Anyone have a picture on where the interior dome light is mounted?
  5. JaysonK

    Interior light B3B

    The Wagner bulb said worked I now have dash lights, thanks for the help,
  6. JaysonK

    Opinion. 49 pilot house

    Around here most people don’t want to sell because “they are going to get around to doing something with it” or they think it is made out of gold and want you to pay $3000 or more for a non running truck.
  7. JaysonK

    Ignition Key & Door Key

    Anyone know where I can find a door lock?
  8. JaysonK

    I'm Not Jacking Around!

    I am positive that my wife will not allow this kind of lift in my truck!
  9. JaysonK


    This isn’t why I am so hesitant to strip my B3 down to do a frame off, I know I will get in a situation where I will let it sit so I am doing small ptojects at a time so I can keep it on the road
  10. JaysonK

    Interior light B3B

    Thanks I will try it, the bulbs my local autozone had the pins were to short to work.
  11. JaysonK

    Interior light B3B

    Anyone know what 6 volt bulbs go in the two instrument clusters?
  12. JaysonK

    Interior light B3B

    Thanks I did a search that did not come up, great info
  13. Anyone have a picture of an original interior light in a 52 B3B?
  14. It is so nice to see all the trucks together, I love going to a car show here in my home town......There will be six or seven 50’s Chevy/Fords.......but I am always the only Dodge around.

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