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  1. It is so nice to see all the trucks together, I love going to a car show here in my home town......There will be six or seven 50’s Chevy/Fords.......but I am always the only Dodge around.
  2. Upholstry choices?

    Anybody use the stuff from Roberts and have pictures?
  3. 1952 Dodge B3B

    The throttle rods are hard to find most carb places will make you buy a whole card...,I got a whole carb for $50 my throttle rod was so worn had to replace it, ended up parting out both my carb and the one I bought plus a rebuild kit to get on every up and running. Thanks to my FIL I am back on the road and she starts right up. If you find someone who sells the throttle rods I would post it up as I am sure we are not the only folks looking for one.
  4. Build Thread for our 47 Dodge Truck

    Is it still available?
  5. Thermostat housing

    My truck has been running but I did complet several radiator flushes, the hose that was on it was a work around (a hose with spring inside) just wanted to update to a better part.
  6. Thermostat housing

    It is true each person has their preference, however as it gets harder to find things, improvising is becoming the norm.
  7. Thermostat housing

    Thanks, I have been looking online and it is not easygoing lol....thanks for responding
  8. Thermostat housing

    So did the trucks in 52 have that many options.
  9. Thermostat housing

    Good to know I am not going crazy, where did you get your hose.
  10. Thermostat housing

    Thanks for the input anyone know where I can get a flexible hose?
  11. Whose Truck Got A Workout?

    Up here in Idaho it is just warming up enough for me to take my truck out of the garage! Have a few things need to do still time for a tune up and I think some new wheels.....
  12. I have a 1952 3/4 ton Job Rated, I am trying to figure out my radiator hose and thermostat housing. Here is what I have. The next picture is of another’s dodge. Do I have the wrong housing?
  13. Another quick one Please

    I do not have the lock anyone know where I can pick one up? At this point the truck is stored in a locked garage.....I am not sure I care what side the lock is on but I would like to fill the hole in the passenger door!
  14. Tire Info!

    Sorry I don’t understand the comment, are you saying if I got original rims and tires it would be neutral? I plan on running a little wider than original.
  15. Hager Front shackle

    I am not sure what specific part you are asking about, however DCM classics has all stuff you will need for your truck.