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  1. Thank you, all.
  2. Thanks, Reg. Valve chamber is clean - had the valves done last summer. It wasn't very sludgy but will definitely check the pan.
  3. How would you recommend I change from non-detergent to detergent oil? 230 engine, 55,000 miles.
  4. Thanks, plyroadking, for breaking down the process: and I agree, medium_john, that plyroadking's explanation is clearer than the manual's. Thanks to both of you. I'm on it!
  5. So, can someone give me a blow-by-blow description of how to adjust the external contracting emergency brake ('51 Wayfarer). Manual is a bit vague in spots. Many thanks. Fred
  6. Thank you, dpollo. Good to have options.
  7. Thank you, busycoupe.
  8. Hello all, My 1951 Wayfarer is still 6 volt and has factory directionals but someone has done some rewiring: they replaced the rear sockets and wire-nutted the old and new wires together. The left turn lights work fine but the right ones stop clicking when the brakes are applied. Where should I start looking? Thanks for your thoughts. Fred
  9. Kanters indicates that replacement springs are often shorter before installation but imply that that's OK because they're thicker and made of high tensile steel. Does this make sense?