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    i do not hunt fish or skydive.i love all things that requires
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    1936 plymouth p2 touring sedan..1936 plymouth p2 coupe

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    i have been an old car nut since high school. i still have the Plymouth purchased in '69.
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    just old cars

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  1. jesse harvey

    Brake light question

    hello my 1936 plymouths have hydraulic switches..after time the stick.. i solved the problem with a chevy electric lever type switch..i mounted it to the floorboard above the brake pedal..i adjusted the switch to the point i can light the brake lights just by taking out the free travel ..the original switch is still in the master cylinder.. works great...maybe this will help jesse
  2. jesse harvey

    51 B-3-B Crank pulley problems

    all i need is where to ship jesse
  3. jesse harvey

    51 B-3-B Crank pulley problems

    hears the deal i have made a installler for this very issue..notice i said issue instead of problem to be modern.. but the fact is it is a problem...i machined the wrench flats off a crank bolt..welded a threaded rod inside.. now screw the the treaded part all the way down the crank hole.. use the attached large nut to force the pulley onto the crank..never hit with a hammer.. i will loan this to you...i want it back..i will send you a new crank nut..you want a crank nut or a plain crank nut.. jesse
  4. jesse harvey

    Cylinder head screws - exact definition

    head bolt just tell me how many and where to ship got many from lots of tear downs jesse
  5. jesse harvey

    Problem bleeder my brakes.

    old school trick...adjust brake shoes out until you lock the wheels..all 4 rebleed brakes...if pedal is hard. the problem is in shoe adjustment... maybe this will help jesse
  6. jesse harvey

    Thermostat housing

    if you will e-mail me an address i will send a housing for mid 30's plymouth and dodge. maybe it will work jesse

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